How does Life Insurance in the UAE Work When You Die?

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The situations change during different stages of life, and so does the security requirement. To secure ourselves and our possessions, we get numerous insurance options in the UAE. Among those, life insurance is an important investment to deal with uncertain situations. It ensures that the policyholder’s family is taken care of if he/she dies untimely or falls critically ill. 

In an insurance contract, the insurer provides security to the policyholder in exchange for a premium. The policyholder can pay this premium in installments or a lump sum depending on the company and the insurance plan. 

It is a known fact that we remain insured until we pay the premium but what happens when the policyholder dies during the tenure of insurance, and how exactly does the insurance work when you die in the UAE. The following article details the functioning of the life insurance plan before and after the policyholder’s death. 

How does Life Insurance Work in the UAE?

Life insurance is a contract that offers security against a future mishap that can potentially create a sudden financial requirement to tackle the situation. In such cases, a life insurance plan ensures that you have adequate money to deal with emergencies. Depending on the protection requirements, the insurance plans offer comprehensive and customised security. 

In an event resulting in the policyholder’s death, the beneficiaries or the family members can raise an insurance claim to get financial assistance. The insurance benefits assure the nominees against financial hardships that may arise due to the loss of the sole breadwinner. Additionally, the nominees may choose a lump sum payout or opt for installment payment, depending on their requirements. 

Before getting their claim settled, the family members need to file a claim along with all the supporting documents in the specified time. The insurance company verifies the details and then pays the insurance benefits. 

The death benefits, thus obtained, can be used to pay the mortgage, education expenses, loans and help in maintaining the lifestyle.

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What Happens to the Life Insurance After the Policyholder’s Death?

What happens to your life insurance policy after your death depends on the type of insurance you own. Since the life insurance covers the untimely death, your insurer would pay your beneficiaries the death benefits and later terminate the policy. If you own a term life insurance plan in the UAE and die within the insurance tenure, your nominees or the family members can file a claim to receive the death benefits. If your death occurs after the policy tenure, the insurance provider does not pay any insurance benefits. 

In the case of whole life insurance, your family or the nominee get insurance benefits no matter at what age you die. Most whole life insurance in UAE covers the individual up to the age of 100 years.  

If the policyholder and the person insured are separate individuals, then the policy does not terminate or pay any benefits and the individual insured needs to pay the premium. If the person insured is the policyholder, then the company pays death benefits upon his/her demise.   

How do You File a Life Insurance Claim After the Demise of the Policyholder?

Losing someone is devastating, but the burden that follows is even worse. Therefore, after the policyholder’s demise, you need to file a life insurance claim as soon as possible. Filling a claim is not difficult in the UAE, and the insurance company also try to make your settlement process hassle-free. In a few cases, the insurance claim may involve a legal angle making the process cumbersome. You can contact our helpdesk, and our team of professionals will guide you through the settlement process. Following are the steps involved in filing a life insurance claim in the UAE. 

  1. Report the incident to your insurance provider - To begin with the process, you need to inform the incident to your insurance provider. To have a convenient claim process, you should report the insurer in detail so that they can instruct you with the right claim process. In case the death occurs due to an accident, you also need to submit supporting proof of the accident. 
  2. Collect the proofs and supporting documents - After reporting the incident to the insurer, you need to collect the supporting documents. The claim documents are case-specific and vary from individual to individual. In case of confusion, consult with your insurance representative. In general, the first document you need for filing the claim is a death certificate, the cause of death (autopsy report), etc. Accidental death may require additional documents such as police reports and testimonies. To have a hassle-free process, you should collect all the documents and proofs related to the accident. 
  3. Begin the claim process - Once all your insurance documents are available, download and fill the insurance claim form by visiting the insurer’s official website. You can also visit their office in person and fill out the claim application form. After filling the form, you need to attach the supporting documents & related proofs and submit them to the insurance company. 
  4. Review and Approval - After receiving your application, the company starts the review and investigation process. Based on all the submitted documents, the insurer verifies your case for genuinity. A team of experts and medical practitioners carry out the review process. They consider minute details and ensure that the cause of death is not an insurance exclusion as per the company’s policy. On successful investigation, the experts approve your claim and the company updates you on the claim status. 
  5. Receiving the Insurance Benefits - The final step for your claim process is the receipt of insurance benefits. After the approval, the insurance provider pays you the promised death benefits. The dependent family members or the nominated members will receive the insurance benefits. 

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What Documents Do You Need While Filing a Life Insurance Claim? 

As mentioned earlier, the requisite documents are case-specific and vary from individual to individual. You need to consult your insurance provider detailing the incident and make a note of all the documents your insurer asks for, depending on your case. The following are the mandatory documents you need to submit while filing your life insurance claim application.

  • Original Policy Documents
  • An original death certificate issued by a competent authority 
  • Life Insurance Claim Application Form
  • Nominees details such as Passport or Emirates ID
  • Doctor’s Statement pertaining to the cause of the death 
  • Medical records such as hospitalisation reports, death summary, test reports, etc. 

For accidental deaths, the individual needs to submit additional documents as mentioned below: 

  • A copy of the FIR from the police
  • A copy post mortem/autopsy report 
  • A copy of the final police investigation report

Note:- The insurer may ask for additional documents related to nominee identification and the policyholder’s details. You need to submit all the important documents during the insurance claim to have a quick and convenient claim process. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Filing a Life Insurance Claim in the UAE

Filing a life insurance claim during an unforeseen event is quite tough. You need to be in control mentally and emotionally. However, while filing a claim, you need to ensure a few things for a hassle-free claim process. 

  • Inform your insurance provider as soon as possible and produce a detailed report stating the cause of death. 
  • Record carefully all the documents that you need to submit while consulting your insurance representative. 
  • Ensure that you have collected all the required documents and supporting proof while filing your claim. 
  • It is recommended to fill your application form as per the instructions of your insurance representative. In case of any doubt, contact your insurance provider and clarify it. 
  • If a policyholder dies due to an accident or other unnatural causes, inform the police and ensure to collect the first and final investigation report. It is mandatory to submit the police reports along with the medical reports in case of accidental deaths.


Life insurance is designed to ensure you and your family during unforeseen events. When you die, the insurance company pays your beneficiaries the death benefits. For receiving the death benefits, the dependent members or the nominees need to file a claim. There are several steps involved in the life insurance claim process, and you need to follow them carefully for having a smooth claim settlement. Additionally, it is crucial to provide all the details related to the case to your insurance provider. 

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