UAE's Safest Drivers Include Britons French and Australians

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
The residents in UAE from the United Kingdom, France, and Australia are said to be among the safest drivers in the entire Gulf country, according to a comparison site in the Middle East.

Using the statistics data of the no claims from the comparison platform, the results can reveal that the residents of UAE that are French are the safest drivers in the entire country, with the percentage of the French drivers that have made no claims standing at 94.4%. Whereas, the next in line are the drivers in UAE from the United Kingdom standing at 93.4% of Britons have a minimum of 1 year’s no claims on their best car insurance in Dubai.

Australians as well as Americans together form the third safest drivers residing in the UAE. Only about 6.9% of the drivers that are from these countries have made any sort of claims on their policy for the best car insurance in Dubai in one year.

On the opposite end of this scale, the analysis conducted by this comparison site reveals that the drivers residing in the UAE that are from the Philippines are the riskiest drivers to cover, with roughly about 13.1% of the Filipino drivers residing in UAE having made some sort of claim on their car insurance policies in one year. After them are the Egyptian drivers that are the second riskiest to cover, with about 11.9% of this country’s drivers having filed a claim.

The experts at the comparison site said that their site requires the users to key in their personal details, along with indicating whether or not they have filed a claim on their previous policy for the best car insurance in Dubai before they are offered with a variety of quotations to choose amongst. With their wide database of customers that have been served, they can make use of this data to identify any accurate trends of insurance among the various different demographics in the Gulf Country. For instance, their data reveals that the individuals that are aged between 25 years and 29 years are the riskiest age group to cover with roughly 11.9% of the individuals in this age bracket have filed a claim on their car insurance policy in one year. As it would have been expected, the individuals who are aged over 50 years are the safest drivers in UAE, with 91.6% of them at least having their record with one year of no claims.

The study by the comparison site also states that the individuals that own cars that are worth AED 400,000 to AED 500,000 are considered the safest drivers, with only 6.5% of them have made any claim on their insurance over the course of 12 months. Whereas, the drivers that are owners of cars worth AED 50,000 to AED 100,000 are the riskiest drivers to cover, with almost 11.3% of such drivers having filed claims over the course of a year.

Despite the history of the claims made, the analysis of the comparison site states that the UAE residents entirely prefer to pay for a better scope of coverage as to simply choose the comprehensive policy that is available at the cheapest cost to them. On the whole, almost 85% of the residents of the UAE do not opt for the cheapest available option.

The experts explained that what they have found is that, for the majority, the residents of UAE see value in enhanced protection beyond the scope of coverage that is offered by the most basic types of insurance policies. Out of the large number of policies that are sold monthly, only 15.3% of the people opt for the cheapest car insurance policy available.

The oldest drivers in the UAE are also among the most frugal in the country when it comes to spending money on the best car insurance in Dubai. Roughly about 18% of those that are aged above 50 years opt for the cheapest option for the car insurance policy, as opposed to 14.5% of those individuals that are aged between 30 years and 39 years.

The analyst at the comparison site stated that the reason behind this behavior of 50 years purchasing a cheaper option might be because they feel confident enough due to them as a demographic being the safest drivers in the country. Their data also suggests that those individuals that are aged between 30 and 39 years are willing to pay more for additional coverage. The reason behind this behavior may be that the individuals in these age groups might be insuring a premium car for the first time and wish to get the most out of their vehicle often. Due to this reason they find it sensible to opt for an insurance policy with enhanced protection.

If we talk about the most frugal nationalities, the Emiratis in the UAE top the list with about 28.1% of the UAE nationals opting for the policy that is least expensive. After the Emiratis come the Sudanese drivers with 25.4% of them choosing an inexpensive policy. The third place is secured by Egyptian drivers with about 21.5% opting for the most inexpensive car insurance policy.

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