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Formed in 1996 and chaired by H.E Sheikh Saif Bin Mohamed, Al Wathba Insurance provides an incredibly diverse range of insurance products for both individual and corporate customers. With over 20 years of experience, Al Wathba Insurance has time and again created a name in the UAE market, staying relevant and revered till date.

Al Wathba Insurance holds a base capital of AED 207 million. The company’s values are centred on professionalism and excellence, as seen across their insurance and reinsurance products.

Why Choose Al Wathba Insurance and Reinsurance Plans?

Al Wathba Insurance offers customers and corporations an extremely unique set of insurance plans, created after carefully assessing the needs of the UAE market. Some of the advantages that the Al Wathba National Insurance policy brings to the table are:

  • Experienced Management:
    20+ years of protecting financial security regarding health and assets of UAE residents have given the Al Wathba Insurance management team a deep understanding of how to best serve customers and to maintain excellent standards of service.
  • Innovation:
    Though Al Wathba National Insurance has a sturdy risk assessment team at hand, the company isn’t afraid to take risks and go the extra mile. Their innovation-driven strategies have helped them to be a prominent name in UAE’s insurance industry.
  • Active Participation:
    Al Wathba Insurance is not one to sit back and let the market dictate trends. It is known to intuitively grasp the needs of their customer base and pro-actively make changes to policies (if the need be).
  • Solid Backing:
    Individual customers and corporations are not the only entities to reap the benefits of insurance. Al Wathba National Insurance is backed by a host of reputed international reinsurers, enforcing the security and safety of the assets of customers.

Al Wathba National Insurance & Reinsurance Products

Individual Insurance

Corporate Insurance

Motor Insurance

Fire & General Accident

Home Insurance


Travel Insurance

Marine & Aviation

UAE Visit Insurance

Oil & Energy

Yacht Insurance

Motor Fleet

Jet Ski Insurance


(Updated as of Jan 2019)

Individual Al Wathba National Insurance Policies

The range of individual Al Wathba Insurance policies is targeted at customers who want to protect their personal assets. It includes but is not limited to motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance online policies and more. The individual insurance products are as follows:

  1. Motor Insurance:

Al Wathba Insurance offers a highly inclusive motor insurance policy, which is further divided into two categories: comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance

1. Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The comprehensive motor insurance plan covers:

  1. Damage to the customer’s vehicle
  2. Damage to vehicle accessories
  • Damage of Vehicle Parts:
  1. Accidents, collisions, and mechanical breakdowns
  2. Fire and lightning damage
  3. Theft of accessories or vehicle itself
  • Intentional damage by a third-party
  • Damage caused due to the transportation of the vehicle by railways, road, land, lift, etc.

The comprehensive motor insurance plan also includes all coverage offered by the third-party plan mentioned in the following section. The insurance buyers can opt for personal accident cover may also be purchased on an additional basis.

2. Third-Party Motor Insurance

  1. The third-party Al Wathba Insurance covers:
    1. Bodily injuries caused to a third-party
    2. Property damage of a third-party
  • Death of a third-party,

of the customer’s family members or spouse and of employees (if they are injured within working hours as a result of their duties)

  1. Home Insurance:

Losing one’s shelter is one of the worst tragedies ever. However, with the Al Wathba National Insurance in place, insurance buyers need not worry about anything. The plan covers all the unforeseen outcomes. The home insurance plan provides insurance coverage to house owners, landlords and tenants alike.

      3. Travel Insurance:

With the incredible advancements in transportation and technology, travel has become easier and widely more accessible than ever before. The travel plans offered by Al Wathba Insurance cover travellers all over the globe. From the moment the policyholder steps out of the house (or workplace) and right up till he/she has safely returned, it provides insurance coverage without any geographic restrictions. The travel policy of Al Wathba Insurance covers:

  • Emergency medical care and repatriation expenses
  • Repatriation of family
  • Repatriation of mortal remains of the insured (in case of death)
  • Dental care (in case of an emergency)
  • Escorts for dependents (such as for children)
  • Travel for one immediate member of the family
  • Emergency travel back home in event of the death of a close relative
  • Medicine deliveries
  • Urgent message couriers
  • Medical information services
  • Referral of a local medical specialist (and appointment bookings)
  • Advance on bail bonds
  • Misplaced credit cards
  • Delayed flight departures
  • Travel inconvenience compensation (for lost baggage)

4. UAE Visit Insurance

For customers who don’t want their visit to the beautiful nation of UAE to be affected by medical bills, Al Wathba National Insurance offers a reasonably priced and all-encompassing visit insurance policy. The UAE visit insurance plan can be availed by anyone with a visit visa. It provides insurance coverage at all the emirates of UAE. The policy provides insurance coverage from the time a traveller enters UAE and is valid till they leave the country or till their visit visa expires (whichever comes first). The UAE visit policy by Al Wathba Insurance covers:

  1. Sudden illness and injuries
  2. Emergency surgeries
  3. Travel and personal assistance
  4. Further in-patient or day care services such as:
    1. Private room accommodation
    2. Surgery and consultancy charges
  • Ambulance service
  1. Medicine expenses during hospitalization
  2. Physiotherapy and rehab during in-patient treatment
  3. Treatment for life-threatening emergencies
  • Repatriation of the mortal remains (in the case of death)

5. Yacht Insurance:

Bordered by wide open seas and dotted with pristine marinas, the UAE offers a host of luxury marine activities such as yachting. While the open seas offer a serene and relaxing getaway, it also exposes one to the wide variety of risks. Luckily, the Al Wathba Insurance Yacht insurance policy covers the policyholders against all such risks. The cover includes:

  • Navigable water risks
  • Fire
  • Piracy
  • Collision with docks and harbours
  • Explosions
  • Intentional damage by a third-party
  • Theft (of the whole yacht or of the outboard motors)
  • Developing defects in machinery
  • Death, personal injury and illness
  • Wreck removal

The insurance buyers can also opt for additional riders such as war risks, racing risks, water skiing cover.

6. Jet Ski Insurance:

Also known as personal watercraft insurance, jet ski insurance is similar to the motor insurance policy offered by Al Wathba National Insurance, in that it is also categorized into the comprehensive and third-party plan.

1. Third-Party Plan

  • This plan covers damage caused to a third-party or their property by the customer’s jet ski.

2. Comprehensive Plan

In addition to the third-party coverage, the comprehensive plan also offers protection against damage to the customer’s jet ski caused by fire, theft, accidents and natural disasters.

Corporate Al Wathba National Insurance Policies

As an entrepreneur and business owner, not only an individual is responsible for the profitability of the company, but also for the welfare of the employees and the company’s assets. Corporate insurance policies help mitigate the various risks that business faces on day-to-day operations. Al Wathba National Insurance offers corporate insurance policies for many different industries such as marine, aviation, oil and engineering industries. The corporate insurance plans offered by Al Wathba Insurance are mentioned below:

1. Fire & General Accident Policies:

The Al Wathba National Insurance fire & general accident policies are categorized in the following table.

Fire & General Accident Policies


Offered Coverage

Offered Services

Fire & Allied Perils

Movable and immovable property is covered under this Al Wathba Insurance policy. This includes the building, machinery, furniture, fixtures, plants, etc.

Lightning cover

Explosion & Implosion cover

Cover for articles dropped from an aircraft

Cover for impact damage by railways, road transport or animals

Riot and international damage cover

Landslide cover

Storm, cyclone and flood cover

Overflow, leaks and water pipe burst cover

Property Risks

Property in the premises described in the Al Wathba National Insurance plan is covered.

Fire cover

Lightning cover

Aircraft cover

Explosion & Implosion cover

Earthquake cover

Strike & riot damage cover

Malicious damage cover

Storm, cyclone and flood cover

Overflow, leaks and water pipe burst cover

Cover for impact damage by railways, road transport or animals

Theft cover

Accidental loss or damage cover

Group Personal Accident

Al Wathba Insurance group personal accident plan covers all employees under one policy for any bodily injuries caused by accident on and off duty. It covers to employees of the company anywhere across the globe.

Accidental death

Permanent total disability

Permanent partial disability

Temporary total disability

Medical expenses (AED 5,000 per person)

Repatriation expenses (AED 5,000 per person)

Business Interruption

To avail the benefits of this Al Wathba Insurance policy, the organization needs to opt for property risks and the fire & allied perils plans. The business interruption plan covers losses covered due to continued expenses of rent, employee salaries and overhead costs after a fire or after property damage.

Gross profit cover

Net profit cover

Annual turnover cover

Hotel Comprehensive

Al Wathba National Insurance Hotel Comprehensive plan provides cover for loss and damage to hotel property, loss of income and third party liability.

Loss and damage to guests' personal belongings

Loss of money

Employee infidelity cover

Forgery cover

Plates, glass & cutlery cover

Money Insurance

Al Wathba Insurance money insurance policy covers the loss of money in form of cash notes, cheques and stamps.


Exclusion- Theft by employees, money that is outside the safe, money stolen by using a key, negligence in bookkeeping and war scenarios.

For money in transit from the company to the bank or vice versa

For money stored in any safe in the office

For money out of the safe during working hours

For money in any safe at a bank

For money in a designated employee's care

Fidelity Guarantee

Developed specifically for employers with troublesome workers. This Al Wathba National Insurance policy protects the employer against fraud and embezzlement committed by employees.

Forgery cover

Embezzlement cover

Larceny cover

Fraudulent conversion cover

Bankers Blanket

Al Wathba Insurance bankers blanker policy protects the financial organization from property damage, employee infidelity and more.

Employee infidelity cover

Property damage cover (including fire cover)

In-transit property damage cover

Forgery cover

Securities cover (stocks, certificates, bonds, etc.)

Counterfeit currency cover

Office contents cover

Extensions such as ATM, Safe Deposit Box and Computer Crimes cover

Jewellers Block

 Al Wathba National Insurance Jewellers block plan protects the stock of jewel and gold merchants.

Loss and damage of stock cover

Furniture & fixture damage cover

Shop Keepers

Al Wathba Insurance shop keepers plan covers inventory of grocers, stationery shops, departmental and retail stores.

Fire & allied perils cover for building and contents

Loss of rent cover

Burglary cover

Money cover

Glass and neon signs cover

Employee infidelity cover

Worker's compensation cover

Third-party liability cover

Home Comprehensive

The Al Wathba Insurance home comprehensive plan covers the accommodations of employees. It can also be customized as per individual requirements.

Fire & allied perils cover for building and contents

Radio and television aerials cover

Rent and alternate accommodation cover

Public liability cover

Domestic staff liability cover

Liability - Workmen's Compensation


Al Wathba Insurance liability workmen’s compensation cover workers that get into accidents work-related duties.


On the job accident compensation cover

Extensions include medical expenses, repatriation and employer's liability covers.

Liability - Employer's Liability

Al Wathba Insurance employer’s liability insurance is available as an extension under the previous mentioned workmen's compensation. It protects the employer from claims of personal injury or even death.

Cover for the legal defence of claims

Limited to AED 200,000 per person on every accident, for a maximum amount of AED 1,000,000 in total.

Liability - Public Liability

Al Wathba National liability policy protects the business from liability due to negligent practices of the organization.

Cover for accidental death, bodily injury and disease caused to a third-party

Cover for loss of property and damage to property of the third-party

Cover for all civil and legal liabilities for the directors and officers of a company

Extensions include pollution and transportation risk covers

Liability - Medical Malpractice

Al Wathba National Insurance liability policy is catered for medical establishments and medical professionals. It covers liability for injuries caused due to negligence.

Bodily injury cover

Mental injury cover

Illness and disease cover

Cover for death due to negligence

(Updated as of Jan 2019)

2. Engineering Policies:

The following Al Wathba National Insurance policies were created for the engineering industry in UAE:

Engineering Industry Insurance Policies


Offered Coverage

Offered Services

Contractor's All Risks

Al Wathba Insurance contractor’s all risk policy protects all loss and damage for contract projects, for construction plants and any bodily injuries caused in the duration of the project.


 The contractor's all risks policy is further divided into a physical loss & damage plan and a third-party liability plan. Both the plans offer a maintenance cover during a defined maintenance period.

Physical Loss & Damage

Accidental damage

Fire & lightning cover

Water, flood, and storm damage cover

Breakdowns and explosions cover

Material casting defects cover

Riot and strike cover

Landslide, earthquake, volcano and cyclone cover

Third Party Liability

Cover for bodily injury to the third-party

Cover for property damage of the third-party

Cover for expenses incurred due to legal defense

Maintenance Cover

Cover for loss and damage during routine maintenance operations

Erection All Risks

Al Wathba Insurance erection all risks policy covers all the associated risks with erecting machinery and steel structures.


The plan is categorized into a physical loss & damage plan and a third-party liability plan. The policy also offers maintenance cover, for the duration of the maintenance period.

Physical Loss & Damage

Accidental damage

Fire & lightning cover

Water, flood, and storm damage cover

Breakdowns and explosions cover

Material casting defects cover

Riot and strike cover

Landslide, earthquake, volcano, and cyclone cover

Cover for damages due to aircraft impact

Collapse, collision and impact damage cover

Theft cover

Malicious damage cover

Third Party Liability

Cover for bodily injury to the third-party

Cover for property damage of the third-party

Cover for expenses incurred due to legal defense

Maintenance Cover

Cover for loss and damage during routine maintenance operations

Contractor's Plant and Machinery

Al Wathba National Insurance policy protects the contractor's plant and machinery. Examples of machinery include excavators, shovels, etc.

Electrical breakdown cover

Mechanical breakdown cover

Machinery Breakdown

Al Wathba Insurance's machinery breakdown policy covers the repair and replacement of machinery.

Repair and replacement cover

Material casting defects cover

Faulty design cover

Explosions cover

Machinery Loss of Profits

Machinery breakdowns can lead to an enormous loss in profits for the contractor. These business interruptions are covered under the machinery loss of profits Al Wathba Insurance policy.

Gross profit cover

Net profit cover

Standing charges cover

Annual turnover cover

Monetary excess cover

Time excess cover

Limit and period of indemnity cover

Electronic Equipment

The electronic equipment Al Wathba Insurance policy covers damage to electronic equipment, hardware and software alike.

Loss and damage cover for electronic equipment

Hardware cover

Data media centre cover

Information retrieval cover

Increased cost of working cover

Deterioration of Stock

This Al Wathba Insurance plan protects all items stored in cold storage. This includes food items, frozen meat products and frozen trade items.

Loss and damage cover for stock in cold storage

Boiler Insurance

Al Wathba National Insurance boiler insurance covers loss and damage to boilers, which may cause explosions and collapses.

Over-pressure cover

Safety valve failure cover

Defective materials cover

Poor workmanship cover

Faulty design cover

(Updated as of Jan 2019)

3. Marine & Aviation Policies

Both land and air vessels are high-cost investments that need to be covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. The Al Wathba National Insurance policies for the marine & aviation industry are listed below:

Marine & Aviation Insurance Policies


Offered Coverage

Offered Services

Marine Liabilities

Al Wathba Insurance marine liability policy covers all liability of the people employed on an aquatic vessel. This also extends to the ground crew.

Haulier's liability cover

Freight forwarder's liability cover

Marine operator's liability cover

Ship repairer's liability

Stevedore's and charter's liability cover

Hull & Machinery

Al Wathba Insurance hull and machinery policy covers the onboard machinery and vessel itself. The insured value of the hull is based on its market value, which further depends on factors such as the type of hull, the tonnage, classification of the vessel, etc.

Hull & machinery cover for a specified time period

Hull & machinery cover per voyage

Protection and indemnity clauses for hull


Al Wathba National Insurance aviation policy indemnifies all aircraft personnel and the aircraft (helicopter, aeroplanes, gliders, winged gadgets) from loss and damage.

Aircraft hull & liability cover for passengers

Aircraft hull & liability cover for the cargo

Aircraft hull & liability cover for third-party property

Cover for aircraft hull for war and allied perils

Aviation crew personal accident cover

(Updated as of Jan 2019)

4. Oil & Energy Policies:

Oil and energy policies offered by Al Wathba National Insurance protect equipment, employees and third-parties from unforeseen accidents and damage.

Marine & Aviation Insurance Policies


Offered Coverages

Offered Services

Offshore Construction Risks

Al Wathba Insurance offshore construction risks policy protects oil and energy industry organizations from loss and damage to contracted work. The policy offers a loss and damage cover and a third-party liability cover.

Loss & Damage cover:

Builder's risk cover

Cargo cover

Sue & labour cover

Wreck and debris removal cover

Existing property cover

Expediting expense cover

War cover

Third-party liability cover

Physical damage and loss cover to third-party and property

Onshore Construction Risks

Al Wathba Insurance onshore construction risks policy covers infrastructure projects for oil, gas power and other energy sectors.


The policy protects materials, equipment and designs. An additional maintenance cover can be opted.

Materials cover

Equipment and machinery cover

Temporary and permanent work cover

Faulty design and workmanship cover

Maintenance cover (conditional basis)

Operational Risks

Al Wathba Insurance operational risks policy covers the risks associated with operating an energy sector infrastructure such as oil rigs, fertilizer plants, etc.

Property damage cover

Business interruption losses cover

Machinery breakdown cover

(Updated as of Jan 2019)

5. Motor Fleet Insurance Policy:

The motor fleet insurance policy is a group policy offered by Al Wathba National Insurance. It covers the fleet of vehicles on which business operations rely upon. These may be in the form of private cars or heavy goods vehicles. The policy is offered in two types:

  • Comprehensive Policy -
    The comprehensive Al Wathba Insurance policy protects a motor fleet from loss and damage, fire and theft and from third party liability as well.
  • Third-Party Liability -
    Third-party liability covers the motor fleet from bodily injury caused to a third-party and from damage caused to a third-party’s property.

How to Apply?

After an insurance buyer has made a selection from the wide range of Al Wathba National Insurance plans, they can request a quote for the same. The insurance buyers are required to fill in a short, online form so that an Al Wathba Insurance agent may get in touch with them.

Quotes for the various Al Wathba National Insurance plans can be found online in a matter of a few seconds.

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