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Mashreq, one of the oldest privately-owned financial solutions providers in the UAE, was established in 1967 as the Bank of Oman. The bank is widely acclaimed for offering a variety of banking products and services including bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, money transfers, loans, mortgages, deposits, and investment plans in UAE
Mashreq has a subsidiary popularly known as the Mashreq Al Islami Finance Company. The subsidiary especially deals with Sharia-compliant products in the bank’s Islamic Banking Division, offering the best-in-class investment products and services for corporate customers.
In this article, we have covered the popular Mashreq Bank investment plans that you can consider investing in to grow your savings as per the duration of your choice.

Types of Mashreq Bank Investment Plans

If you want to grow your savings quickly, here are a few major Mashreq Bank investment plans that you can consider applying for.

Islamic Certificates of Deposits

Mashreq Islamic Certificates of Deposits are generally known as Islamic Absolute Murabaha Investments. Some of the key features and benefits of these Mashreq Bank investment plans are described below.

  • Maturity Benefit
  • Flexible Tenure
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Guaranteed Returns

Maturity Benefit: With a vast range of Mashreq Bank Islamic Certificates of Deposits, you can get a 100 per cent principal amount at the time of maturity. The deposited funds are invested based on Islamic principles and help you earn from your savings.

Flexible Tenure: These Mashreq Bank investment plans offer one to ten years of flexible tenure, allowing you to choose your preferred term based on your financial preferences. 

Multiple Currencies: Mashreq Bank investment funds to be invested in this plan can be denominated in multiple currencies like GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and all the ones used in the GCC. 

Guaranteed Returns: Mashreq Bank investment plans offer guaranteed returns on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Moreover, several Mashreq Islamic Certificates of Deposits offer returns at the time of maturity as well.

Structure: Mashreq Bank investment funds are invested in Mashreq Islamic Certificates of Deposits based on a Reverse Commodity Murabaha structure.

Structured Products

Mashreq Bank also offers Sharia-Compliant structured products to help its customers invest their funds with great ease. Keep reading to go through the benefits and features of the Mashreq Bank Structured Products.

Amount of Risk: With these types of Mashreq Bank investment plans, you can invest your funds if you have a low-risk appetite. The plans include a wide range of Capital Protected Products that protect your investment funds, all while helping you get more profits.

Flexible Terms: Due to a variety of Mashreq Bank structured products, you can invest your funds while choosing the term of your choice. The bank offers both long and short-term investment options in this category.

Sharia-Compliant: Mashreq Structured Investment products offer Sharia-compliant investment options to customers through an Investment Product Suite.

Return on Investment: These capital-protected Mashreq Bank investment plans offer a return on investment as per the performance of the chosen index or benchmark.

A Wide Range of Benchmarks: You will find plenty of Mashreq Bank structured products that include a broad range of benchmarks like base metals, natural resources, agricultural products, precious metals, currency pairs, equity indexes, and more.

Fixed Income

Mashreq fixed-income solutions offer suitable investment options for people across different income levels. Here are the major features and benefits to help you better understand the Mashreq Bank investment plans falling in this category.

Specific Target Audience: These Mashreq Bank investment plans are fit for people investing their funds with an expectation of earning a predictable income with lower volatility. 

Sharia-Compliant: As Mashreq fixed income solutions are Sharia-compliant, they are managed as per Islamic laws and principles.

Fixed Income: Mashreq Bank fixed income securities offer fixed income to investors depending upon the performance of the chosen investment option and the term of maturity. 

Multiple Currencies: As Mashreq fixed income securities investment plans are available in multiple currencies, they can meet the expectations of investors coming from different locations.

Range of Maturities: Mashreq Bank investment plans offer several maturities and yields to meet the investors’ objectives.

Mutual Funds

Mashreq Bank is recognised across the UAE for offering some of the best Sharia-compliant mutual funds across the country. With the Mashreq Asset Management System, founded in 2004, you can try investing your funds in some of the best-performing mutual funds. 

Find below the features and benefits of these Mashreq Bank investment plans.

Investment Expertise: Mashreq Bank mutual funds offer fixed-income investment plans with expertise in retail and institutional solutions. The bank's investment philosophy depends upon a disciplined approach to risk-taking. 

Investment Analysts: Mashreq Bank investment plans are managed by a dedicated team of expert professionals who actively analyse the companies' performance in the investment industry. 

Wealth of Experience: With years of experience in serving customers, Mashreq Bank has a wealth of experience in the investment universe. Such magnitude of expertise reduces the risk for people investing in the Mashreq Bank investment plans.

Sharia-Compliant: Mashreq Bank offers Sharia-compliant mutual funds investment options that follow Islamic laws and principles while enabling investors to earn more and more profits.

Guaranteed Returns: The bank’s expert team ensures accountability of the Mashreq Bank investment funds in the form of guaranteed returns for the users. 

Foreign Exchange

Mashreq Bank also provides foreign exchange solutions that cover all the globally major currencies. These investment plans offer attractive foreign exchange rates with worldwide coverage for investments. 

Here are the factors setting apart Mashreq bank investment plans from most of the other market plans.

Competitive Pricing: Mashreq Bank foreign exchange desk provides a vast range of competitive pricing investment plans. 

Currency Conversions: With Mashreq Bank foreign exchange investment plans, you can enjoy both forward and spot currency conversions.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Mashreq Bank investment plans allow access to a variety of tailor-made solutions fulfilling your investment purposes. This feature allows you to select a suitable investment plan based on your financial preferences.

Systematic Investment Plans

With Mashreq Bank Systematic Investment Plans, you can promptly accumulate wealth by simply investing a fixed amount at specific time intervals. 

Frequent Contribution: With these types of Mashreq Bank investment plans, you need to invest a fixed amount over a certain period based on your chosen plan schedule.  

Simple Investment Strategy: Mashreq Bank Systematic Investment Plans offer simple strategies to help investors understand the plans better and select the one fitting their financial requirements with great ease.

Long Term Investments: To help you grow your funds and secure a better financial future, Mashreq Bank Systematic Investment Plans make for an excellent choice as they are mainly available in the long-term investments category. 

Reduced Average Cost: You can avail of a reduced average cost with these Mashreq Bank investment plans compared to other available investment options.

Flexibility: Mashreq Bank investment plans offer the flexibility of terms, allowing you to choose the one that best fits from various options.

Mashreq Securities

Founded in 2000, Mashreq Securities is a subsidiary of Mashreq Bank that deals as a broker in the UAE stock markets. The plans represent emerging markets that outperformed their regional competitors last year due to increased activity and enhanced investor sentiment.

  • Competitive Commission Rates: Mashreq Securities offer access to an advanced online investment platform at attractive commission rates. 
  • Personalised Service Managers: With these Mashreq Bank investment plans, you can choose to invest your funds in the best available services through personalised managers and support. 
  • Innovative Products and Services: Mashreq Bank is one of the best brokerage service providers that offer a wide range of innovative products and services, matching the industry standards when dealing in location-based stockbroking.

Equity Products

Mashreq Bank offers two types of equity products that you can choose from as per your financial preferences.

  • Tracker Note: Tracker Note is a Mashreq Bank product that helps you gain exposure to select Sharia-compliant stocks based on specific themes. Moreover, the tracker creates notes on some unique and exciting international thematic investment opportunities that enhance your understanding of the stock market. 
  • Equity Margin: With equity margin products, Mashreq Bank offers investment opportunities in the top twenty active stocks that perform well and get updated regularly.

Why Choose Mashreq Investment Plans?

Here are a few major reasons why you should choose Mashreq Bank investment plans to invest your funds.

  • Fixed Income: Mashreq Bank investment plans offer fixed income to investors, which preserves their funds for better returns. 
  • Flexible Terms: With Mashreq Bank investment plans, you can choose flexible contribution terms based on your financial preferences.
  • Structured Solutions: Mashreq Bank provides easy-to-understand well-structured investment plans that require a fixed amount to be contributed after a specific duration as per the schedule.
  • Variety of Plans: Flexible terms and attractive profit rates are assured with Mashreq Bank investment plans.
  • Competitive Profit Rates: With Mashreq Bank investment plans, you can get competitive commission or profit rates as per the type of plan selected.
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How to Apply for a Mashreq Investment Plan?

You can opt for any of the following methods to apply for your chosen Mashreq Bank investment plan with great ease.

  1. Online Banking: Mashreq Bank provides easy access to an online banking portal to help customers view their financial details. You can log in to this portal if you are an existing Mashreq bank customer and apply for your chosen Mashreq Bank investment plan. You can use your unique banking credentials to log in to this portal, go to the investments section, and fill out the application form to begin the process.
  2. Mobile Banking: The bank’s mobile banking app is another online method through which you can apply for your preferred Mashreq Bank investment plan. The same credentials that you use to log in to the online banking portal can be used to log in to the mobile app. Once logged in, you can go to the investments section and fill out the application form with your basic details. You might be required to provide the required documents with both online banking and mobile banking methods to support the information provided. 
  3. Help and Support Team: If you prefer to speak to one of the banking representatives and apply for your chosen investment plan in person, you can contact the Mashreq help and support team by dialling +971 44 24 4411. However, you need to contact the team within their business hours, i.e., 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM, from Monday to Friday.
  4. Bank’s Website: You can always visit the bank’s website and fill out the inquiry form to show your interest in one of the Mashreq Bank investment plans. This way, you can have the customer care team contact you and help you learn more about the suitable investment options. And if you find any plan adequate for your requirements, you can apply for that on the same call itself.
  5. Bank’s Branch: You can also go offline way by visiting one of the nearest branches to apply for your desired Mashreq Bank investment plan. The process here is almost the same as the online mode. Simply fill out the application form and provide the required documents to start with the application process. 

Key Takeaways

  • Perform thorough research and explore all the available investment options before applying for one of your choices.
  • Make sure you go through the entire schedule of fees and charges to avoid any hidden ones.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of your chosen investment plan to understand it better.
  • Don’t hesitate, and ask as many questions as possible to know how your chosen investment plan works.
  • Keep your investment goals clear and focus on both growing and protecting your funds.
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