How to Apply for a Golden Visa in the UAE


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Ever since its introduction in 2019, Golden Visa UAE has become quite popular. With this visa, you can have a long-term stay as a foreigner who wishes to work or study in the UAE. What’s more, you can enjoy several exclusive perks with the Golden Visa UAE unlike other types of visas.

While the involved procedure is fairly straightforward, we can get confused with respect to the Golden Visa UAE application process in terms of the documents required, steps to be followed, and more.

So if you are wondering how to get a Golden Visa UAE and wish to know about the Golden Visa UAE application process in detail, go through the article below.

What is a Golden Visa?

Golden Visa is a type of UAE residence visa that allows its holders to stay in the UAE for 5 to 10 years. Notably, once this period is over, you can apply for renewal as a holder of this visa.

The primary purpose of introducing the Golden Visa was to attract talented individuals to the UAE who can help boost the economy and its development. The UAE has provisions for a Golden Visa for nurses, scientists, skilled workforce, students, frontline workers, humanitarian workers, and so forth.

As you would expect, the eligibility criteria for the Golden Visa would depend on the category of applicants you belong to.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Golden Visa in UAE?

As stated before, the UAE Government has decided on different sets of eligibility criteria for different classes of people. For instance, the eligibility criteria for nurses are quite different from that of a student applying for a Golden Visa.

While a nurse would have to obtain a licence issued by the UAE health regulatory body to apply for a Golden Visa, a student may have to furnish a set of documents proving their academic excellence, admission in the world’s top 100 universities (as per UAE Government), and more.

Thus, before initiating the Golden Visa UAE application process, you must check the eligibility criteria as per the applicant category that you belong to.

What are the Documents Required to apply for a Golden Visa?

Similar to the eligibility criteria, different sets of the required documents are there for different categories for the Golden Visa application. Keep in mind that if you belong to a category where you would require proof of exceptional talent, you must produce the signature of Government officials of your home country testifying the same.

Some of the general documents required for the UAE Golden Visa are as follows –

  • A copy of a valid passport and entry visa

  • Passport-size photos

  • Educational certificates

  • Medical test reports certifying that you don’t have any serious health ailments

  • Bank statements for the last six months

  • Salary certificate (not applicable for students)

  • Equivalency Certificate

Listed below are the documents required as per the specific category of the applicant –



  • Approval of an officially recognised business start-up center in the country

  • Health Insurance Documents


  • Appreciation Certificate or any other certificate proving exceptional talent

  • Education certificates supporting exceptional performance

How to Apply for a Golden Visa UAE?

Once you have all your documents, you can start the Golden Visa UAE application process. Depending on your preferences, you can complete the process online as well as offline.

Here are the steps to be followed in each case –


  • Visit the official website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA) and select the Golden Visa option

  • Use your GDRFA login credentials. Alternatively, you can use the details of your UAE pass to enter the application section.

  • Fill in the current details of your stay in the UAE. These details can include your existing visa number, UID number, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and more.

  • Attach digital copies of all the documents and a copy of your Emirates ID

  • Following this, you will reach the payments portal, where you need to make the payment for your Golden Visa application


  • You can visit the Amer Centre in Dubai if you want to apply for a Golden Visa offline

  • Submit all the documents and fill in the offline form for the process

  • Pay the fees and wait for the processing

Once you follow all the steps, you will receive an SMS notifying you about the missing documents (if any) that you can submit in the next 30 days. After the approval of your application, you will again be notified.

Key Takeaways

With a Golden Visa UAE, you can have a long stay in the UAE and avail of numerous benefits if you are an exceptional talent, scientist, doctor, investor, or any of the categories listed by the Government.

Even if the Golden Visa UAE application process appears daunting, remember that this is certainly not the case. You would simply need to follow a step-by-step approach and be aware of the eligibility criteria and documents as per your category.

Keep in mind that you must strictly follow the UAE government guidelines while applying for a Golden Visa. Failing to submit the documents within the stipulated time frame or providing incorrect details can lead to hassles or even the rejection of your application.

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