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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Is car insurance a daunting task on your to-do list? What about all the technical terms that you have to consider? It’s not only you who is confused or unsure about insurance, there are plenty of others too.

So, to make the entire procedure of buying a new policy less confusing and terrifying, we’ve tried to answer the top 5 common car insurance questions.

Let’s proceed:

How can you Save Money with a ‘No Claims’ Certificate?

By acquiring a No Claims certificate, you can avail a discount of up to 15 percent off your car insurance policy. If you have a clean UAE driving history (i.e. you have not made any claims for insurance), then you have a better chance of getting a bigger discount. If you have a clean driving experience of 3-5 years, then you can claim an add-on discount of 10 percent. The bonus/certificate is transferrable too. In order to benefit from the discounts, it is not necessary to stick with the same insurance company. Being a safe and sound driver really pays!

Is your Car Insurance Covering Flood Damage and Natural Disaster in the UAE?

Different insurance companies offer different coverage against various damages or losses. Many insurance providers will cover you against natural disasters, but not if you’re driving your car during or after the disasters. Thus, it is imperative for you to read and understand all the minute details printed on the documents of your car insurance. You must also get in touch with your insurance provider to enquire about any uncertainties that you may have. This is a way to be doubly sure about your insurance policy.

Is your Car Insurance Policy Affected by Geographical Territory?

No, within the territory of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the price of your car insurance premium will not change depending on your geographical base. However, the insurance premium is affected by the place where you get your car registered. For instance, the insurance premium will differ if the car has been registered in Abu Dhabi versus the premium of a car registered in Dubai or any other Emirates, even if it is for the same car and driver. This is another reason why it’s crucial to always compare the insurance quotes of different insurers, to ensure that you get the policy at its best price.

What is the Ideal Age to Get Insurance for your Car?

If an individual wants to acquire a driving license in the UAE, he must first attain the age of 18 years. Many insurance providers will not offer policies to anyone who has not attained the age of 25 years. Furthermore, not many insurers offer insurance to individuals below the age of 25 years. However, even when they do, such policies have a higher premium than others.

What’s the Process for Insurance Claim in Case of an Accident?

When filing a claim, you are required to make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you. We have enlisted these below.

  1. Original copy of the police report
  2. Copy of your driver’s license
  3. Copy of your car’s registration card

Once your paperwork has been sorted, you are required to call your insurer so that they can inform you of the step-by-step process of making a claim. You’ll get to know about the contact details such as telephone number on front of the insurance card.

What are the Important Things that you Must Keep in mind while Buying Car Insurance Policy?

It is imperative that your policy covers everything you require it to, so you must read all the documents carefully to check whether the features that are important to you are included. Ensure that you compare and choose the best policy for yourself at the best and the most affordable price. Similarly, the most cost-effective policy might not provide you with the best cover for your needs and requirements. Hence, always compare both the coverage offered and the price of the policy.

Over to You!

Making the right decision when it comes to buying car insurance in uae can have a great impact on your annual savings. With many insurance providers offering different coverage options and premium costs, finding the best-suited policy for your needs and those of your car's is often a difficult task. But, if it is done right, then it can save you some money for sure.

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