Does Your Car Insurance in UAE Cover Rain Damage?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Flooding is not something that is categorized as a common occurrence in the UAE. However, during the times of heavy rains, it can happen and it does happen. So what if you face a situation where this flooding causes water damage to your vehicle? Are you prepared with proper coverage?

Like we all know, it is mandatory to hold a car insurance policy in UAE in order to take your vehicle out for a spin on those roads. With the ease of availing such policies using the online car insurance portals, everyone manages to get their hands on a plan without any complications.

However, if you own a third party liability insurance, then, unfortunately, you are not properly secure against any damage that might be caused due to the rains.

The comprehensive cover aims to provide you with the utmost amount of protection, however, some policies might state clearly that they do protect you from such eventualities, some don’t.

There was a survey conducted that stated that most of the policyholders are unaware if their policy covers damages caused by flooding or rain. So, here is a list of commonly asked questions about the rain and flood coverage that every car owner needs to know in order to solve this mystery.

Do All Online Car Insurance Policies Cover Damage Caused By Flooding?

Vehicle damage caused because of natural hazards like storms and heavy rains is usually covered under comprehensive car insurance policies. But the conditions and the criteria for admissibility can differ from one insurance provider to another. It is important for you to review the policy benefits’ schedule and read the fine print about such coverage thoroughly.

For instance, some insurance providers clearly state that they will cover the car against flood damage only if the car is parked and not driven in case of a flood. You will also be required to file a report with the police so that you can submit a claim arising because of rain damage.

Any damage caused due to flood or rain is not covered under third party cover because by default these policies don’t provide any protection to the holder’s vehicle.

Do I Have Coverage If My Car Was Driven During A Flood And Not Parked?

Some insurance providers only cover your car against flood or rain damages if it was stationary and not operated during these eventualities. This means that your claim may be denied if it is found that your car was driven during the flood and not parked. It is in your best interest to clear this out before purchasing a policy. Most companies will be able to clear out their criteria for such claims and whether your car should be stationary or can be driven.

What If The Flood Is A Natural Disaster?

Any damage or loss caused because of natural perils is usually covered by most providers under their comprehensive insurance policies, unless such a weather phenomenon is declared by the country’s authority as a natural disaster. However, a provider can extend the cover provided to natural disasters and also consider claims on the basis of one case to another. It is best to turn back to your policy’s terms and conditions to figure out what is covered and what is not. You can easily access the online car insurance portals to find out your policy’s terms.

Is There Coverage For Damage In Case Of An Accident On A Flooded Road?

On the basis of the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy issued by the concerned authority of UAE against Loss and Damage, comprehensive insurance policies exclude any damage or loss caused because of any accidents occurring due to any natural disaster like tornados, floods, and hurricanes. But it is best for you to go through the details of your policy contract because each company has its own conditions.

What Is The Cap For The Cover For Such Claims?

The maximum coverage amount depends on the insured value of the car or the market value of the car, whichever out of the two is lower. But, if the damage caused to the car is extensive and difficult to repair or if the repair costs exceed 50% of the current market value of the car, the provider may classify it as a total loss and compensate the holder as per the terms of the insurance policy.

Is There Any Excess or Deductible Payable By the Holder of the Policy?

The deductible or excess is the expenses paid out of the policyholder’s pocket when making a claim, irrespective of it arising due to natural calamities. Depending on the insurance policy, the standard excess or deductible usually ranges from AED 250 to AED 2,000. You can easily access your online car insurance policy to see the policy regarding the excess or deductible.

What Is The Claim Procedure In Case Of Flood Damage?

In order to file an insurance claim for flood damage, you are required to submit copies of the registration card of your vehicle and a valid driving license. You also need to submit the original police report that describes the damage that is sustained by the covered vehicle.

The police report is an important document required by all insurance companies so it is extremely important to contact the police to report the damage at the earliest.

What Is To Be Done If Your Car Breaks Down In A Flood Scenario?

The experts in the industry recommend that one should not re-start his or her car when stuck in such a situation. This is because it can cause some serious water damage to the engine of the car. Also on top of this, many insurance providers request the policyholder not to open or move the car when it is damaged by the flood.

The step taken should be to contact the police and file a report immediately and request for a roadside recovery agent to tow the vehicle. If your policy provides cover for breakdown recovery, you can then contact your provider and request for this service.

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