Why Should You Never Let Your Car Insurance Lapse

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
There are a lot of scenarios that may occur in your life, that make you think you do not need car insurance for a specific period of time. Having a car insurance Dubai is compulsory by law, therefore, it is illegal to drive without car insurance, even for a short period of time.

It is a rule of thumb in the insurance industry to not let your car insurance lapse, even for a short period of time. Hang on tight and read on to find out the reasons, precaution, and solutions in case of a lapse in your car insurance.

What is a Lapse in Car Insurance?

Any period in which you have registered a car, but do not have car insurance is known as a lapse in car insurance. If there is a lapse in your car insurance, you are exposed as a potential high-risk to the insurance companies. This risky behavior indicates the chances of you getting into a car accident are high and automatically exposes you to higher rates when you go to buy the best car insurance in dubai.

Common Reasons for a Lapse in Car Insurance

The common reasons for a lapse in your car insurance are:

  • You forgot to pay your bill
  • You are short of money to pay the bill
  • You sold your only car
  • Your only car broke down
  • Your only car was in an accident

Several of the above-mentioned reasons may seem like a good reason to cancel your car insurance policy, but the consequences of this can be severe.

Avoid a Lapse

It is dangerous if the reason for the lapse of your car insurance is either forgetting to pay your bill or not having enough money to pay your bill. In such cases, you are at risk in case any accident occurs. The consequences you can face if you are without any car insurance Dubai even for a short period of time are:

  • You can be held liable in case of an accident
  • Heavy fines if you are caught driving without a car insurance
  • If you are identified as a risk-taker the next time you look to buy the best car insurance in Dubai you will be charged significantly higher rates

It is advisable to look for ways and solutions that will help you avoid a lapse of your car insurance Dubai. Few measures such as borrowing money or using a credit card to make the insurance payment within the grace period, reducing coverage by contacting your agent, shopping for lower rates in the market, or listing yourself as a driver in a family member’s policy, can be taken to avoid hefty fines and charges implied on a lapsed car insurance.

How to Deal with a Lapse

There are two solutions that can help you in dealing with a lapse on your car insurance Dubai:

  • Call your insurance company or your insurance agent and put in a request for reinstatement of your car insurance policy. If you have a good standing with the provider, for instance, if you don’t have multiple recent claims or your policy has never lapsed before, you have a fair chance of being reinstated for even the best car insurance in dubai.
  • Ask to be listed as a driver on your family member’s or a friend’s policy. Being listed as a driver on an insurance policy helps you avoid the treatment of a risk-taker when you go to buy the best car insurance in Dubai.

Avoid Future Lapses

Once you have faced the lapse of car insurance, you should be more aware and careful that you do not make the same mistake again. Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you stay out of trouble by avoiding any future lapses in your car insurance.

  • You should keep a check that the information on your driving license and registration papers is correct.
  • You should submit the vehicle plates that you do not own.
  • You should maintain timely response to your insurance agents.

On an Endnote

It is best to not leave things until the last minute and arrange the renewal of your best insurance policy in Dubai well in advance. Letting your car insurance expire is something that is very time-consuming. It not only exposes you as a risk-taker but also triggers excess work for the insurance providers, which leads to even more hassle for the customer.

When you are faced with situations that make you seem that canceling your car insurance is a good idea, always remember it is not! Not only is it illegal to drive without car insurance, but it also exposes you to unwanted problems like hefty penalties and fines and higher premium at renewal.

You should always remember the thumb rule: never let your car insurance lapse!

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