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Investment in the UAE is mostly straightforward. It is encouraged by a business-friendly regulatory, financial, and legal environment. Being one of the freest economies in the world, the UAE turns out to be an investor-friendly and stable global hub.

The investment in the Emirates has been growing along with an expanding collection of asset classes for the residents to select from for building their wealth. From real estate investment to stock exchange trading, funds, deposit accounts, and private pension schemes, there are investment options in UAE that are ideal for almost every risk profile.

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Considering the growth of investment, there are many active investment companies in UAE. In this article, we have listed some of the top investment companies that you can choose from.

Best Investment Companies in UAE

1. Dubai Investments

It is a popular investment company, with more than 19,800 shareholders and is AED 4 billion paid-up capital. Listed on Dubai Financial Market, it is a world-class corporation, which targets investments in profitable and viable entities. This investment company in Dubai has exponentially grown with investments in various sectors- manufacturing and industrial, real estate, education, healthcare, and financial investments in Dubai as well as the entire Middle East region.

The portfolio of the company involves 40 joint ventures and subsidiaries across a huge range of industries. From the time of its inception, it has challenged the norms in the market and introduced pioneering business methods, different investment strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and unique concepts throughout its diverse portfolio spanning various markets and sectors.

It focuses on continuing its journey towards the growing trade and commercial interests of the Emirates by setting an example for sustainable and strong growth.

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2. Binghatti Holding

It is a global investment holding corporation that has its headquarter in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). It focuses on projects with potential for high growth in the FMCG, construction, industrial, education, hospitality, and real estate sectors.

It is empowered by years of mercantile experience. The brand aims at redefining the norms of the area by providing high-quality products at reasonable rates on time. It includes various branches including Binghatti Developers for real estate, Binghatti Beverages for beverage manufacturing, and Binghatti Hospitality for services related to hospitality management. 

3. Mubadala Development

The identity and formation of this company are linked inextricably to late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision, who looked forward to a prosperous future for the people. Mudabala is classified as a global pioneering investor that deploys capital with ingenuity and integrity for accelerating economic growth for the benefit of Abu Dhabi in the long-run.

Being the leading strategic investment corporation in Abu Dhabi, it is currently active in around 13 sectors and above 30 countries across the globe, forming a lasting value for their shareholder, the Abu Dhabi government.

Their work involves the development of international industrial champions in sectors like diverse financial holdings management, renewable energies, utilities, metals & mining, semiconductors, ICT, and aerospace. Their investment approach emphasizes partnerships with best organizations and a commitment to high governance standards.

4. Global Investment House

It is a regional investment corporation, which has its headquarters in Kuwait providing the clients with integrated investment solutions in asset management, brokerage, and services of investment banking and complemented by good research abilities.

It plays an essential role in promoting investment opportunities within the MENA region to potential investors via expert financial engineering.  It offers the investors a wide scope of international and national investment options and facilitates those investment options by providing their clients with the services, which target their individual requirements and meet their expectations.

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5. Unicorn Investment Bank

This is an Islamic investment bank that was founded back in 2014. It is headquartered in Bahrain and has an international presence in Malaysia, the UAE, the US, and Turkey. From the time of its inception, it has achieved a tremendous amount of growth and received recognition in the industry for its vision and excellence.

The investment bank is pursuing its dream of being the top global provider of investment banking services and products that are Shariah-compliant. It has an integrated business model, which is built around 6 main business lines- treasury, strategic mergers & acquisitions, asset management, corporate finance, private equity, and capital markets.

The bank leverages its expertise and resources across all of these business lines for providing the clients with a wide range of investment solutions customized for meeting their particular needs.

6. Etjar Investments

It is amongst the top investment companies in Dubai that specialize in leasing & property management, residential sales, being a part of an industrial organization. It has a diverse presence in the above 20 countries on 4 continents. Having an extensively growing residential properties’ portfolio in major locations across Dubai, Etjar gets driven by its passion for becoming a key player in the UAE market by offering exceptional experiences via its customer-friendly services. 

7. Mubarak and Brothers Investments or MBI

MBI is one of the main investment companies in UAE with a focus on diverse industry sectors like engineering services, education, F&B, retail, and real estate. The company seeks to leverage the extensive industry-specific knowledge and expertise for developing and augmenting other organizations, which will contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE at large.

Founded in 2003, MBI is a famous corporate citizen embedded company. Its core principles include transparency, integrity, and emphasis on the interests and needs of the community that they target to serve. They have built a reputation in the last few years as the leaders in the retail and real estate industries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and have gained success in growing their business and cultivating more businesses under their umbrella.

8. Al Tamimi Investments or ATI

ATI is a diversified and dynamic holding company based in Dubai with a diverse investment portfolio of successful partnerships and businesses, which operate throughout the Arabian Gulf, the United States, and the wider Middle East area.

Their main focus is on maximizing every business opportunity, which is presented to them, and developing mutually beneficial partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies of the same mind, both in the Middle East as well as other countries in the world. They work with their partners for developing business relationships in the long run, using their professionalism, expertise, and network.

Being a social organization and an impact investment company, they offer a unique solution to the issues of sustainability. This implies that they place capital in the businesses and vehicles, which are designed for generating tangible impact socially and a financial return.

With the growth of investment over the years in the Emirates over the years, there are many alternatives to potential investors. When it comes to investment companies in UAE, the list is quite long. Here we have listed some of the top investment companies in the market in the Emirates.

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