What Type of Compensation Can I Receive After an Auto Accident?

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After a car accident, you may incur several expenses such as medical expenses, rental car costs, and vehicle repair. Apart from this, you may be experiencing severe pain. You might not be able to work permanently or temporarily and are losing your income. Well, all these situations can take a financial as well as psychological toll.

But, if you have suffered an injury in an auto accident that was clearly the fault of other party, you may be entitled to file a car accident compensation claim. Yes, you read that right.

Irrespective of whether you were driving the vehicle, a passenger in an auto accident or a pedestrian hit by the car, you have a full right to be compensated for all your medical bills, lost income, lost potential future income, and other related expenditures that are related to an auto accident directly.

Below in this article, you can find an overview of the types of compensation that you can get after being injured because of the negligence of another driver.

Types of Car Accident Compensation:

The compensation is known in the legal word as “Damages”. There are various types of damages and the amount that you get solely depends on various factors. The city you are injured in, the vehicle you’re injured in, and whether you’re the driver or the passenger- all these things play a vital role in your car accident compensation.

Now coming back to the compensation types, here’s all you can recover for:

  • Medical Expenses: Reimbursement of medical bills includes all the payments that you make related to the accident like physical therapy, medication, hospital stay cost, doctor’s visits etc. Moreover, if your injuries require ongoing medical treatment, you can also ask for compensation to assist with your future medical expenses.
  • Lost Income: This type of compensation includes the payment for the time you were not able to work due to injury caused by the car accident. However, you can also get compensated for any future loss of income. For instance, a surgeon suffers accident-related nerve damage in his hands and he would likely not able to continue operating. But please note that if, in case, he was forced to find some other lower paying work, he would be able to sue for the loss of his future income.
  • Property Damage: This type of compensation is provided for repairing or replacing your vehicle that got damaged during a car accident. In addition to this, you can also get compensation for other property damage in the accident.
  • Pain & Suffering: A serious auto accident is not just limited to a few medical bills only. In addition to the extensive financial costs, you may also have to experience significant pain. How much would you pay to be healthy and pain-free once again? That’s why, you can get compensation for pain and suffering. In simple words, pain & suffering is a common term that simply refers to the emotional as well as physical trauma an injured person confronts due to an accident.
  • Punitive Damages: They are not meant to compensate you for anything singularly. They are meant to discourage behavior in others which might lead to more people being injured. Moreover, punitive damages are very uncommon in cases involving a car accident. Usually, when the person or business who injured you acted recklessly or intentionally can you get punitive damages.
  • Loss of enjoyment: There are chances that you might no longer be able to perform activities which you used to do and enjoyed a lot. Fortunately, it is also compensable.
  • Loss of Consortium: Well, the consortium is a legal term for the companionship of a wife or a husband. You can get compensated for the loss of physical intimacy you have suffered due to injury caused by the car accident.

Who Is Responsible to Pay The Injury Compensation in Auto Accident?

In the majority of the cases, the car insurance provider of the driver who was at fault during the auto accident will be legally liable to pay the compensation amount you may get.

However, it is highly recommended to talk to a solicitor who is independent of the car insurance company before you accept any offer in order to ensure the compensation amount which you’re offered is comparable to the compensation amount you are legally entitled to.

To Conclude

Hence, it is very imperative for all the car owners to have an apt comprehensive car insurance policy in the UAE so that they can get coverage for third-party damages and losses caused by your vehicle during a car accident. In addition to this, it also offers a personal accident cover to protect you from personal injuries or death. And to find the best auto insurance policy, you need to compare car insurance online based on their features, benefits, coverage, and premium. This will certainly help you to find the best deal.

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