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AED 1 million life cover starting @50/month
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Established in 1974, RAK Insurance has grown significantly over time, offering competitive and innovative insurance products to individuals and businesses. Today, the company stands tall with a paid-up capital of AED 121 million and a Standard Poor’s rating of BBB+ with a stable outlook. Being one of the oldest insurance providers in the UAE, RAK Insurance has established trust and reliability amongst its customers.

RAK Insurance offers a wide range of products such as motor, home, medical and travel insurance. It has a dedicated team of experts to assist in an easy application and claim settlement process for the customers’ ease. Among its various products, RAK Insurance life insurance (Everest Pro) is a distinctive policy that offers comprehensive life coverage to the policyholders in case of an unprecedented event of death or illness including critical illness cover. Being an endowment plan, the insurance policy also offers guaranteed survival benefits upon maturity. 

Life Insurance Plan by RAK Insurance in UAE

RAK Insurance offers Everest Pro, a type of term insurance that not only provides death benefits to beneficiaries of policyholders during his/her untimely death but also pays the accrued amount after maturity as survival benefits. 

RAK Insurance Everest Pro is a single premium endowment plan with flexible tenure of 3 to 7 years. Individuals can choose tenure according to their financial needs and can also pay the premium as a lump sum, monthly or yearly installments. Additionally, the lump sum payment at maturity or as death benefit may be higher due to the positive performance of the capital market index. 

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Note - The minimum guaranteed amount safeguards your payment, unlike directly investing in the stocks. The minimum amount will be paid no matter how the market is performing. 

Features & Benefits of RAK Insurance Life Insurance in UAE

Everest Pro-Life insurance plan offers both death benefits and guaranteed survival benefits at maturity. It also offers flexible payment and tenure options for customers’ convenience. Following are the key features and benefits of RAK Life Insurance in the UAE. 

  • Guaranteed Death Benefits - The beneficiaries of the policyholder receive a guaranteed death benefit in case of his/her untimely death. The death benefits vary according to the premium and the tenure of the plan. Individuals can select their plan according to their security needs. 
  • Guaranteed Survival Benefits - Individuals with Everest Pro-Life Insurance receive guaranteed survival benefits in case the insurance policy matures. The amount depends on the market index and can rise or fall accordingly. However, individuals will receive the minimum guaranteed amount no matter how the market performs. 
  • Flexible Premium Payments - The policyholder is free to pay the premium in lump-sum (full payment at once) or monthly or annual installments. 
  • Flexible Insurance Tenure - RAK Insurance provides flexible tenure of 3, 5, and 7 years, and the customer can choose their policy term as per their requirements. 
  • Available for RAKBANK Customers Only - RAK Insurance Everest Pro-Life insurance is available exclusively for the existing RAKBANK customers and for a limited period of subscription. 
  • Generate Wealth - The policy provides wealth generation opportunities through market investments and can offer higher returns depending on the market index. The RAK Insurance Life Insurance plan in UAE has been developed by Munich Re, especially for RAKINSURANCE use. 
  • Higher Returns - The policyholders can receive a higher amount/payout than guaranteed returns if the performance of the capital market index is positive. Hence, it’s an effective tool for wealth generation if you have some saving goals. 
  • Lock-in Feature against Market Fall - The policy offers the ‘Highest NAV’ option which augments the lump sum payment at maturity on the basis of the highest semi-annual performance of the risk-controlled index. Its lock-in feature offers protection from the market fall.

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Eligibility Criteria for RAK Insurance Life Insurance Plan in UAE

Individuals need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria to buy the insurance plan. Following are the general eligibility criteria for RAK Insurance life insurance. 

  • Applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old. 
  • The applicant must be a RAKBANK account holder. 
  • UAE resident or national.

Documents Required to buy RAK Insurance Life Insurance Plan in UAE 

Individuals willing to buy a life insurance plan from RAK Insurance will have to furnish identity and address proof. The bank may ask for additional documents during insurance purchase. Following is the list of documents required to buy the RAK insurance plan. 

  • A copy of a valid passport and original for validation.
  • Emirates ID for UAE residents and nationals. 

How to buy RAK Insurance Life Insurance in UAE?

RAK Insurance provides convenient options to buy insurance plans. Individuals simply need to visit the official website or contact customer support. They can opt for any of the below-mentioned ways to buy RAK Insurance life insurance.

  • Through Online Mode - Individuals need to visit the official website and select the insurance plan. Later, they need to fill in the personal details and the support team will subsequently contact them for further process. 
  • Through Offline Mode - Individuals need to visit the nearest RAK insurance branch with prerequisite documents to buy the plan at their ease. 
  • Via Phone - Individuals can contact the RAK Insurance support team and ask for the insurance quote. The team will discuss in detail the application process. 

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Why Choose RAK Insurance Life Insurance Plan in UAE?

RAK life insurance plan provides numerous features and benefits that suit the customer’s security needs. RAK Life insurance provides both protection and acts as a saving plan, resulting in wealth generation with both death benefits and survival benefits. In addition, the policyholder also has the opportunity to receive higher returns than the guaranteed benefits depending on the positive performance of the market index. All these features make it a perfect choice for the individual to go for the insurance plan. 

Claim Process for RAK Insurance Life Insurance Plan

RAK life insurance is developed by Munich Re and requires its approval during the claim process. Munich Re, in collaboration with RAK insurance, has made the claim process convenient. An individual needs to follow the below-mentioned steps to file a claim. 

  • A complete claim form with the signature of the beneficiary. 
  • A complete physician’s statement, signed and stamped by the last physician who attended the deceased. 
  • An original death certificate 
  • Police and forensic report in case of death caused due to an accident. 
  • Beneficiaries’ complete address and telephone details.
  • Passport or Emirates ID of the deceased and the beneficiary.

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In case of any queries, individuals can reach out to the support team anytime and from anywhere. Following are the contact details of the RAK Insurance customer support team. 


Contact Details

Within UAE

800 7254 (RAKI)

Outside UAE

+971 722 73000



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FAQ's on RAK Insurance Life Insurance

What is the tenure of the RAK Insurance life insurance policy?

RAK Insurance life insurance is an endowment plan that offers flexible tenure of 3, 5 and 7 years. Individuals can choose the term according to their financial planning.

Can I pay my RAK life insurance plan premium in instalments?

Yes, the insurance provider offers flexibility for premium payments and policyholders can pay the premium in a lump sum or in monthly or annual installments.

Will I get survival benefits in the RAK Insurance life insurance plan?

Yes, the policyholder is entitled to receive guaranteed and predefined survival benefits after maturity. The survival benefit can be more than the predefined amount if the performance of the market index is positive.   

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