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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Today, buying car insurance online has become the norm as opposed to purchasing a policy in person. And the benefits of buying car insurance online extend far beyond simple convenience. Not only can online insurance portals allow UAE residents to identify the best car insurance in Dubai within a matter of minutes, but they also offer the best deals and most reasonably priced policies.

For customers tired of being overcharged and paying hefty car insurance premiums.

10 ways to Nab the Best Car Insurance in Dubai without Having to Foot an Enormous Bill

1. Drive Safe:

It goes without saying that a customer’s driving record has a huge impact on their car insurance premium. Whether one is purchasing car insurance online or in person, their driving history will always be factored into the insurance premium calculations. Safe drivers are charged lower premiums while rash and reckless drivers are charged more.

2. Car Type:

Certain types of vehicles such as luxury and sports cars are charged bigger premiums due to the higher cost of repairs they carry. Similarly, some of the best car insurance in dubai also charge greater premiums for older cars in accordance with their car-parts depreciation policy.

3. Mileage: 

In addition to the make and model of the car, residents are also asked to enter details such as date of purchase and mileage when applying for car insurance online. The reason for this is very simple, higher mileage is indicative of greater wear and tear and a greater risk of accidents on road. Simply put, higher mileage means higher risk and as a result, a higher premium amount as well. Customers should use public transport and carpool frequently to minimize their car’s mileage.

4. Vehicle Security: 

Car owners may avoid high premium amounts by opting for anti-theft devices such as steering and gear locks, GPS trackers or more. Most of the best car insurances in Dubai calculate premium amounts by assessing a variety of factors that determine how risky a driver is. Installing anti-theft devices considerably lowers the vehicle’s risk and as such, lowers the premium amount too.

5. Deductibles: 

By opting for a higher deductible, customers can significantly lower their premium. A deductible or excess is the amount the car owner pays out of their own pocket every time they get into an accident or need to avail of the car insurance services. A higher deductible means the car insurance provider covers a smaller portion of the damage and hence, charges a lower premium. Insurance providers normally set limits on the maximum deductible amount payable by a car owner. Customers purchasing car insurance online should refer to the policy documents for details on the maximum deductible amount.

6. No Claims Certificate:

A no claims certificate is issued to customers with a safe driving record, and as the name suggests, to customers who have made no claims for the entire year. Car owners can turn in such certificates to their insurance provider for a huge discount on their premium. Some of the best car insurance in dubai offer up to as much as 20% discount on the premium. Note that the no claims discount may still be availed if the car owner has made a few minor claims during the year, though the applicable discount percentage will be reduced for such car owners.

7. Third Party Insurance:

UAE residents can purchase two major types of car insurance online or in-person, namely third party and comprehensive insurance. While comprehensive insurance covers everything from the driver’s personal medical expenses to property damage, a third party policy only covers the third party’s medical and property damage. Third-party policies are not as extensive as comprehensive policies and so are less costly. UAE residents are required to have at least third party insurance in order to drive legally.

8. Bulk Discounts:

Nearly all of the best insurances in Dubai offer bulk order discounts for customers who purchase multiple car insurance policies. Consider insuring multiple drivers under the selected car insurance policy for discounted rates and to protect friends and family that usually drive the vehicle.

9. Other Policy Discounts: 

Grouping other insurance policies with the chosen car insurance policy may also earn the customer a loyalty discount. Frequently seen when purchasing car insurance online, insurance providers try to promote their other insurance products by offering great deals on combined purchases of car, home and life insurance policies.

10. Compare: 

Finding the best car insurance in Dubai has become extremely easy with the availability of fully transparent and reliable online portals. Car owners are advised to purchase car insurance online after conducting a thorough comparison of policies to find the best deals available.

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With these 10 points in mind, customers may identify and select the best car insurance in Dubai within minutes.

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