Should I Buy a Separate Riot Car Insurance for Riot Damage Control?

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Riots, like other natural and man-made calamities, are unforeseen events that can happen without any prior warning or time for damage control. While such events are rare, there is always a possibility of your vehicle getting significantly damaged in such circumstances. Yet, it has often been observed that several customers people tend to overlook the possibility of riot damage while booking a car insurance policy. However, having your vehicle insured against such events can be beneficial.

It is crucial to note that there is no separate riot car insurance for vehicles in the UAE. However, the aspect of vehicle damage due to riots is covered under some comprehensive car insurance plans. In fact, some plans may also allow the option of adding the specific cover as an add-on. 

At the same time, several car insurance policy plans may be unable to provide you with the benefit of servicing claims made for riot damages. So whether your plan has the specific cover for riot damage or not, you should be aware of the types of car insurance policies out there and the benefits accorded with them. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

If you want to get riot coverage along with your car insurance plan or explore various options available under this category, you can read below. 

Does Car Insurance Cover Riot Damage to the Vehicle?

Not all car insurance plans will give you extensive benefits and provide protection against situations of unrest like riots. However, if you have opted for a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can have cover for the same or at least against damage or loss due to fire, theft, or vandalism.

A majority of the plans providing cover for riot damage do so through the SRCC coverage, with the acronym denoting ‘strikes, riots, and civil commotion’. While the occurrence of riots is rare in the UAE, you can always look for plans with this provision if you want to keep your vehicle covered even under such rarities. In such cases, it is recommended to carefully examine the details of inclusions given in the policy clauses and understand the policy terms and conditions to verify if the plan will prove helpful in case your vehicle gets damaged due to riots.

Having said that, while being cautious regarding riot damage cover is commendable, one should always look for the best car insurance plans in UAE with proper coverage in case of accidents or other damage. With the probability of accidents reportedly being more than that of riots, one should first attempt to receive the proper car insurance plan for their vehicle. 

Let’s find out more about car insurance plans available in the UAE.

Third-Party Car Insurance

This type of policy, mandatory in the UAE, provides coverage against damage to the third-party vehicle and personnel caused by the policyholder.

Such an insurance policy provides benefits and claims to cover:

  • Cost of the repairs and replacement of the damaged vehicle of the third party
  • Cost of treatment and hospital expenses of the third party
  • Liabilities arising due to the death of a third party

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance policy is holistic and provides a wide range of coverage for better protection for the insurer. It covers all the features of third-party liability as well as own damage. Besides providing coverage to third party in case of an accident, this plan also covers the policyholder by providing compensation in case of damage or loss to their car by events like theft, natural calamities, accidents, riots, and so on. 

It should be noted that such comprehensive car insurance plans also allow users to seek the total insured declared value for the car in case of theft or in a situation where the damage caused is beyond repair.

Best Option for Vehicle Protection Against Riot Damage

Ultimately, while third-party insurance is compulsory in the UAE as per the law, comprehensive insurance is the best way if you want to have access to adequate compensation in case of any damage to your vehicle. Whether for protection from accidents or non-collision mishaps like theft, fire, earthquakes, explosions, floods, storms, etc., these plans are indeed the best.

The same applies to riot damage cover. Whether you have the provision for the same in the fundamental plan or you have it added in the form of ‘strikes, riots, and civil commotion’ (SRCC) add-on, comprehensive plans are the most suitable ones if you wish to financially secure yourself in case your car gets damaged in riots.

There are multiple insurance providers in the UAE which provide excellent cover plans regarding healthcare, vehicles, term life, and so on. However, the plethora of providers, especially regarding car insurance, may lead to confusion among users over which plan should they get. 

The best way to deal with such confusion is to undertake a thorough comparison of the best car insurance plans in the UAE. However, if you want more and buy your preferred car insurance plan immediately after your selection (and that too right there without visiting any other site), you can easily accomplish that at our website. Simply visit our ‘car insurance’ section to compare and buy a car insurance plan comfortably in just a few clicks. 


Q1. What are the things covered in Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Ans: A comprehensive car insurance policy is a combination of a third-party liability policy and own damage cover, thus providing the benefits of both of these. This implies that it covers third-party liability as well as protection against damage or loss caused to the policyholder’s car due to accidents, vandalism, theft, riots, fires, etc.

Q2. Is it mandatory to have comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle by law?

Ans: No, you are not legally bound to have comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle. However, third-party car insurance is mandatory in the UAE.

Q3. Can I opt to convert my third-party liability car insurance to a comprehensive car insurance plan at a later date?

Ans: Yes, you can add your own damage cover to your third-party liability cover and convert it to a comprehensive car later date at the time of policy renewal. It is recommended to verify this feature first with your bank or policy provider, as providers vary in their policies regarding such transformations.

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