RTA Gives a ‘Golden Chance’ for Expat Driving Licences - Here’s What it Means for You!

The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) has recently come up with a new initiative called “Golden Chance” which came into implementation on April 1st, 2023. With this initiative, expatriates can get a driving licence in Dubai without having to take any driving lessons - this benefit can be availed of by residents from 43 nations!

Notably, the recent RTA initiative also offers non-exempt nationals the chance to once-in-a-lifetime ease the difficult licensing procedure for the UAE. Qualified candidates can take the theory and driving tests right away after concluding the registration process and paying the required costs. This, however, is a one-time opportunity - if the applicant fails in both theory or road tests, they would need to apply for the regular classes. 

You can go to a driving centre to submit an application for the Golden Chance programme. While the application costs will vary depending on the driving school, the application fees are anticipated to be around AED 2,200 for covering things like opening files, tests, issuing licences, and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while no prior training is necessary for the applicant, they can use the option to do so for an additional fee. The candidate will need to enrol in normal lessons if they do not pass the Golden Chance direct test.

Here is the list of documents required to apply for a Dubai expat driving licence under the Golden Chance initiative -

For Residents - Original Emirates ID

For Residents Holding Visas of Other Emirates 

  • A valid copy of the tenancy agreement sanctioned by Ejari (a residence proof)
  • A valid copy of the company’s trade licence (Dubai branch and for the branch where you have been granted residency)
  • A clarification letter from the company that the individual works in Dubai

For Diplomats 

  • The diplomatic passport's photocopy
  • Original Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • For embassies, consulates, and international institutions, a copy of the current diplomatic card in place of the Emirates ID
  • A duplicate of an official document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that remains valid for six months or more after the submission date

For People of Determination - A valid copy of the transfer certificate to the doctor issued by the Licencing Agency.

For an Emirati Passport Holder Who is Without a Family Book (Marsoom Holders) 

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A copy of valid Marsoom

For an Emirati Passport Holder Who has an Emirati Mother 

  • A copy of the current passport
  • Authentic letter confirming that the individual’s mother is an Emirati from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs

For Golden Residency Holders Possessing Driving Licence from Their Home Countries 

  • A copy of the previous valid driving licence
  • Results of the theory and the knowledge test

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Applicable Fees and Charges 

Here is the list of charges that expats and residents would have to incur when applying for the Golden Chance initiative -

  • For motorbikes, light cars, and light automatic vehicles, the learning permit charge is AED 100.
  • Heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, and trailers are subject to a learning permit charge of AED 200.
  • To access a traffic file, you would be required to pay AED 200.
  • The price of the handbook manual is AED 50.
  • Eye Test Centres charge a fee in the range of AED 140 and AED 180 for the electronic eye test.
  • New driving licence charges - 
    • For individuals younger than 21 years - AED 100 
    • For individuals 21 years old and above - AED 300 
    • An additional charge of AED 20 as a knowledge and innovation fee
  • AED 200 plus AED 20 in Knowledge and Innovations fees is required to switch the driving learner's permit from manual to automatic or the other way around.
  • If the applicant wants to add a new category to the driving licence, they would have to pay AED 200 as the new licence fees and an additional knowledge and innovation charge of AED 20.
  • In case the driving licence is not issued even after one year of passing the road test, the following charges will apply -
    • For initiating a training file - AED 200
    • For learning application issuance - AED 100
    • For availing of a handbook manual - AED 50
    • For issuing the driving licence - AED 300
    • RTA test charges - AED 200

Additional charges of AED 20 for innovation and knowledge

  • Charges for driving test after withdrawing or cancelling the driving licence -
  1. RTA test charges - AED 200
  2. For initiating a training file - AED 200
  3. For the issuance of a learning application - AED 100
  4. Rehabilitation charges after cancelling the driving licence - AED 3,000

Additional charges of AED 20 for innovation and knowledge

How to Apply?

You can easily apply for the driving licence under the Golden Change programme through the RTA website or by visiting any of the driving institutes mentioned below -

  • Al Ahli Driving Centre - Al Quoz Branch 4
  • Belhasa Driving Centre - Al Wasl Branch, Nad Al Hammar, Jebel Ali, Al Quoz 4, and Al Quoz
  • Dubai Driving Centre - Jumeirah, Al Qusais 1, Al Quoz Industrial 3, and Al Khail
  • Dubai International Driving Centre (Drive Dubai) - Dubai Investment Park 2
  • Galadari Motor Driving Centre - Al Qouz 3 and Al Qusais
  • Emirates Driving Institute - Al Quoz 3 and Al Qusais 1
  • Emirates Transport Driving Centre - Warsan 3
  • Excellence Driving Centre - Al Qusais Industrial 5
  • Bin Yaber Driving Centre - Jebel Ali and Al Rowayyah
  • Eco Drive Driving Centre - Dubai Industrial City

You can use any of the application modes to take advantage of this initiative by the RTA, Dubai as an expat or resident and easily apply for a driving licence without having to attend the lessons.