Three Motor Insurance Essentials for that Cross-border Getaway during Eid

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
During the long vacations for Eid, most of the residents plan to pack their luggage for a getaway out of the country. Although some of them might be flying somewhere, a considerable number of them expect to drive across to the neighbouring nations.

With the beautiful seascapes of Musandam Peninsula and the lush green beautiful mountains of Salalah, Oman has been amongst the favourite destination for the travellers during the vacations. Looks like things won’t be any different in the near future.


If you are among those who choose the option of long drive during the holiday season, you should keep in mind a few things to avoid ending up in annoying situations.

First of all, make sure you have a suitable car insurance UAE. Even if you get your car overhauled, changed the oil, tires, brakes, and wipers checked, there is still one thing that is very important to be inspected before you start your trip- your car insurance.

Here are 3 important points that are to be considered before you cross the border.

Getting the Orange Card

You may have positively made extra payments for getting additional geographical locations like the GCC and Oman included in your insurance policy in the UAE. However, that does not make it compulsory that you are all set to cross the borders.

Earlier, just mentioning this additional cover was enough to cross borders on your car. But, as per a circular issued in 2011 by the UAE Insurance Authority, it became compulsory for all the companies that have a license to get engaged in car insurance UAE to offer an extension to this cover only with the ‘Orange Card’.

This circular was especially for those vehicles that are licensed inside in the UAE and are intending to travel to Oman on roads. This is because Oman was not a part of the group of these Arab countries, which are signatories to Arab Insurance Card Convention 1975 before that.

Hence, ensure that you visit your auto insurance provider’s office and obtain that Orange Card as this law has been enforced even more strictly these days.

Avoiding Temporary Car Insurance Coverage

You may come across many people who suggest you to go for temporary auto insurance cover which can be obtained at the border. But, if you opt for such temporary insurance, then you should not skip this important factor. While at the borders, you will get an offer of that policy which only covers the third party liability car insurance.

There is no denying that this option is comparatively more economical. It is also true that it is usually looked upon as a necessary evil for getting across the border.


What the most of you do not understand is that in case your car does NOT have comprehensive car insurance, and God forbid if the occupants of the car go through anything adverse, then the whole responsibility comes falling on you, or your pockets, to be more precise.

You will end being on your own for getting your vehicle repaired. Moreover, you may also be liable for covering the damages of the occupants as well as the driver of the car in case of an accident.

Therefore, without a doubt, it is worth obtaining comprehensive and best car insurance in UAE before you start your trip from the UAE.

Taking Multinational Route for the Insurance

There are many amazing local companies for getting your car insurance coverage. But, it is suggested that those who plan to cross borders during the year, it will be better if they obtain their policies from multinational insurance providers at the time of getting registered. This is specifically necessary while traveling at the time of public holidays.

For getting the car insurance UAE locally, there are various local insurance providers, which offer the same coverage as the multinational counterparts in terms of quality.

However, the global providers have an upper hand as they a larger network of helplines and branches if in case you require any assistance in the other country.

The multinational insurance providers have toll-free numbers working internationally. These numbers are available round the clock and there is no impact of public holidays on them.

Hence, even though you are in need of advice or assistance, including roadside assistance while you are in another country, these international insurance companies will be of more help as compared to their local counterparts.

Make sure you do not forget to carry all the essential contact numbers saved on your mobile phone. You can also keep copies of these numbers in your wallet or the glove box of the car for emergencies, in case you lose your mobile phone during the trip.

The Parting Words!

Holidays are the best opportunity for planning an adventurous trip with friends and family. And what could be better than a cross-border road trip? The Eid holidays in the UAE are the best time for planning such trips in the neighboring countries.

While it is important to get our vehicles checked before we start for the trip, it is also important that we get the best car insurance in uae for our vehicles. It is important for the safety of your car as well as yourself. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips before you set out for that getaway to have fun with your friends and family.

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