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Invest AED 2K/Month & Get AED 1 Million returns*
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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is one of the leading banks offering banking solutions to both individual and business clients in the UAE. Founded in 1997, the bank soon became the fourth largest Islamic bank in the world in terms of assets. The extent of the bank’s range of services and eminence manifest in its total assets, which are around worth USD 37 billion at present.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has a vast network of more than a million customers comprising bank account holders, credit card holders, loan borrowers, investors, and others. The bank draws its esteem from a personalised customer service experience across its world-class digital banking services. Among its array of services is the range of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank investment plans available for the citizens of UAE, which will be discussed here in detail. 

We have mentioned below the major ADIB capital investment plans with their features and benefits, followed by the methods you can use to apply for your preferred one. The article will also inform you as to why you should choose Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank when planning to invest your funds in the market.

Types of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Investment Plans

Following is a list of top ADIB investment plans for your consideration regarding the investment of your funds.

Personal Investment Options

Third-Party Mutual Funds:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank provides a wide range of third-party mutual funds that you can use when planning to invest funds. These mutual funds are diverse and regulatory-approved, all while offering great returns. You can select the best-fit mutual fund option as per your risk appetite and return expectations.

Structured Products:

Besides mutual funds, you can also choose to invest in any of the structured products depending upon your financial needs. ADIB structured investment plans are best known for their customisation features, as you can get the required flexibility in terms of tenure and investment amount with these ADIB investment plans.

ADIB Securities:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank also provides access to Islamic brokerage services to help its customers find the suitable investment plan available in the market. The best part about these brokerage services is their accessibility, as they are available both online and over the phone. Consequently, you can visit the bank’s website or call the customer support desk to avail of the services. The ADIB team, consisting of financial experts, can help you manage your portfolio anytime and from anywhere.

Business Investment Options

Short-Term Investments:

ADIB short-term investment plans include investment options surplus savings bank accounts for businesses. You can contact the bank’s help and support desk to know more about these plans and open an ADIB short-term investment account without any hassle.

Business Time Deposit:

With Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, you have the choice of opting for time deposit investment plans. These investments in UAE offer fixed terms to help you secure a good amount of profit by maturity. The key benefits of these ADIB investment plans include availability in multiple currencies, higher profit rates, multiple investment periods, and more.

Business Wakala Deposit:

Wakala deposit investments are specifically designed for businesses that don’t need immediate access to the invested funds. Compared to business savings account investments, ADIB Wakala deposit investment plans offer higher returns and are available in multiple currencies.

Investment Solutions:

ADIB investment solutions is a type of search service that helps you find the best available investment plan based on your financial preferences. The most significant aspect of this ADIB investment option is that you get a dedicated relationship manager whom you can contact anytime to clear your doubts or seek assistance in finding the best investment plan.

Why Choose Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank for Investment?

Besides excellence in investment products and ease of access, here are a few more major reasons why you must consider investing with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank in the UAE.

  • Easy-to Understand Investment Strategy
  • Customised Investment Plans
  • Sample Portfolios
  • Market Updates
  • Fulltime Availability
  • Certified Relationship Managers

Easy-to Understand Investment Strategy:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has simple and easy-to-understand investment strategies for investors. This makes for an excellent choice for investors as it helps them learn about the plans and make informed financial decisions. Similar care is taken in maintaining transparency, with ADIB investment plans fetching and releasing monthly and quarterly investment views to help customers keep a check on the performance of their investments. 

Customised Investment Plans:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank offers a variety of investment plans that can be customised by customers to match their financial preferences and requirements. This feature allows investors to select an investment plan with easy-to-use features in terms of plan tenure, maturity benefits, and investment amount. 

Sample Portfolios:

Allowing customers to acquire an approximate idea first and initiate investments, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank provides 4 types of sample portfolios to help you choose the best fit. You can simply access the bank’s website to discover the sample portfolios.

Market Updates:

Dhabi Islamic Bank provides real-time updates and investment outlooks to help investors stay aware of the performance of their investments in the market.

Fulltime Availability:

With Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, you get a full-time available help and support desk so that you can find answers to your queries whenever required.

Certified Relationship Managers:

Dedicated relationship managers based on your banking records is among the salient features of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. This feature helps you make the best financial decision in terms of investments conveniently. You can get in touch with these managers anytime and find answers to your queries as and when required. 

How to Apply for Getting an ADIB Investment Plan?

Applying for an ADIB Investment Plan is a simple process due to the bank’s emphasis on customer convenience. Following are the ways you can get in touch with the bank and apply for your preferred investment plan.

Request a Call Back: You can simply visit the bank’s website and fill out the lead form to receive a call back from one of the bank representatives. This is one of the most convenient ways of applying for your chosen ADIB investment plan. It should be remembered that you will need to fill out the application form by providing your basic details like your name, mobile number, customer ID (if any), email address, and location. You may also be requested to provide some required documents after receiving a call from the bank.

Online Banking: Login to the online banking portal of the bank with your unique banking credentials and go to the investments section to apply for your chosen ADIB investment plan with great ease. The process for this method is essentially the same. You will have to fill out the application form and provide the required documents after being contacted by the bank. 

Mobile Banking: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank also provides a mobile banking app that can be used to apply for your preferred ADIB investment plan. All that you will be required to do here is to login to the mobile app with your banking credentials and visit the investments section to find the application form. Make sure you fill out the entire form and submit it with all the essential documents. Once done, wait for the bank to contact you and process your application. 

Call the Contact Centre: Another convenient way to apply for your chosen ADIB investment plan is by calling the bank’s help and support desk. This way, you can directly speak to one of the banking representatives and start the application process without any hassle.

Send an Email: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank also offers an option of sending an email to if you want to apply for your preferred ADIB investment plan. Please note that if you are an existing banking customer, you should send an email with your registered email address.

Contact Your Relationship Manager: As mentioned before, the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank allocates a relationship manager to some eligible customers as per their banking history and their relationship with the bank. You can contact your relationship manager if you are one of those customers, as your manager will be able to help you make the correct decision out of all the investment plans after analysing your requirements and the nature of the services provided. 

Live Chat: On the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank website, you can also choose the option of live chat to speak to one of the bank’s representatives. This way, you can clear all your doubts by asking as many questions as you want and show your interest in one of the ADIB investment plans at the same time.

SMS Banking: SMS banking is another quick contact method to apply for your preferred ADIB investment plan. Simply send an SMS at 600 543216 from your registered mobile number mentioning the code for the specific investment plan of your choice. You can call the same number to find the code that you will have to enter to start the application process. Once done, you may expect a response from the bank at the earliest. 

Chat Banking: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank also offers chat banking services on WhatsApp. You can simply utilise the service and chat with one of the banking representatives using your mobile phone. You can also use this method to apply for your chosen ADIB investment plan.

Visit the Branch: This is the classic offline method of applying for your desired ADIB investment plan. You can visit the nearest Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank branch and apply for your preferred investment plan with great ease. Just make sure that you carry all the required documents and submit them with a filled-out application form to avoid multiple visits and consequent hassles. The set of documents required by the bank includes identity, address, income proof, etc. 

Key Takeaways

  • Check out various options before investing in a specific ADIB investment plan. 
  • Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the selected investment plan to avoid any adverse surprises in the future. 
  • Go through the entire fee and charges structure of your chosen ADIB investment plan to avoid paying any hidden charges.
  • Observe the chosen investment plan for some time to check its performance in the market before you invest in the same. This helps you evaluate the amount of risk you will be taking.
  • Perform thorough market research on the investment type before applying for the same.
  • Keep the entire set of documents ready before starting the application process to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Contact our customer support desk without any second thoughts if you need assistance.

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