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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
While you purchase a car, you may think that your auto insurance premium budget will be relative to the cost of your car. However, the cost of the car is not always a reliable indicator of the price of car insurance. The best option to find affordable insurance for your beloved vehicle is by using your insurance credit rating and personal information for getting a suitable price. You need to exercise car insurance compare UAE for selecting the most suitable one for your vehicle.

Do Regular Less Expensive Cars Cost Less in Terms of Insurance?

If you have been successful in purchasing an affordable car, it doesn’t always mean you will find affordable insurance too. Cheaper cars do not always mean you will get cheap car insurance. However, they might indicate the profile of the driver of the luxury cars.

What Conditions Make a Few Expensive Cars Have Better Pricing on Insurance?

Before jumping to the differences in the profiles of drivers for different cars, there is one important thing to understand. While the cars come with more safety features comparatively, they might be costlier to purchase, but less costly to insure. If a vehicle is using some technology for avoiding accident or preventing the damage it might be an expensive model of that vehicle. In this case, the insurance can be less as this model would probably cost less to the insurance provider for claims payment as compared to a cheaper car model that comes with fewer safety features. This comes with an assumption that all the factors such as driving history, location, age, and more, remain the same.

What is the Information on Your Car That Defines Your Insurance Cost?

Auto insurance providers collect data on your car for determining the amount you need to pay for your car insurance. The following information regarding the vehicle is considered by the insurance provider.


Your vehicle’s year affects your rate of insurance. The cars that are newer may get new car discounts based on the auto insurance provider.


The car company that has manufactured your car may also affect the price of your auto insurance. Many times the make indicates the value of a car. Usually, a foreign car is more expensive to insure as the parts could be more difficult to find and not many repair shops would work on them.


SE, GT, SEL are all separate versions of one model of a car. Typically, the fancier your car is, the costlier it is to insure. The basic four-door model is usually the cheapest option not just for purchasing the car but also for purchasing car insurance.

Car Safety Features

The insurance providers are said to be in love with airbags. They really help in protecting the driver as well as the passengers. Coverage for only personal liability and property damage on an old car that has no airbags could prove to be more expensive as compared to a personal liability and property damage coverage on a car having dual airbags. Medical expenses on a car are in correspondence to the complete safety of the car.

Car Alarm

The companies that provide car alarms wish to make it look as though the cost of the alarm will be covered by the savings on your auto insurance. However, this is not the case. Nearly all car insurance providers offer a discount on an alarm when you choose comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance covers stolen vehicles, hence the alarm discount is applied only to the comprehensive coverage cost. The savings are usually minimal, however, it depends on your location & the cost of your car. Even the little details help in case of insurance cost.

Coverage Bought

It is quite obvious that the more coverage you wish for, the more will be the cost of your insurance. You should determine what is the coverage you want and what is the coverage that is important and required.

Number of Cars Being Insured

Buying insurance for more than one car in your insurance policy along with liability cover would help you avail the multi-vehicle discount. This discount is applicable to every vehicle, however, it will not increase on adding even more cars to the insurance policy.

Does your Personal Information Impact the Insurance Cost?

Based on the information source, and the process of calculating the data, there can be a lot of variations in which the vehicles make various lists. Hence, these lists must be considered as indicators. However, pricing cars with the help of your personal information may provide you with the best estimates.

Do Different Price Lists of Insurance Use Separate Criteria?

Your selection of insurance company, your personal data, and even your location may impact the price of insurance. Let’s assume that a 19 years’ old would probably not be driving a Range Rover 4D 4WD Sport as a primary driver on the roads of UAE. Someone having age discounts, strong credit scores, professional discounts, and possibly better driving experience might probably be driving it. That’s because it is not the type of car a lot of people can get as their 1st car, or while they are still students. However, in the case of Kia or Nissan, there would likely be more variations in the driver profiles, hence putting both the vehicles in the same range of price of insurance for this part.

The cost of insurance on these 2 cars may not be the same for you at all, even when they could be in the same range of price of insurance. So, different price lists of insurance use separate criterion.

What is the Best Way of Looking for the Most Expensive Vehicle to Insure?

Here is the best way of finding out which are the most expensive or the least expensive cars to insure for you.

  1. Making your own wish list of vehicles.
  2. Getting a quote while keeping all the personal information the same.
  3. Switching up the models of the car and comparing.

You should repeat this with various insurance providers as one provider might prove to be more suitable for your profile as compared to the other, and they would provide you with a better price for the insurance. Doing car insurance compare UAE is always wise and helpful.

The Parting Words

With the help of the above-mentioned details, you can get an actual picture of the expected cost of insurance. This is the best manner of working on the budget of your car insurance without ending up getting unexpected surprises, or shocks for that matter.  

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