List of Do's And Don'ts While Filing Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Seeing a car parked outside your house brings a feeling of immense pleasure and pride. Why wouldn’t it? You bought that car after so many months of deliberation; choosing the best dealer was a tough task, then you compared the features of your car with that of others and choosing the colour too wasn’t easy at all.  You did put great effort into choosing the best car for you. 

Another thing that demanded even the greater effort was selecting the top class car insurance. You didn’t want it to be expensive, yet wished to cover the maximum damages and repairs. You meticulously chose the best car insurance in UAE.  Since you have the best car insurance, you can receive the best payback, provided you do everything right during the claim process. 

Claiming car insurance involves a lot more than just filling up a form and sending it to the insurance company. Here are a few dos and don’ts that need to be followed while claiming your car insurance. Check them out! 


Inform the Police

The first thing that should be done right after the occurrence of any unfortunate incident is to report the police. This should be done at the earliest so that the police receive a clear picture of the site where the activity took place. This report proves vital to supporting your claim.

Click Pictures

If possible, click pictures of everything in and around the site where the unfortunate incident took place. These pictures may be used as evidence during the investigation.

Note down the Names and Contact Numbers

In case the unfortunate activity is an accident, make sure that you note down the names and contact numbers of all people involved in the accident.  You must also ensure to note down the names and contact numbers of the witnesses.

Report to Insurance Company

Soon after discovering the unfortunate incident, report it to the insurance provider. Even the best insurance provider can deny your claim if you do not report the incident within the time. Make sure that you include all necessary information such as how, where and at what time the incident took place and who all were involved in it.

Go Through Your Policy Document

Even if you own the best car insurance in uae that covers nearly all kinds of damage and repairs, it’s important that you read out the policy document carefully before claiming. This is necessary to have a clear understanding of all inclusions and exclusions of your policy so that you do not miss out any kind of payback that your insurance company is liable to pay you.

Save All Documents

Until the claim is settled, you should keep a record of all the expenses that are directly or indirectly related to your claim. You may need to produce them in your support to the insurance company.

Also, make sure that you have a copy of the police case record. In case of any dispute over the payout, it can back you up. 


Don’t Run or Drive Away From the Scene

Never ever run away from the site of the incident. Even if you do so purely out of shock, the chances are high that you claim gets rejected. Moreover, you can also get into legal troubles.

Do Not Panic

It’s natural to panic when an unfortunate incident occurs. Panicking, especially in case of an accident could lead you to lose control thereby, leading to aggression, false accusations or even confessions that you will regret later. Also, don’t get into arguments with the third party members.

Don’t Negotiate With Third Party

No matter how strong they request, never negotiate with the third party. Be sure to note down the names and contact numbers of people involved, including witnesses. Trust your insurance company, you have the best insurance in Dubai; you will get your valid claim for sure.

Don’t Sign a Waiver

Since the insurance company knows how to do business, do not accept what is offered at first. It may put you in a loss. Therefore, it is advised to get it checked first by an expert.

Don’t Lie

When reporting to police or the insurance agent, staying with truth is of the utmost importance. Hiding any incident or moulding the story can put you in doubt and thus, a bad route to take. 

Following these dos and don’ts will help get the best payback claiming your car insurance. Read the policy documents at the time of buying the insurance and also at the time of claiming. Claiming will get easier and you will get the best of it!

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