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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
According to UAE laws, a car insurance policy is mandatory to be eligible to drive your car on its roads. While searching for a car insurance policy online, you get several options and you may get confused in selecting the most reliable one. However, in this article, we are going to talk about buying a third-party car insurance online. However, before knowing how to purchase a third-party car insurance policy, let us know what this type of insurance policy is and what its importance is.

What is a Third-Party Car Insurance and why is it Important?

Third-party car insurance provides coverage to the car owner against the claims made by a third-party which is involved in an accident caused by the insured. It is the most basic car insurance and the beneficiary is neither the car owner nor the insurer instead is third-party.

Key Benefits

  • Simple and Fast to Purchase: Over a decade now, e-commerce has made the online purchase an easy task. This ease and convenience of online purchase extend even in the insurance world where buying a third-party car insurance online is the simplest.
  • Financial and Legal Cover Assistance: Financial assistance is provided for the damages that are incurred to the third-party from an accident caused by you.  Moreover, legal assistance is also provided to you if the third-party tries to bring you to the court.
  • Cost Effective Plans: There are two types of car insurance plans available in the market i.e. comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance. The former one of these two is more expensive because it provides broader coverage for a car. The third-party vehicle insurance plans are cost-effective as they provide basic cover just for the damages caused to the third-party.
  • UAE Regulations: According to the laws of UAE, every car on the road should have third-party vehicle insurance. Even if the vehicle is not being used then also it should be protected under a third-party insurance policy at least.

Advantages of Buying a Car Insurance Online

There are several advantages to buying a third-party vehicle insurance policy online and some of them will be discussed in this section. Read below:

  • Informed and Better Choice: You do not have to go from office to office in search of a car insurance plan when you choose the online method to purchase it. Online you get access to a large variety of policies at a single place. You can even filter out the plans that are shown to you on the basis of premiums, car models, company, cover amount etc.
  • Simple and Fast to Buy: As mentioned in the last point that you don’t need to travel to different insurance offices for getting a wider choice of plans. The online method saves a lot of time of the buyers as there are hundreds, if not thousands of plans available for online car insurance in Dubai.
  • Cheaper Deals: As there is a very wide range of choices available for a third-party car insurance policy online, therefore, the competition amongst different companies is high and thus, to be on top they have to provide the best plan at the least price possible. This turns out to be beneficial for the insurance buyers as they get a better deal at a cheaper price.
  • No Paperwork Involved: There is no paperwork involved in purchasing third-party car insurance online which is both eco-friendly and consumer-friendly as all the important insurance-related documents are stored online. Online availability of insurance documents brings another advantage i.e. they can be accessed anytime anywhere.
  • Automated Assistance: When you buy an insurance policy from the market, you can contact an insurance agent and can get knowledge about the plan. You also have to rely upon the agent to get answers for any question in your mind. When it comes to buying online car insurance in dubai, many websites provide a chat service. On the other side of the chat is a real person who is there to answer all your doubts and you can even get help in making a choice for the plan. Some of the other features that are provided when you buy third-party car insurance online are premium payment reminders, renewal reminders, all the details of a plan can be stored offline for future references.

The Process of Buying a Third-Party Car Insurance Policy Online

As you may have got it by now that process of buying a car insurance plan online is very simple and quick. Let us discuss step by step procedure below:

  • First things first, you should start by researching the terminologies and concepts of car insurance. This would help you make a better choice.
  • Next up, go on multiple websites that provide car insurance and then, shortlist some plans that suit your requirements.
  • Now, after you have shortlisted the plans of your choice, search for the expert reviews for these plans and the user reviews.
  • To get the best price for your plan of choice, go to a website that compares the prices of a single plan quoted by different websites. This way you can choose a plan of choice at the cheapest price.
  • Lastly, sometimes there are coupons available that give you a discount on the overall amount. Make use of those too.

Wrapping it Up!

The great thing about third-party car insurance is that they are basic and simple to buy and does not involve any complex terminologies to understand. We hope that you get some useful information out of the discussion above about third-party car insurance. One thing to keep in mind for any insurance policy you purchase is to read all the policy related documents carefully beforehand. 

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