5 Tips to Teach your Teen Kids how to Drive Well

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Learning how to drive is a multi-step process that requires proper guidance support and skill. Well, most of might not remember how we learned to steer and shift gears but when it comes to teaching our teenage kids how to drive it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that they hit the streets safely and carefully.  

If your child is on the way to get his/her driver’s license it is obvious that they will be excited and why not? They are taking a new step towards becoming independent in life. In order to ensure that you and your child are safe behind the wheel, we’ve come up with a new blog where we will shed light on some of the most important tips and tricks that will help your child to become a proficient driver. Moreover, we will be emphasizing of safety measures and norms that will ensure that your child’s driving skills don’t turn rusty.  

The positioning of Driver’s Seat

At first, the position of driver’s seat might not appear to be a big deal but as far as basics are concerned this is the first thing to be kept in consideration. Most of the young drivers that are about to appear in the driving test are really anxious and nervous that they tend to ignore a comfortable position in the driving seat. As an instructor, it is your responsibility to teach your kid how to adjust the position of the seat and the steering wheel so that your child can comfortably use all the controls without bending or leaning. 

Some important things to be kept in consideration are as follows:

  • The perfect position of the steering wheel and the seat will be where one is able to stretch out their arms without pulling their shoulders away from the back seat of the vehicle. 
  • The steering wheel of the car should be in the correct grip at the edge of the driver’s wrist. 
  • The position of legs is also important, your kid should be able to place their foot on the brake pedal without getting their knees locked.  

Correct Placement of Hands

The most common and well-known position of hands is the nine and three o'clock position. Now, there are numerous benefits to this position of the hand on the steering wheel. Suppose you are turning to the left you can easily use your left hand to pull the steering wheel downwards instead of using your right hand to push upwards.  

To understand the benefit of this position it is vital to have an idea about the anatomy of the human arm. The group of muscles that are located in the forearm is smaller and much easier to control in comparison to bigger muscles in the upper arm that are complex. Relying on your biceps for steering control and navigation would not be correct as the group of muscles is designed to perform strenuous activities. Contrary to this, the muscles in the forearm are perfect for controlling and navigating the steering wheel.  

Seatbelt: Your Best Friend

The first thing while teaching your teen kid to drive is to buckle up every time, they’re behind the wheel or next to the wheel. The correct position of the horizontal belt is right over the hips, not over the belly. One of the major reasons to place the belt in the correct position is that it reduces the extent of damage that one might suffer in the event of a collision. Just like the horizontal belt the position of the diagonal belt is equally important, make sure it slung correctly over your body.  

Car Insurance: Your Companion

Your kid might not lay emphasis over a car insurance plan but it is important to get the right insurance plan to stay on the safer side of the law. In the UAE, it is important to get car insurance to avoid any hassle while driving. As an instructor and guardian, it is your responsibility to get the right insurance plan with accidental coverage before giving the car to your child. Before making any decision, it is vital to compare car insurance plans online/offline to get the best coverage at the best price in the UAE.  

Mirror Position

Modern-day vehicles are equipped with a plethora of technological tools that improve efficiency and safety, but nothing can be replaced by a cautious and aware driver. The position of rear-view and side-view mirrors are very important to stay protected against the various blind spots. Contrary to what a lot of us tend to do without realizing one should never look over their shoulder while driving to assess the blind spots. This is mainly due to the fact that your eyes follow your hands and in such a scenario you are subconsciously changing lanes.  

In a Nutshell

Slowly and gradually making your way through these small yet effective exercises never miss a chance to build a better a healthy bond with your child. Compliment their achievements and make sure their driving lessons are more than just lessons.

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