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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Running a business has its perks and quirks. You manage a bunch of things at once which can be fulfilling and intimidating at the same time. The biggest part of running a business is protecting your assets and no matter the scale of your business, commercial cars are almost always a part of it – whether for core business activities or miscellaneous ones. Commercial car insurance in the UAE is one of these tools that can come in handy if your business or profession includes commercial cars. 

What is Commercial Car Insurance?

Much like a private car insurance plan, commercial car insurance in the UAE is a type of general insurance plan that ensures safety from any financial liability and setbacks in case of a mishap or accident. Commercial car insurance or commercial vehicle insurance can be bought for several types of motor vehicles and not just cars. It offers protection against many things which are often excluded from private car insurance plans. From company cars to loading-trucks, all kinds of business and commercial vehicles can be insured using this type of car insurance plan. 

Benefits of Commercial Car Insurance

  • Better and More Comprehensive Coverage: Where personal car insurance coverage will not pay for any damages caused when the vehicle was being used for commercial purposes, commercial car insurance plans work the opposite way. You will retain the insurance benefits even when using the commercial car for a personal reason. 
  • Group Coverage for All Vehicles: Also known as fleet insurance, a single car insurance plan can be used to insure all your commercial vehicles at once. A single commercial car insurance policy covers all your business vehicles and makes sure that you are protected from any huge financial setback. 
  • Customisable: Commercial car insurance plans are highly customizable. You can buy them for one vehicle as well as a fleet containing any more than 3 vehicles. On top of that, if your business deal with more than one type of vehicle, you can group them separately and customise the cover as per their unique needs. 
  • Easy Renewals: Since you will only be handling a single policy for all your commercial cars, you can easily get renewal for all the vehicles in one go. Even if you only have to renew for one commercial vehicle that you deal with, such as a food truck, the renewal process is pretty simple. 

Types of Vehicles Covered by Commercial Car Insurance

Unlike personal car insurance plans, a commercial vehicle insurance plan can be used to protect several kinds of different vehicles. Given below is a complete list of such vehicles:

  • All types of cars used as taxies and cabs
  • Delivery trucks and cargo vans
  • Motorbikes and other two-wheelers used for delivery purposes
  • Forklifts and other types of construction vehicles 
  • Food trucks and vans 
  • Utility trucks
  • Company cars
  • Box trucks 
  • Towing trucks and pick-up trucks 

Types of  Commercial Car Insurance Plans

Third-Party Liability Commercial Car Insurance: This is a basic level car insurance plan that covers all third-party claims for vehicle damages and injuries. This applies when the insured driver is at fault for an accident involving the commercial car and a third party. This type of insurance does not cover for personal injuries of the driver of the insured car or damages of the vehicle. Every vehicle driven in the UAE must have car insurance. Third-party car insurance is that basic level car insurance that everyone must have at the least.

Comprehensive Commercial Car Insurance: As evident by the name, this car insurance plan covers everything from third-party liability to own damages. If the driver of the insured commercial vehicle is at fault for the accident, the insurance plan would cover for third-party liabilities, any legal fee for settlements, damages caused to the own vehicle and the emergency treatment of the driver as well. Apart from that comprehensive commercial car insurance plans also offer protection against total loss of the car due to damages or theft and damages incurred by man-made disasters as well as natural disasters. 

Inclusions of  Commercial Car Insurance UAE

  • Damages caused to own vehicle due to these situations and reasons:
    • Riots, strikes and other man-made disasters
    • Earthquakes, tropical storms, landslides and other natural disasters
    • Accidents with other vehicles or collisions with objects
  • Damages caused to third party vehicles and injuries sustained by the driver
  • Theft of the vehicle 
  • Total loss of the vehicles due to excessive damages or theft
  • Fire and other explosions 
  • Damages caused by uninsured drivers and vehicles 
  • Trailers used with business vehicles for business purposes
  • Employee vehicles being used for business purposes

Exclusions of  Commercial Car Insurance UAE

  • Normal wear and tear of the vehicle 
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown 
  • Any claims made beyond the geographical scope of the plan
  • Driver driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • Any claims for damages caused by nuclear explosions and radioactive substances
  • Passenger injuries or loss when travelling in the commercial car (add-on available)
  • Transporting people or things unrelated to the business
  • Using the car or the vehicle for illegal activities and purposes
  • Intentional damages to the cargo or the vehicle insured
  • Consequential damages 

Commercial Car Insurance UAE Add-Ons 

  • Roadside assistance cover 
  • Zero depreciation cover 
  • Back to invoice protection 
  • Consumable cover for parts like bolts, screws, baker fluid etc. 
  • Car accessories cover for both electrical and non-electrical accessories
  • Personal accident cover 
  • Passenger cover 
  • No Claim Bonus Retention Cover

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Commercial Car Insurance in the UAE 

Any individual or business who owns the vehicle(s) which are used for commercial use in any way. You must be a citizen or resident of the UAE with valid documented proof. Some insurance companies may have an upper or lower limit on the size of the fleet as well. Apart from that, most commercial vehicles are eligible to get insured in the UAE. 

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Documents Required to Buy Commercial Car Insurance in the UAE 

  • Registration number and certificate of the car
  • Miscellaneous details like chassis number, engine number etc. 
  • Policy number of your previous commercial car insurance plan (if applicable)
  • Driving license of the owner-driver or the employers
  • Trade license of the company if you are buying insurance for a business 
  • Valid passport for the residents
  • Valid resident’s visa page for UAE residents
  • Emirates ID for both UAE citizens and the residents

How to Buy Commercial Car Insurance?

There are two basics ways you can buy – either via online or offline channels. Following are the ways you can buy commercial vehicle insurance using these two channels:

  • Online: You can simply visit the commercial car insurance portal at PolicyBazaar UAE and begin the purchasing process for your commercial vehicle insurance online. There is an option to scout through the providers and plan before you continue with the purchase. Compare, select a plan and then move on to the application process. Another way to buy commercial vehicle insurance is by visiting the buying portal of the insurance provider itself. Register yourself there, obtain a quote, fill up the application form and complete the procedure after making payments and uploading the documents. 
  • Offline: Another way you can buy commercial car insurance in the UAE is by visiting the insurance provider directly at one of their branches. The offline process is a bit longer and tiring as compared to the online buying process since you will have to do everything in person. Apply to the branch and a representative of the company will help you make the insurance buying process further from there. 

How to Claim Commercial Car Insurance?

Submitting a claim for business auto insurance is similar to the process you follow when submitting a claim for personal auto insurance. The only difference that may come up is when you have fleet insurance instead of single commercial car insurance. In either of the cases, you only need to identify the vehicle, the policy documents, the police report, the license of the driver, and the details of the third party involved in the accident. Follow the below-given steps to submit a commercial vehicle insurance claim and get them settled successfully:

  • Inform the insurance company about the loss and damages and the reasons.
  • Obtain the official police report of the accident if a third party was involved. 
  • Submit the claim request with all the necessary documents. 
  • Get your car transferred to one of the garages recommended by your insurance provider.
  • An inspector will be assigned to check the damages on the vehicle and file a report for approval. 
  • Once you get the approval, the garage will begin the repairs for the car. 

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Commercial Car Insurance UAE FAQs

Are unattached tools covered by commercial car insurance?

No, unattached tools that are not a regular part of the commercial vehicle in concern are not covered by the policy. 

Who is covered as a driver by commercial car insurance plans?

Any assigned driver or owner-driver of the commercial vehicle is covered by a business auto insurance plan.

Can I add drivers to the business auto insurance plan or change them?

Yes, you can both add and change the drivers in your ongoing commercial vehicle insurance plan. Just contact your insurance provider or the aggregator to kick start the process. 

Is NCB applicable on commercial car insurance plans?

Yes, the no claim bonus concept is completely applicable in commercial vehicle insurance plans. You can easily accumulate enough bonuses to slash the premium prices by half over several years of owning the policy. 

Can NCB be transferred in commercial vehicle insurance?

Yes, just like in any other type of car insurance plan, you can get your NCB transferred to the next policy that you buy as the owner. Since the no claim bonus is awarded to the owner and not the car, it can be transferred. 

What is commercial auto insurance cost in Dubai?

The cost of a particular commercial vehicle insurance plan will depend on the provider ultimately. However, commercial car insurance plans are a little costlier than personal car insurance plans since the coverage is more comprehensive. 

Is passenger cover extension available for commercial car insurance plans?

Yes, commercial vehicle insurance plans can be combined with the passenger as well as driver covers for added protection. 

Can I renew commercial vehicle insurance online?

Yes, you can renew your commercial vehicle insurance online by either using the provider website or the aggregator website. 

Is fleet insurance different from commercial car insurance?

No, both these insurances deal with business auto insurance plans. The only difference is that fleet insurance plans are taken for a minimum of 3 vehicles in the UAE. 

Will commercial auto insurance cover any kind of personal use of the commercial vehicle?

Yes, one of the top benefits of commercial vehicle insurance is that it also covers damages caused to the vehicle when being used for personal matters. The claim process works the exact same ways offering apt coverage for the loss. 

Do business auto insurance plans include heavy vehicle insurance?

Yes, heavy vehicle insurance is offered as part of commercial auto insurance in Dubai and the UAE. However, the availability of these plans may depend on the insurance provider. It is best to tally first and proceed. 

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