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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Car insurance is an absolute must in the UAE, to safeguard yourself from unwanted financial losses. Moreover, as per the government guidelines, it is vital to get your car insured in order to stay on the safer side of the law. However, finance and insurance experts recommend switching insurance plans at a period of two to three years to save money and to stay updated with the best plan in the market that offers the best coverage at the lowest price.

Most of the people prefer online car insurance in Dubai due to their easy accessibility and convenience in comparison to conventional offline car insurance. People usually look up to changing their car insurance plans until the premiums rise or their vehicle meets an unfortunate accident leading to claim filing via online car insurance Dubai.

Before you go ahead and switch your car insurance in Dubai, it is crucial to be aware of all the factors to be kept into consideration. In this thread, we’ll shed some light on how to switch car insurance policy online.

Compare Car Insurance Online Before Buying

Once a car insurance holder plans to switch their car insurance in their from their existing insurance provider to a new insurance provider the first step is to compare. A valid comparison amongst various car insurance online in Dubai will allow you to identify the best plan and provider that suits your requirements at the lowest cost.

Insurance seekers can compare car insurance plans offline, but it is much more convenient, less time consuming and easier for them to do it online. There are numerous online web aggregators that offer the free facility of comparing and choosing the best car insurance online. While comparing car insurance online in Dubai it is important to look for the plan that offers the best coverage at the lowest payable premium along with the deductibles, limits and other benefits.

Evaluate the Requirements

While switching car insurance online in Dubai one should make sure that they cancel their existing plan only after they get the new one to avoid an unwanted gap in the coverage of the vehicle. While issuing a car insurance plan providers analyze various factors in order to ensure that the applicant fits into the category of getting insurance. Some of thee major factors are the vehicle’s build and age, buyer’s driving history and criminal record, parenthood and migration to a different jurisdiction.

It is crucial to be aware of the fact that all car insurance providers issue different plans that consist of different features and benefits. Some of the insurance plans come with a condition that restricts the policy to be renewed only after a period of six months or a year. So it is important for the insurance seeker to assess the requirements of the insurance provider as well as their requirements as a consumer.

Inform your Current Insurance Provider

Every line of business emphasizes retaining their existing customers and adding new customers in order to ensure the steady growth of their organization. While switching your car insurance online in Dubai, one should instantaneously inform the existing provider about their change with a valid reason. Once you inform your existing provider about this, they will try to understand the reason behind the change and will probably come up with a solution to counter the issue so that you stick to the same provider.

If your existing provider solves your issue effectively and offers you a deal that is better in comparison to other providers it is highly recommended that you stick to the same provider. However, one should thoroughly assess and analyze all the underlying factors before taking any decision.

Go for Add-on Riders

Add-on riders are auxiliary tools over the basic insurance plan that meant to increase the strength of the insurance plan. At the time one looks for new car insurance online in Dubai, it is important to look for auxiliary add-on riders to enhance the protection quotient of the basic plan. There are a plethora of car insurance riders like NCb protector, windshield protector, engine protector, etc. that boost the basic plan and help the insurance seeker to extract the maximum benefit out of their car insurance.

While switching their plan online one should compare both the insurance providers i.e. existing providers and the new provider on the basis of the add-on riders they offer. Once you reach a conclusion you can make your decision considering all factors mentioned.

Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) Analysis

When it comes to any form of insurance product CSR or claim settlement ratio is one of the most crucial detrimental factors. The claim settlement ratio basically is the ratio of the number of claims settled by the insurance provider against the number of claims filed by customers. The higher the CSR is, the better is the insurance provider. Therefore before you make your mind of switching your insurance plan in the UAE it is recommended to consider the claim settlement ratio as a major factor.

Check for Penalties

While you plan to switch your car insurance online in Dubai it is inevitable to check for possible penalties that the existing provider might impose on you for quitting the plan. Therefore, it is quite important to check for any potential penalty applicable if a customer switches their existing car insurance plan.

In a Nutshell

As a customer one always has a choice of changing and switching their existing insurance plan in order to save money and avail better services. With the above-mentioned points into consideration, one can ensure that they choose the best car insurance online in Dubai smoothly.

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