An Overview on the 24-Hour Lockdown in Dubai

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Since Dubai has entered a 24-hour lockdown for 2 weeks starting April 4th, 2020 (Saturday), rumours and confusions have made it difficult for the residents of the Emirate to find out what all is allowed and what isn’t.

This situation is understandably dynamic and the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities for handling are changing at a fast pace too. Keeping track of everything can be difficult.

Hence, we have prepared a compilation of all the things that you should know about this lockdown. Let’s begin with the most basic confusion of all. 

Can I Go Out of My House?

This has been a big question in all of our minds, hasn’t it?

Therefore, if you are stressed about getting in trouble while going out, here is the protocol that you are required to adhere to.

In any case, don’t go out unless it is really important. The UAE government is taking unprecedented steps to control the further spread of coronavirus. It has implemented a national sterilization program during this lockdown of 2 weeks.

Those who will be found breaking the rules of the lockdown will have to face strict action. The radars will remain in operation 24/7 along with a special mechanism that has been introduced for reviewing the tickets issued in this duration.

This conveys the message clearly, if you go out for an inappropriate reason or without taking approval in advance, you may be charged with heavy fines.

Apply for a Movement Permit for going out. Dubai Police and Dubai government have introduced an online service for ‘movement permit’ registration for those residents who need to go out of their homes for emergencies or urgent work.

The authorities have given an exemption to some occupations and sectors. If you have to travel for work, check if you work in any of these sectors. In case you do, you do not have to apply for any permit. But you need to get an official letter from your employer that states your commuting details. On getting checked by the police, you will have to show this document.

In case you want to step out for personal reasons, it can only be these three- groceries or medical supplies, medical appointments, and other general emergencies. If a genuine emergency comes up, which needs you to go out of your house, add it in the description while applying for the movement permit.

The process to apply for the permit is very simple and quick. You will receive the permit through SMS on your registered contact number.

Now, after receiving the movement permit, you take your car out and still haven’t bought car insurance in uae, it is important that you do it as soon as possible. Amidst this crisis, there is no point getting a penalty for not getting your car insured. Compare car insurance Dubai before buying one. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are certain things about the lockdown that you should keep in mind, especially while going out of your respective houses.

  • This permit is not only applicable to motorists, but also to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • You need to wear gloves and a face mask when you step out of your house for permitted reasons.
  • Only one person from a family is allowed to step out for essential things.
  • People who are traveling between the Emirates for unavoidable reasons must note that 4 highways where the radars have been turned off (not for speeding though) are- Dubai Hatta Road, Dubai al-Ain road, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed road, and Emirates road.
  • Remember to carry a record of pharmacy and grocery bills or medical appointment proof for getting your penalty waived off in case the traffic radars catch you or the police stop you.
  • In case you still have confusion if your reason to apply for a movement permit is valid or not, or have more doubts related to this service, call on 800-PERMIT (800 737648) for more details.

Try to stay at home as much as possible and save lives.

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