What is Third-Party Liability Car Insurance?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Any vehicle plying on the roads of Dubai has to have a car insurance policy. The most basic form of insurance that a car can have is third-party insurance. In this type of insurance policy, you get coverage against the legal liabilities that can arise due to injuries to the third-party when you are at fault.

Let us know some facts about third-party liability insurance plan:

What are the Features of Third-Party Liability Car Insurance?

The basic features of third-party liability car insurance are:

  • You have to pay the reasonable premium in case of third party liability car insurance.
  • Third party liability car insurance is the cheapest type of car insurance present in the market.
  • The coverage is provided for the liability of the insured occurred due to an accident by the insured car.
  • This type of coverage does not provide for the losses of the insured including damage to the car of the insured.

What are the Benefits of Third-Party Liability Car Insurance?

Check out some of the benefits of third-party liability car insurance:

1. Affordable Insurance Plan -

Your car insurance policy can have either inbuilt component of third-party liability cover or you can have it as an add-on. In both of the cases, it is cost-effective. The premium amount is comparatively lesser as compared to comprehensive coverage. It provides coverage for your liabilities in case of any unforeseen circumstance like a car accident that resulted in any injury or damage to the third-party or third-party property.

2. Ensures Financial Assistance and Legal Coverage -

When you buy a third-party liability car insurance plan, then you are assured that if any damage or injury caused to the property of the third-party or third-party, then the insurance company will provide financial assistance to cover such injuries and damages. This helps to reduce your financial and legal burden.

3. The Simple and Fast Process to Buy Third-Party Liability Car Insurance -

The process to buy third-party liability car insurance is quite simple and fast. You can also easily get your policy renewed with just a few clicks. The online medium helps to save your time and efforts.

4. Online Purchase of Third-Party Liability Car Insurance is Available for 24 hours - 

You can buy or renew third-party liability insurance with the help of the online medium. You can do this at any time according to your convenience. Moreover, you can do it from any location whether you are at your home, office, or anywhere else.

5. Peace of Mind - 

Whenever you meet with an accident, you come across a lot of stress. This situation becomes worse when you become liable for the death or disability of the third-party or damage was done to the property of the third-party. Here, the insurance company comes for the rescue, if you have purchased third-party liability car insurance. This is because under third-party liability cover you get relief from all the financial burdens and stress.

How are Claims Settled in Case of Third-Party Liability Car Insurance?

There are many people who have less knowledge about how to get a claim when an accident happens. Generally, people end up paying from their pockets when damage or injury occurs to a person or property of a third-party.

Check out the process of raising a claim under third party liability car insurance:

  • The first step is to inform the police.
  • Never argue with the driver of other car and let the police decide your case.
  • Inform your insurance provider as soon as possible. It is suggested to inform the insurer, even if you do not want to make a claim.
  • To get most out of your insurance claim, it is recommended to follow all the instructions given by your insurance company.
  • Provide the following documents to the insurance provider:
  • Police report
  • The license of the driver
  • Registration of the vehicle

Final Words:

A third-party liability car insurance policy is best when you want to insure your old car or a car that you rarely use. This is because, despite its low premium rate, this insurance policy provides very limited coverage and does not cover your own vehicle against any damage. However, if the premium cost is your major concern then third-party liability insurance policy is the best for you.

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