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National General Insurance is one of the leading insurance providers of UAE. The company is listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange with “A – (Excellent)” rating by AM Best. National General Insurance has Commercial Bank of Dubai and Emirates NBD as key stakeholders.

NGI offers an excellent range of insurance products for Marine, Motor, Construction, Life Protection, Engineering, Property & Casualty, Investment, Savings, Medical, and Health.

The reinsurance partners of the company are Hannover Re, CCR & SCOR, and Generali.

Why Buy National General Insurance Plans?

National General Insurance has attained market supremacy by providing a total insurance solution and affordable premier services that are exceeding the experiences of the customer. Some of the reasons to choose NGI are:

  • The excellent reputation of the company.
  • Easy insurance service.
  • Hassle free claim declaration process.
  • Financial strength and high rating of the company is one of the prominent reasons to select it as your insurance partner.
  • One stop shop for different insurance products.

National Insurance Products Portfolio



Insurance Plan

Policies Under Plan

Insurance Plan

Policies Under Plan

Life Insurance

Term Insurance

Motor Fleet

Fire and Perils

Critical Illness

Property All Risks Insurance

Whole of life

Business Interruption Insurance

Unit-linked Plans

Office Multi Cover



health insurance

International Health Insurance

Hotel Comprehensive

DHA Individual Plans

Strata Policy

Motor Insurance


Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance

Personal Lines

Travel Easy

Machinery All Risk

Home Easy

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Life Easy (Personal Accident)

Business Interruption following by Machinery Breakdown


Visitor Health

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance Policy


Deterioration of Stocks Insurance

Misc Classes

Group Personal Accident


Fidelity Guarantee


Plate Glass

Medical Malpractice

Gap – Agreed Value

Smart Car Repair

Extended Warranty


Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Employers Liability

Haulers Liability

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Third-Party Liability

Directors & Officers Liability


Group Medical

Group Life

Credit Insurance

Bankers Blanket Bond

Jewelers Block

Cancellation of Events

Computer crime

Cyber Liability

Individual Plans:


The medical or healthcare products are tailored to cope with the medical requirements of an insured and his/her family. The medical insurance plans and policies offered by National General Insurance are:

Emirates Plan:

A comprehensive medical insurance plan with an affordable premium that provides healthcare treatments anywhere within the U.A.E. Features of this plan are as follows:

  • The plan provides medical benefits of up to AED 100,000.
  • Intensive care is covered.
  • Accommodation in a semi-private hospital is covered.
  • Prescribed drugs materials are covered, but only for in-patients and day-care treatments.
  • Fees of physician and physiotherapy for day-care and in-patient treatments only.
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgical prostheses and appliances
  • Organ transplant
  • Day-care treatment
  • In-patient emergency dental treatment
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Local ambulance
  • Nursing at-home following hospitalization
  • MRI and CT scan
  • Oncology treatment for in-patient, pit-patient, and day care patients
  • Out-patient emergency dental treatment
  • PET and CT-PET scans

Note: Policies of this plan can be tailored to meet the requirements of an individual.

Emirates Plus Plan:

Emirates Plus Plan is a medical insurance plan offering treatment anywhere in U.A.E. and for up to 90 days per year while an insured is on vacation or on a business trip to the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. The countries included apart from U.A.E. in this medical plan are India, Pakistan, Singapore, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The benefits that are covered under this plan are:

  • The plan provides the maximum benefit of up to AED 250,000
  • Intensive care is covered
  • Accommodation in a semi-private hospital
  • Theatre charges including anaesthesia and surgical fees are covered
  • Organ transplant (Kidney, Heart, and Lever)
  • In-patient emergency dental treatment
  • Fees for physiotherapist and physician
  • Prostheses (intraoperative) and surgical appliances
  • Provisioning of the local ambulance
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Day-care treatment
  • Home nursing after hospitalization (up to 13 weeks)
  • MRI and CT scan
  • Treatment in an emergency outside the area of the coverage.
  • C-PET and PET scans for out-patients and in-patients treatment
  • Cash benefits for in-patients (AED 200 for 7 days/ policy year), if the patient receives free treatment from the network hospitals that are on the
  • Out-patient emergency dental treatment

International Plan:

Under this plan treatment anywhere in U.A.E. is covered and for a maximum period of 90 days per year, whilst the insured is traveling to a foreign land due to a business trip or on vacation. However, this medical insurance policy of National General Insurance does not provide coverage for the USA, Caribbean, and Canada. The benefits that this insurance policy offers are:

  • The policy covers accommodation in private hospitals.
  • The maximum benefits that are covered in this plan are up to AED 1,000,000.
  • Covers intensive care treatment
  • Surgical fees including the theatre charges and anaesthesia are covered.
  • Fees for physiotherapy and physician are covered
  • Diagnostic tests are covered
  • Covers for prostheses (intra-operative) and surgical appliances
  • Surgery of out-patient
  • Treatment in day-care
  • In-patient emergency dental treatment
  • After hospitalization provisioning of a nurse at home is borne by the insurance company. However, the hospitalization must be for 13 weeks.
  • Expenses of local burial and repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Expenses of emergency medical evacuation (max US $1,000,000)
  • Emergency treatment outside the area of cover (when going on a vacation or business trip for a period not more than 90 consecutive days in every trip).
  • MRI and CT scan for both out-patient and in-patient treatment.
  • Accidental death (AED, 50,000)
  • Pregnancy complications (for both in-patient and out-patient) having a cover of AED 10,000.

Global Plan:

Medical coverage for individuals traveling anywhere in the world for maximum 90 days per annum. Some of the features of this plan are:

  • Maximum benefit of up to AED. 2,00,000
  • Accommodation in a private hospital.
  • Covers the expenses of intensive care.
  • Covers drugs prescription and other materials (for inpatient and day-care treatment only).
  • Diagnostic tests are also covered.
  • Day-care treatment.
  • Organ transplant is also covered (Heart, Liver, and Kidney).
  • Surgical fees are also covered.

Motor Insurance:

The National General Car Insurance with the name of Motornet is one of the hassles free and flexible insurance policies. The features included in this policy are:

  • Provides repair at agency or dealer workshop during the first two years of vehicle's registration.
  • Provides car protection against storm, hurricane, flood, and earthquake.
  • No claim discount is also given.
  • The coverage is extended to Sultanate of Oman.
  • Third-party property damage is also covered.
  • Covers off-road assistance for 4WD only.

General Insurance:

Different insurance plans covered under this policy are:

Travel Insurance:

The travel insurance policy of National General Insurance provides cover against damage or loss during travel outside the United Arab Emirates. The basic inclusions of this policy are:

  • Deposit loss and trip cancellation or curtailment are covered under this policy.
  • Covers personal accident while traveling.
  • Provision to cover medical and other expenses.
  • Daily hospital benefits are also taken care.
  • Baggage or other personal belonging loss.
  • Temporary baggage deprivation.
  • Personal liabilities are also covered
  • Missed departure and travel delay are also taken care.
  • Legal expenses while traveling is covered.
  • Passport and other documents loss are

Personal Accident:

The personal accident policy of National General Insurance covers timely benefits such as bodily injury occurred due to accidents on 24 hours basis across the world. The age limit to get this policy is between 18 years to 65 years. The top most benefits of this policy are:

  • Death benefits
  • Medical expenses caused due to an accident.
  • Permanent disability is also covered.
  • It also covers temporary total disability.

Householder's Comprehensive:

This policy is designed to provide coverage against any household damages including the contents of the home. The basic inclusions of this policy are:

  • Lightning, fire, earthquake, explosions, or thunderbolts are covered.
  • Malicious damage is also covered.
  • Burglary, theft, housebreaking, etc. are covered.
  • Water tanks bursting or overflowing.
  • Damage caused due to strike or riot.
  • The loss occurred due to the storm, flood and tempest are covered.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance policies of National General Insurance are to provide immediate financial help to the family of the insured in case of sudden death of the policyholder. Some of the benefits that are covered under most of the plans of this insurance policy are:

  • It has a feature to get retirement income
  • Takes care of the dependents of the insured in case of his/her sudden demise.
  • Pays off all the outstanding debts of the insured.
  • Wipes all the financial burdens immediately.
  • Low premium rates
  • Covers personal accidents for families and individuals.

The insurance plans provided in this policy are:

  • Savings and Investment Plans:
  • Life Seva
  • Life Bond
  • Universal Life (Single Premium)
  • Child Protection
  • Universal Life
  • Protection Plans:
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Five Year Renewable Term Assurance
  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Mortgage / Loan Protection Plan:
  • Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance
  • Personal Accident Plan
  • Smart Life
  • Personal Accident Plan

Corporate Plans:


The insurance policies covered under this plan are:

Fire and Perils:

To protect the corporate buildings or offices from fire and perils, this insurance policy is used.

Property All Risks Insurance:

This insurance policy of National General Insurance provides extended cover than the fire and perils policy.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Under this insurance policy, loss of gross profit caused due to the reduction of turnover is covered. Additionally, increased working cost resulting out of damage or loss to the property are covered under the material damage policy of this plan.


The insurance policies covered under this plan are:

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance:

An insurance policy of National General Insurance is for the Principal Contractors and their subcontractors who are engaged in the activities of construction. An insured also gets compensation against unforeseen or sudden accidental physical damage or loss during the construction and defect liability period.

Erection All Risks Insurance:

This insurance policy is for the plants that are related to Machinery and Erection. Under this policy, the insured company is compensated against unforeseen or sudden accidental physical loss while the erection or construction work is in progress.

Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance:

To provide insurance coverage to the Plant and its equipment that is being used in a construction site against unforeseen, accidental, or sudden damage or loss. The cover is also available for the items of the plant while the work is on rest or re-erected or dismantled.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance:

Under this policy, damage or loss of machinery due to breakdown is covered.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance:

This insurance policy covers deterioration of stock that is refrigerated in cold chambers or rooms. However, there is a pre-condition for this policy, that is the insured must have Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy.

Electronic Equipment Insurance:

To cover all types of electronic equipment against various unforeseen and sudden physical damages or losses due to any cause, take this insurance policy of National General Insurance.


The insurance policies covered under this plan are:

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance:

This insurance policy is designed to match the obligations of UAE Federal Law No. (8) of 1980 against disabilities during work, work-related death, reimbursement of medical expenses, defined industrial disease, and loss of wages.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:

This insurance policy provides cover against various legal liabilities for which an insured becomes legally liable.

Public Liability Insurance:

Under this policy, the legal liabilities for accidental damage to the property or injury/death to the Third-Parties that arise due to the operations of the business of the insured, but within the Territorial Scope.

Products Liability Insurance:

This insurance policy provides cover against the Third-Party Liability Insurance for protecting against various legal liabilities to some Third-Party against the damage or/and bodily injury or death arising because of defects in the products manufactured, sold, or supplied by the policyholder.


Some of the insurance policies covered under this plan are:

Group Life:

To secure a group of people against sickness, accident, or death, this insurance policy is used. The three types of group life products offered by National General Insurance are – Group Term, Croup Universal Life, and Credit Insurance. The basic inclusions in all three policies are:

  • This insurance policy is affordable for both employers and employees.
  • Availability of rate guarantee on request.
  • Competitive cost and coverages with many additional features.
  • Guarantee of rate available on request.

Credit Insurance:

Insurance to protect financial institutions and companies against customers’ defaults is known as credit insurance. Under this policy, National General Insurance guarantees to pay to the policyholder, but the merchandise must be shipped or the service must be rendered to the customer.

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