Decoding the New Campaign launched by Dubai Municipality against Abandoned Vehicles

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The evolution of Dubai from a quiet port to a bustling metropolis is truly remarkable. The city today is home to one of the biggest corporate houses and firms from all across the globe. The development of Dubai as a global business hub in the gulf has led to an exponential rise in the number of vehicles on the roads. According to statistics, the number of cars on the streets of Dubai has approximately tripled within the past two decades.

Very often big cities like Dubai face the problem of abandoned vehicles and equipment in public places that might result in traffic jams and accidents. In order to counter this problem, the Municipality of Dubai came up with a new campaign that is promoted under the slogan “Clean Vehicles. Sustainable City”. The primary objective of the campaign is to reduce abandoned parking of vehicles to manage and maintain the urban aesthetics of the city of gold: Dubai.

According to officials from the Dubai, municipality neglected and abandoned vehicles disturb traffic and increase the probability of accidents. Furthermore, these vehicles distort the aesthetics of the beautiful city which eventually affects tourism and revenue.

If you are expat residing in Dubai or a UAE national who owns or drives a car in the city, this quick read might help you to save a lot of money and hassle. This article will provide a detailed insight into the new campaign launched by Dubai Municipality in order to manage abandoned vehicles in the city.

Understanding the New Campaign

Dubai is known for its management and urbane aesthetics which makes it one of the best cities to live and work in. However, with a substantial rise in the number of vehicles on the streets of Dubai, the municipality of Dubai came across a new problem. Abandoned vehicles and equipment parked at unauthorized places.

Approximately ninety percent of the total population residing in Dubai is composed of expatriates. Hundreds and thousands of vehicles are abandoned every year by expats who flee out of the jurisdiction. According to officials dealing with such cases, motoring in Dubai is becoming expensive car owners in many cases are unable to repay outstanding which forces them to flee the country.

Some of the expat residents purchase expensive luxury cars without analyzing their budget and expenses and later realize they can’t really afford the car. Initially, the vehicle might sit idle in parking before getting identified and recovered by the authority. The major problem due to these vehicles is that they disturb and affect the traffic within the city along with increasing the probability of road accidents.

The main objective of this new campaign launched by the municipality of Dubai is to improve the level of awareness amongst the community on the various damages caused by abandoned vehicles. Moreover, the campaign lays emphasis on promoting values of social responsibility and mutual cooperation. Authorities consider the campaign to be an excellent method of improving and maintaining the appearance, sustainability, and beauty of the city.

How does the New Campaign Works?

The campaign will include different activities designed to promote and improve social awareness amongst the residents of Dubai. Awareness messages promoting healthy practices to improve the sustainability of the city will be displayed on electronic screens that will emphasize factors like buying car insurance, responsible and safe driving and reducing the number of abandoned vehicles in the city.

Apart from digital platforms, messages will be disseminated via official newspapers, TV advertisements, and e-mails to all the residents of Dubai. Furthermore, awareness visits will be carried out for the residents living in the different locations of the city.

The process of dealing with abandoned vehicles would begin by issuing an official warning in the form of a sticker that would be placed on the vehicle that is neglected. If the vehicle owner does not respond to the issued warning the vehicle will eventually be transferred to the scrapyard of the municipality. Once the vehicle is transferred to the scrap yard it will be sold via auction within a time frame of six months if the owner does not recover the vehicle.


The initiative by the government of the UAE to control and manage the number of abandoned vehicles is commendable. The campaign not only aims to reduce the number of abandoned vehicles but also lays emphasis on promoting healthy practices like responsible and safe driving, buying car insurance and traffic management in the city.

The number of abandoned vehicles that have been recovered by the municipality is staggering. A total of about two thousand four hundred vehicles have been recovered from the beginning of 2019.

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