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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
All of us spend a good amount of time in selecting a suitable car, which we need depending on our budget as well as other requirements. In the same manner, we should also know everything about the different kinds of motor insurance and the other important factors related to it before buying the best car insurance in Dubai.

Here are some basic questions related to car insurance that you must know the answers to. 

Question 1: What are the different types of car insurance available?

There may be many doubts in your head such as- What should you do in case your car meets with an accident or any other life-threatening situation arises? What happens in case you have the wrong car insurance type for such issues? To avoid such doubts, it is important to go through insurance before buying it for making sure you knew the different types available to you.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance or CTP

This insurance helps you in case you have caused damages to some other person’s vehicle or the opposite party, the condition may differ from a state to another. You must make sure to go through the details and see if they work for you or not before making the plan yours.

Third-Party Liability (Property Damage)

This insurance is counted to be the optimal and primary car insurance and offers financial protection in the event of any damage that has been caused to the car and not any person of the other party.

Third-Party Liability (Theft and Fire)

This insurance will help you in the event of your vehicle being stolen by some thieves or when the damage is caused because of fire accidents or other issues of this type.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan

This is the top-level and the most expensive insurance plan that covers all the things, which all the other three insurance types offer. Other than this, this kind of insurance also offers a huge number of options such as windscreen replacement, replacement cars, and much more. 

Question 2: What all things are needed for getting the quotes for the best car insurance in Dubai?

The majority of the car insurance providers ask for important details such as the car model, making of the car, the registration date of the vehicle, year of manufacturing, value of the car at the time of buying, registration place of the car, and more. Depending upon this, the concerned insurance provider will offer the car value according to the current price in the market and is essential for deciding the rate of the insurance coverage.

While taking the non-personal information pieces into consideration, when you open a website, the web browser you are using, the version of your operating system or OS, your IP address, the visited web pages, etc are recorded.

The personal details you ask from the insurance provider include the date of birth, contact information, license details, name of the applicant, nationality, UAE driving license, and details of claiming insurance. 

Question 3: What all documents are required for buying a car insurance plan in the UAE?

You must have the following documents ready while you are buying motor insurance.

  1. Applicant Name: The UAE Nationals must submit their Emirates ID while the expats must keep the copy of their passports ready along with a valid visa.
  2. Birth Date: The document that you submit for making sure your name is sufficient.
  3. Letter of Confirmation: You will need this for making sure if your car is compliant to the GCC specifications or not.
  4. Details of the Car: Even if you have the required documents, which were given at the time of registration, some of the insurers will ask you to submit RTA certification for the transferring purpose.
  5. Certificate of No Claims Discount: This document is required for renewing the car insurance plan. You can enjoy a reasonable about of discount because this certificate proves the car owner has not recorded any claim in the past year.

You can upload all of these documents online according to your comfort. 

Question 4: What additional covers are offered by the motor insurance providers?

In the Emirates, third party insurance is compulsory. Other than that, there are some extra insurance covers and features also offered by the insurance providers. The final rate of the insurance plan is calculated only after selecting all the add-ons. The following are some of the additional covers.

  • Agency Repair: This add-on allows you to extend the cover for agency repair to a maximum of five years.
  • Personal Accident Coverage: This coverage offers an amount of up to AED 200,000 for each person in case the passengers get injured or die in the event of an accident.
  • Emergency Medical Costs: This additional cover will offer the medical expenses for the passengers or other people in the vehicle but only within a day from the accident. There are some other limits as well and this can be claimed clearly according to the motor insurance provider you have chosen.
  • Off-Road Cover: In case your vehicle gets damaged at the time it’s off-road, then you can use this add-on for rectifying it. Those people who prefer taking long drives can opt for this additional cover.
  • Roadside Assistance: For jump-starting, replacement of a part, and for towing of the vehicle, you can use this additional cover of roadside assistance.
  • Personal Belongings Coverage: If you lose any of your personal belongings, you can claim for them using this cover and you will receive the payment for the things lost.
  • Oman Extension: You must look for terms & conditions of motor insurance providers as some offer territorial coverage.
  • Coverage for National Calamities: The coverage can be used in the case there is any damage caused because of the natural calamities such as storm, flood, earthquake, and more.
  • GCC Cover: This additional cover deals with any loss or theft while traveling to Bahrain, Oman, or Saudi Arabia and is based on terms & conditions.
  • New Vehicle Replacement: You can opt for this additional coverage as they provide car replacement within the within 6 months of buying it.
  • Fire and Theft Coverage: In case your car gets damaged because of fire or theft then this add-on covers the losses.
  • Windscreen Cover: In the case of damage to the windscreen or any other parts, then this add-on will be very useful.
  • Dent Repair: The coverage offers you the cost for the removal of dents in your car.
  • Replacement of Locks: The insurer offers you the money for replacing the car lock in case it has been damaged or stolen. 

Question 5: How to request a claim in case the insured car gets damaged?

There are certain rules that you must follow while filing a claim for your damaged car or the passengers in it.

  1. Ensure that you have a copy of your driving license, a copy of your vehicle registration, and the policy (original) ready for claim settlement.
  2. Before filing a claim, ensure that you have gone through all the documents properly such that you are careful in obtaining the suitable covers and add-ons.
  3. In case there is another vehicle involved in the accident, then you must share this information with them for getting your insurance claim settled easily. Ensure that you have the additional covers for vehicle replacement, legal, and personal accident in order to get the claims processed in a shorter duration.
  4. A lot of people fail to understand what policy excess is. This is a thing you need to make payment for while filing for a claim under your insurance plan. The terms and conditions may be different from one insurer to another. 

Question 6: What are the things that I should and should not do while buying the best car insurance in Dubai?

While you make an account to claim the insurance, you will be asked to give your name, contact details, date of birth, and some other personal details. In case you feel that your information is not safe, then you have the right for neglecting it. However, there are chances that you will not get all the features of the website.

  • Ensure that you select the best plan and coverage instead of going for the cheapest insurance premiums.
  • Make sure that you are completely honest while claim motor insurance also. You need to share the correct information with the insurance provider to get suitable benefits.
  • Look for both third party liability as well as a comprehensive plan while making a claim for the car insurance. Then decide which one would be the best depending upon the situation.
  • In case you require some additional covers, then you can check with your insurer if they have any extra covers included in the plan.
  • If you are getting an old vehicle, you must check for the features, which are included in the insurance policy so that you understand the things being covered. In some situations, the policy may not be transferrable, and hence, you may face some issues in the future.
  • Ensure that you are buying sufficient insurance for your car and not underinsuring it as they extend the date for the claim of your car as well as last in the case of a dispute.
  • Don’t extend your insurance renewal; ensure that you are getting it done on time with no breaks.
  • Before making a claim, go through the terms and conditions of the policy properly. In case you have any confusion or queries, ask the insurer instantly.
  • Save the insurance policy number and roadside assistance details for simple and quick access. 

Car insurance is made accessible, and you may even be able to save some money from these motor insurance. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow while buying a motor insurance plan.

Submit your personal as well as non-personal needs along with other requirements for better results. You may have to fill an online form that takes a few minutes to complete.

The next step is to select a suitable plan and make the payment with no confusion whatsoever. Once the payment is made, the insurance plan gets processed. 

We hope that we have answered the important car insurance questions that you must be aware of in this article.  

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