How to get your Car Exported to your Home Country?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
For the residents in the UAE relocating to the home nations, one of the huge decisions could be whether or not to take their vehicle them or sell it before leaving.

Now, selecting the best alternative financially comes down to those countries you want to ship your car to. Some of the nations have regulations, which do not let people import certain kinds of cars. For instance, left-hand cars are not allowed to be exported to India.

When you ship a car with the GCC specifications to any of the nations within GCC, that nation should not create any issues. However, shipping a car to the European countries could be complicated.

Your car will have to go through a procedure for determining whether it is in compliance with the rules & regulations of that nation or not. The approval of your registration is also based on other factors like the levels of acceptable exhaust emission in Europe.

Amongst the main factors that are considered for all the shipments are the import duties and taxes, which could be applicable.

There are huge expenses applicable in some of the nations like India, where international residents have to make payment for above 125% of the car value in duties and taxes. The people who are shipping to the Philippines will have to make payment of up to 150% of the car value. On the other hand, Pakistan charges fees between 15-80%.

In countries like Kuwait and the United States, the tax rates are pretty low, that is, 5% and 2.5% respectively. Moreover, a lot of you may not know that no duties and taxes are applied in case you are relocating to Europe & taking your car in the form of relocation good. But, in case you ship your vehicle without shifting to Europe or if a European person imports his car from the Emirates, duties, and taxes will be applicable.

A lot of shipping companies, which take care of relocations from the Emirates, allow vehicles to be loaded inside a crate along with the household things.

For instance, a person named Mr. X is an engineer who is from the United Kingdom. He manages his time between the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UK. He got his Range Rover Sport 2013 shipped to the United Kingdom, with the things from his previous home in Dubai at a price of AED 20,000.

This car was shipped in a huge crate, which had all his furniture, and hence, it was quite cost-effective for him. A person has to own a car for one year at least to be able to export. The other fees levied on Mr. X were deregistration charges in the Emirate of Dubai & a registration charge in the UK of around AED 360 to AED 1,575 for conformity from UK from a garage that is DVLA approved.

One of the major pros of getting the car shipped was that it has a resale amount of around 10,000 pounds higher than what he was getting in the UAE. 

What paperwork do you need?

The paperwork needed can be different for different countries. The shipping agent will explain to you all the paperwork required on each step. Usually, a person needs the following documents.

  1. Passport (original)
  2. If you’re a dealer, then you need a commercial license
  3. If you’re a private buyer, you will need a no-sale certificate, which states that you will not sell the car for 2 years
  4. Landing bill
  5. Driver’s license 

What is included in the inspection conducted by the shipping company?

The shipping company can inspect & appraise cars as well as trucks across the UAE. Every report includes details of the paint, body, chrome, accident damage signs, Bondo, rust, etc. They also go through the engine of the car and test-drive it. The pictures of the underbody are taken, the instrumentation is checked along with the wheels, tyres, and interiors. Basically, it is a thorough check of your car. The inspection process may vary from one shipping company to another and also on depending upon the country you are shipping your car to. 

Is your vehicle insured during transit?

The cost of your car insurance is covered under the shipping cost; however, it depends on you if you check what all is covered in the insurance and if you are satisfied with it. Your shipping agent may help you in determining which insurance plan is the most suitable for you in this case. You may also want to plan for insurance before the shipping is done or after your car gets delivered to the home port. 

What would be the cost of the transit?

Generally, the price of the shipping is based on the country you are exporting your car to. It is also based on car size, the number of cars, and more such factors. The cost usually includes management charges, shipping cost along with the cost for car insurance, inspection cost, and pick-up & drop-off charges. Again, the costs vary from one shipping company to another. 

Now, the decision of whether or not to ship your car while relocating is based on what it costs you and if the shipment clears the rules and regulations in your home country.

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