BMW 530i - Worth your Buck or not?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
For a very long time now, the BMW 5-series line-up has maintained the position of the most liked executive mid-sized saloon. The BMW 530i 2020 is a famous choice in the Emirates, so we have discussed it in detail below so that you can find out what is all the fuss about.

All these years have been treating the BMW 5-series really well; however recently, there have been many mid-sized luxury saloon cars in the market from all around the globe. Some of these have entered the race with more bang for your money than ever before, whereas others have failed to survive the market, and never seen on the roads of UAE again. 

Now, the question is that with so much competition in the market, does this one contain what it requires remaining a step ahead, or is it just the age that is starting to show? Let us see why all the people love the 5-series. 

The Pros-

  • Quiet cabinet
  • Fuel economy
  • Good interior space

The Cons-

  • In the UAE, AWD is not available
  • No Android auto
  • Extra optional 

Whenever you buy a high-end car it is important to protect it with sufficient insurance. Compare car insurance and purchase the one that covers your precious ride properly.

Driving this beauty

This car offers 3 unique driving modes. Beginning with the eco pro, the dashboard of the car gauges change for showing the amount of fuel you are saving. The car engine is not as responsive as the other modes but this is what eco mode does.

The most liked drive mode is the sports mode. There is no need for stopping the vehicle and changing the modes, you just need to press the button, and the car sets it the mode up on the move.

You will be hearing a change audibly as the exhaust opens; the engine comes to life and moves faster in one straight line. These gauges now show the iconic “M” logo, which appears on the screen and a red tint.

It doesn’t matter which drive mode you driving in, this 2020 530i is fun to drive despite the size. To give a more engaging experience to the drivers, this model comes with metal paddle shifters and the facility of manually switching gears through the gear lever itself. In this model the down is up and up is down.

Below the bonnet, there is a turbocharged 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that is connected to the eight-speed automatic. There isn’t any AWD drive system, unfortunately; however, the BMW cars make do with rear-wheel drive. The 530i launches to 100 km per hour from a standstill in only 6.2 seconds.

Being equipped with an M-sport package, the drive in this car is comfortable, smooth, and absolutely fun to drive on the road, courtesy to its adaptive dampers. They also help the model from the corners. 

BMW 530i 2020 on the Inside

In case you have been expecting a spacious and comfortable interior, you will find it all in the 5-series. You can enjoy a super comfortable position while driving with the supple leather and memory seats in this luxurious beauty. However, cooler seats are not on the options list, but you can get it fitted inside the higher-end models.

There is a fluid iDrive system without any lag when you switch between apps, which are in a healthy number. There is a huge range of submenus; however, you cannot get lost in it easily. Upon going deeper, you will find ways of adjusting ambient lighting to give you a soothing and enjoyable late-night drive.

The system supports Apple CarPlay; however, for the Android users, connecting through Bluetooth is the best option. You can also plug in the device using one of the USB ports. It also features a wireless mobile charger, which is able to fit larger phones.

Even the second-row is pretty spacious for three people and offers sufficient head and legroom. The noises from the road are hardly audible even when you mute the sound system that makes the ride more pleasant. 

BMW 530i 2020 on the Outside

The lines are really clean and it runs straight without any interruption throughout the rear. With an attractive exterior, this model of the 5-series is a beauty from all the angles.

And, the M-sport package that was mentioned above not just makes the ride smoother, but also adds character to this 530i by including M-branded wheels and an aggressive body kit. 

To Sum Up!

All in all, the BMW 530i 2020 is a refined high-end saloon car, which offers a kick whenever required. As per the outside appearance, it seems to be a car for the businessman but when you dig deeper, you will find more things. It is easy to say that the car gives the best of both worlds. Under the daylight, you can cruise to your workplace in style, and under the moonlight, you may let loose. Now, if you buy this beauty, it is important to secure it. Compare car insurance plans and buy the one that will protect this agile luxurious ride properly.

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