What are the Different Cases to File Third-Party Insurance?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Driving is risky always, but being behind the wheels on the roads of Dubai is one of the riskiest things. This is because Dubai is full of luxury and sports cars that achieve lightning speeds in fraction of seconds.

If you are one of the others who suffer damage due to the accident caused by someone else’s vehicle, then you can claim compensation for your damage from the third-party insurance of that person. This damage can be to your property, to your vehicle, or even physical.

In order to clear the fog that surrounds the claim settlement process for a third-party car insurance policy, we have compiled all the probable cases under which one can file a third-party claim in Dubai: 

Different Third-Party Claim Filing Cases:

Getting compensation from a third party-car insurance policy claim is neither an easy nor a short process. Let us discuss different cases of filing a third-party claim in detail:

1. When you Have Only Third-Party Car Insurance -

  • This case is to explain the situation when you only have a third-party car insurance policy. Suppose you get into an accident that is caused by someone else but the damage is done to you or your car, then the only way to get compensation is, from that person’s third-party car insurance. This is because your insurance only covers your liability to the third-party and not own damages.
  • If the compensation provided by the third-party is less than what you have asked for, then the remaining amount is paid by you only and you cannot file another case for the same accident compensation.

2. When you Have Comprehensive Car Insurance -

Now in case you own a comprehensive car insurance policy, you have a choice in deciding which of the following situation to choose:

  • You can claim the damage from your own car insurer but one of the biggest downside with this option is that you lose your chances of getting a ‘No Claim Bonus’
  • You go through the same process as mentioned above.

3. When Both the Parties Own a Comprehensive Insurance -

  • When both parties have comprehensive car insurance, then the third-party can either get compensation from the comprehensive insurance of his own or from the third-party car insurance of the one who caused the accident.
  • If the second one is chosen, then the insurer of the third-party will not be helping out to file a case against another insurer because there is an agreement between the insurers according to which they agree to pay for the damage if it is covered for ‘own damage’ under them.

What is Covered and What is Not?

  • Coverage under third party car insurance in uae is provided only for the damage caused to the other parties by you and no personal damage is covered. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance provides personal accident coverage for ‘own vehicle’ and it can even be bundled along with the third-party insurance benefits. Along with personal accident coverage fire, theft, natural disasters, sabotage etc. are also covered under a comprehensive insurance plan.
  • What is not covered in both of these car insurances in UAE are the cases of driving on drugs, without a license, driving without an active insurance policy.


  • Some third-party car insurance provides a feature to add personal cover too but this cover is not similar to comprehensive insurance.
  • Extensions provided under comprehensive car insurance plan include zero depreciation, engine protection, and replacement, Roadside assistance and many more.

Final Words

The complexity of the claim settlement process plays a great role in keeping people away from going through it and encourages them to settle to the claim by themselves. This saves a lot of time of both parties. But still, it doesn’t mean that one should not make claims. Claims become necessary in case of bodily injuries or even worse death as in this case, it becomes necessary to make the person responsible serve his/her punishment.

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