Which is the Fastest Car in the World?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

From horse to horsepower, the love for speed has remained intact. Everyone in Dubai wants to know which the fastest car in the world is. Every day the best companies around the globe are fighting for the toughest spot in the world – the fastest car in the world. There are two methods of measuring the fastest car in the world: Top Speed and Acceleration. There is no one answer to ‘which is the fastest car in the world’.

The fastest car with the maximum top speed

While there are several cars which have estimated the top speed of more than 500 Km/Hr, only two cars have ever touched 500 Km/Hr  ̶  Bugatti Bolide and SSC Tuatara.

Between the two, SSC Tuatara has attained the highest speed of 508 Km/Hr with the help of professional race car driver Oliver Webb behind the wheel. SSC Tuatara has been called hypercar after it set the record in October 2020. It is not only the fastest car in Dubai but in the entire world. 

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Features of SSC Tuatara

  • Achieved Top Speed: 508.72 Km/Hr
  • Estimated Top Speed: 532.693 Km/Hr
  • Twin-turbo 5.9 Litre V-8 Mid Engine
  • Seven-speed automated manual transmission
  • Power: 1750 BHP on E85 Ethanol fuel
  • Power: 1350 BHP using 91 octane

Some interesting facts about SSC Tuatara

  • It has the most powerful gas engine.
  • It dethroned Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Agera RS.
  • It maintains aero balance from 93 Mph to the top speed.
  • SSC announced that it would produce only 100 units of the car.
  • Dr. Larry Caplin, philanthropist, and founder of CF Charities, is the first person to buy the fastest car in the world.
  • The car has a specially designed noise system to give it a superior sound effect.
  • The owner of SSC, Jerod Shelby, personally test drives every car.

The fastest car with acceleration

The other parameter to measure the fastest car is the acceleration of the car. There are only two cars that can reach from 0-100 Km/Hr in less than 2 seconds  ̶  Koenigsegg Gemera and Devel Sixteen.

Between the two cars, Devel Sixteen beats Koenigsegg Gemera by 0.1 seconds, as it reaches from 0 to 100 Km/hr in 1.8 seconds.

 Features of Devel Sixteen

  • Top speed: 480 Km/Hr
  • Estimated top speed: 560 Km/Hr
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km/Hr in 1.8 seconds
    • 0-160.8 Km/Hr in 2.2 seconds
    • 0-498.897 Km/Hr in less than 50 seconds
  • Engine Displacement: 12300 cc
  • Power: 5007 BHP
  • 12.3-litreV16 Engine
  • Quad turbocharger
  • Seating Capacity: 2
  • Automatic Transmission

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Some interesting facts about Devel Sixteen

  • Devel Sixteen supercar was built by Steve Morris Engines.
  • The car was designed by Paolo Garella.
  • The first Devel Sixteen car was introduced in 2013. 
  • The creators of the prototype of Devel Sixteen are Dubai-based brothers Majid, Rashid, and Mohammad Al Attar.
  • If Devel Sixteen matches its estimated speed, it will become the fastest supercar in Dubai and the entire world.

When you drive a fast mobile, you will feel that you have acquired the superpowers of ‘The Flash’ or you can race with the ‘Batmobile’, but with “great powers come great responsibilities”. As an owner of a fast car, it is your duty to follow safety precautions while driving such as:

  • Wear a seatbelts
  • Keep your license, car registration and car insurance in car
  • Children up to four years of age must be provided with a child safety seat
  • The front seat passenger should be at least 145 cm tall and should not be younger than 10 years old
  • Follow traffic signals
  • Do not use your phone while driving
  • Do not drive under the influence of any intoxicant
  • Follow the speed rules
  • Follow the driver’s behaviour rules

Abiding to traffic signals not only maintains your and others’ safety but also repels any fines or punishments.

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Among the aforementioned rules, one of the most basic rules to be followed is Car Insurance. Car Insurance in the UAE covers any damage or injury caused to the third party in an accident. Besides, comprehensive car insurance safeguards your financial interests in case of a car accident. From car damage to bodily injuries or death in car accidents, car insurance can cover anything. To find the maximum coverage, find the most suitable car insurance on our website. Choose car insurance carefully and enjoy the thrill of that fast ride!

PS: Don’t Overspeed!

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