Does your Car Insurance Cover Riot Damages?

By Neha Goyal
  | Published: 10 February 2021 | Last Updated On: 19 February 2021

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Riots are a part of a protest which can occur unexpectedly; civil disorders often happen without any prior warning. Even sometimes peaceful protests can turn into violent protests which may cause serious damage to your vehicle.

When the riots occur, your vehicle may be an unforeseen recipient of some of the misplaced anger or frustration. All of this can cause serious damage to your car to extend that repairing the vehicle might burn a hole in your pocket. That is why it is very important to protect your car from riot damages by opting for the right car insurance in UAE before a loss occurs. Because riots can cause the below-mentioned damages:

  • Fire damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Window Damage

Now there is one question that may come out in many people’s minds that does motor insurance provide coverage for riot damage?

Well, yes! You can protect your car from riot damages by opting for the comprehensive car insurance cover. Please note that comprehensive car insurance is only a coverage option that you will need to recover from all these damages or losses as your car insurance provider isn’t obligated to restore your pre-loss condition if you haven’t opted for this coverage. To learn more about the same, continue reading.

Riots are a Part of Insurance Coverage Known as SRCC

In the insurance world, riots are a part of the cover which is referred to as SRCC i.e. strikes, riots & civil commotion. All these three terms have the common concept of public frustration and disturbance that generally includes violent act being committed by a group of as minimum as three people. However, the key difference between the classifications of riots, strikes & civil commotion is basically the number of people indulged.

Most Ordinary Case in the United Arab Emirates

The most usual scenario for strikes, riots & civil commotion (SRCC) cover across the UAE is that it is included within some Gold or Higher-Tier comprehensive car insurance covers and in few cases, even some standard comprehensive auto insurance policies. And majority of the third-party liability insurance plans rarely provide the option to add SRCC to the auto insurance policy.

Is It Mandatory to Purchase The SRCC Cover in the UAE?

Let’s start with some statistics to answer this question. With Dubai & Abu Dhabi have ranked among the safest cities across the globe in an annual study that has conducted by the global research website Numbeo, we would like to say that the answer is NO.

After all, Abu Dhabi came on the first position for the safest city across the world two times, and Dubai has come on the 6th position in this list. In addition to this, the majority of the UAE residents would agree with this as a recent study has revealed that 96.1% of the residents of the UAE feel absolutely safe to walk outside during the night.

However, we would not deny the fact that precaution is better than cure. Since riots may occur unexpectedly and they often occur without prior notice so it is highly suggested that you should buy comprehensive car insurance cover that should include strike, riots, and civil commotion cover.


So as you can see, comprehensive car insurance does offer the SRCC (strike, riots, and civil commotion) cover. Though this cover is not mandatory in the UAE, it is necessary for your peace of mind. There are several car insurance companies in the UAE that offer comprehensive car insurance cover which also offers SRCC cover. So, you can compare the different car insurance quotes based on their features, benefits, and premiums and zero down the best one that suits your insurance needs the most.