ULIP Calculator: Features, Benefits & How it Works?

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A combined life insurance plan that includes insurance plus investment is referred as Unit Linked Investment Plan or ULIP. As it is hybrid insurance product, the premium is split into two parts. One part of premium goes to the life cover & the rest amount is invested in the investment plan for safeguarding future wealth. ULIP can be the best choice for meeting long-term objectives such as dream home, child further education, retirement, & wealth creation.

When we think about investing in life insurance product for safeguarding the future wealth, costs and returns are key factors for comparison. In order to make this comparison and buying process simple for you, ULIP Calculator comes into the picture.

What is ULIP Calculator?

ULIP calculator is a handy tool that is exclusively designed to assist the investors in estimating the amount of maturity on the basis of their anticipated future investment value & returns. In addition to this, it also aids in comparing several ULIP policies on the basis of the return. By comparing different ULIP plans using this exclusive tool, one can choose the best ULIP plan that offers a maximum return on investment in UAE.

How ULIP Calculator Works?

Before investing in ULIP plan, you might want to know & also understand the return rate you’ll get after making the investment in ULIP plan. Well, we are already aware that ULIP calculator makes it simple and convenient for you to calculate the return but the main concern is how?

There can be many questions comes into the mind of investor about the functioning of ULIP calculator. That is why, it is imperative for an investor to know how to make the use of this exclusive tool for assessing the benefits as well as comparing available ULIP plans. In order to calculate the return on a ULIP plan, an investor requires to fill up his/her basic personal details such as name, date of birth, whether he/she is a smoker or non-smoker, etc.

There are some key aspects which an investor must remember at the time of using ULIP calculator and enter exact details that are as follows:

  • Premium amount that he/she want to invest
  • Premium payment frequency
  • Fund types
  • Return rate
  • Duration of investment

Considering all the aforementioned factors, you can easily calculate the return rate value on your investment plan using ULIP calculator.

Please note that the calculation assessed by the ULIP calculator about the return rate on an ULIP plan is only based on a few assumptions. So, be sure you go through the policy documents of your planned investment plan carefully before you invest your money.

Features of ULIP Calculator

ULIP calculator is an exclusive tool that comes with a wide range of amazing features to calculate the future value of your ULIP investment plans and returns that assist you comparing several ULIP plans. Below-mentioned are some of the salient features of this tool:

  • Flexibility: This tool provides you the utmost flexibility in deciding the amount to be invested in a ULIP plan. Also, it provides you the option to change the policy tenure and premium amount to know about the estimated future investment value on the basis of your financial goals, affordability, and also individual preferences.
  • Transparency: ULIP calculator is majorly known for offering transparency in the calculation of return. Please note that return in each fund might differ as per the situation of the market. This tool assist you in knowing the return for some certain fund for a time period selected by you in the most crystal clear manner.
  • Financial Planning: When you are planning to build a corpus and thinking of investing in ULIP investment plan, this online tool can be utilized as an efficient financial planning tool. As it assist in knowing which investment fund can suit your investment requirements depending on your investment objective as well as risk appetite.
  • Logical Investment Decision: With the aid of ULIP calculator, you can easily make the comparative analysis of the estimated returns of several ULIP products which are available in the UAE market. With this comparative cost benefit analysis of investment plan using this tool can help you in making logical yet smart investment decision.

Benefits of ULIP Calculator

ULIP calculator offers several benefits for the investors that will enable them in making safe and secure investment in UAE. Given below are the major ones:

  • ULIP calculator is an online tool that enables you to calculate the future value of ULIP investment plans and also compare them on the basis of cost & return.
  • It is easy and convenient tool that is available on several insurers’ website.
  • This online tool helps the investors in making rational and smart investment decisions.
  • With the help of ULIP calculator, investments can easily be strategized as per your risk appetite, age, and financial goals.

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