The Coronavirus Pandemic - Facts over Myths

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The COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the most dreadful health crisis battled by humanity in recent years. This pandemic has been a result of a new kind of virus species, which was unknown to scientists until only a few months ago.

While the world has been fighting against this virus, there is another parallel war going on with the myths about this virus. It is essential to refrain from believing in any magical cures or conspiracy theories about coronavirus. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the most common myths about this virus and the actual fact in their regard. 

Myth 1: Your pets at home would spread coronavirus

Fact: Until now, there is no such proof that confirms the spread of coronavirus from your pets like your cat or dog, or any other domestic animal. However, just as a precaution, whenever you touch your pet, wash your hands with soap and water. 

Myth 2: The medicine for pneumonia will also protect you from coronavirus

Fact: No, taking medicine against pneumonia will not protect you from coronavirus. In fact, at this time, there is no vaccine discovered for fighting the novel coronavirus. However, scientists all over the world are doing their best to discover one. Until then, it is recommended to take medicines against respiratory disease. 

Myth 3: Rinsing your nose with saline will protect the virus from attacking your body

Fact: Until now, there have been no such reports, which state that rinsing your nose with saline will keep you protected from the novel coronavirus. But generally, it is a health tip for protecting yourself and fighting common flu or cold. Also, you should know that it does not protect you from any respiratory infections. 

Myth 4: Gargling with a mouthwash will protect you from coronavirus

Fact: No, gargling mouthwash will not work as a medicine against coronavirus. Generally, using mouthwash is an ideal practice when it comes to your dental hygiene because it removes specific microbes for a certain time; however, that does not imply that it will keep you protected from COVID-19. 

Myth 5: Eating garlic will fight this viral infection

Fact: There is no evidence, which states that consuming garlic will protect you from getting infected with the new coronavirus. However, this is a fact that eating garlic is a healthy practice because it has antimicrobial properties that are good for your body. 

Myth 6: Usage of sesame oil blocks this virus from entering the human body

Fact: Using this oil will not help you in blocking the infection from entering your body. There is some disinfectant chemical that can kill the virus over the surface. 

Myth 7: Elderly people are the only ones impacted by the coronavirus

Fact: There are many people who state that coronavirus affects only elderly people. However, the truth is that it affects people of all age groups alike. It’s just that elderly people or those with a pre-existing condition are more sensitive towards the virus. Hence, it is essential to remain hygienic at all times. 

Myth 8: Eating antibiotics will protect you from COVID-19

Fact: No, antibiotics do not cure COVID-19. You should know that it is a virus and antibiotics work on bacterial infections. However, some medical experts are using antibiotics as aids to control the situation in some affected patience, but they are not a cure for coronavirus. 

Myth 9: There are medicines in the market that cure coronavirus

Fact: There aren’t any medicines available in the market, which cure the novel coronavirus. Researchers throughout the world have been trying very hard to find a vaccine. 

Myth 10: Holding your breath for ten seconds is a test for coronavirus

Fact: The fact is that a person who is affected with coronavirus is capable of holding his or her breath for more than 10 seconds. However, older people might not be able to do this task, but this in no way means that those senior citizens are infected. This does not qualify as a test for COVID and hence, is a myth. 

How are health insurance plans helpful?

Medical insurance offers you coverage from any health-related emergencies that can lead to huge expenses. Hence, it is advised that you buy comprehensive coronavirus health insurance in uae.

If you have a health plan that is not disease-specific, then you will be covered for in-patient and out-patient expenses, regardless of the illness you get diagnosed with.

This virus is an infection and holding a suitable health insurance plan will keep you covered from the first day itself if you get infected with the coronavirus.

Besides, this virus is not a part of the pre-existing illness category. Therefore, having a health insurance plan will offer you a cover for all the costs incurred on the treatment of this plan.

For instance, for those who get infected with coronavirus, having health insurance plans will cover the financial expenses and they do not need to worry about it. 

To Sum Up!

There are many people who are working day and night to handle this pandemic as quickly as possible. Your responsibility is to stay aware and do not trust any rumours and myths that are being spread through informal channels such as social media. Always cross-check the information from recognized government websites before believing anything. This is the time for coming out in solidarity rather than sticking to stigmas. It is time to dwell on facts instead of fears and believing in science instead of myths.

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