7 Car Care Tips for Avoiding Damage and Dents to Your Vehicle

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
A vehicle is significantly a big investment for most of the drivers and they want it to stay looking new as long as it is possible. Even a minute dent or damage can detract the vehicle’s appearance and may lower the value of the vehicle. But unfortunately, it is an unavoidable hazard. However, there are some easy steps that you can take to reduce the chances of having your car’s exterior damaged.

Be Extra Careful in Parking Lots

It is an undeniable truth that the majority of dents or scratches on cars occur in parking lots. As we all know people who open car doors recklessly without even caring about hitting the vehicle parked next to their vehicle. The most ideal way for avoiding dinged up in the parking lot is by parking your vehicle in an area which is empty in a lot. Well, yes. You might have to walk a little more to your destination but at least it will reduce the chances of a ding.

Practice Parallel Parking

Many drivers consider the parallel parking as quite difficult driving maneuvers but it is indeed a smart way to avoid other vehicles parked next to your vehicle. While parallel parking might be intimidating maneuver initially, practice makes perfect.

Try to Avoid Whether Exposure

In order to prevent your vehicle from damage, try to avoid or leaving your car outside during extremely unpleasant weather conditions since it may ruin the exterior of your vehicle. For instance, windstorms, hailstorms, rocks, branches, dust, etc can abrade your vehicle.

Park Your Vehicle in the Garage

Park your vehicle in the garage as much as it is possible instead of parking it on an open road. The reason is very obvious. The more time your vehicle will be parked in the garage, the more protected it is from people and other hazardous elements.  

Cover Your Vehicle with Alloy Wheel Protectors

Another smart way to prevent your vehicle from the damage is to cover it with alloy wheel protectors. They are easily available at an affordable cost. The main purpose of investing in alloy wheel protectors is that they add a protective layer over the rim in order to prevent the underlying metal from being damaged.

Fold Road-side Mirrors in When You Parked Your Vehicle

Well, road-side mirrors are the major part of a vehicle that is highly susceptible to dent or damage. A passing vehicle could easily break them while your car is parked up. That is why it is always a great idea to spend a few minutes to fold roadside mirrors whenever you leave your vehicle.

Take Things from Your Vehicle

Another common reason for dents or scratches on a car is its car owner itself. Small scratches or dents can be made to the exterior of your car because of keeping the items on your car’s roof or inside. Anything sharp or hard such as tools, keys, etc, can easily cause the dent or damage to your vehicle. So, keep things off your vehicle.

In a Nutshell

All the aforementioned are some of the most useful tips that will help you to protect your vehicle from dent, scratch or any other type of damages. Make sure, you follow them to keep your car stay looking new as long as it is possible. Apart from protecting your vehicle from damages, it is advisable to buy an apt car insurance policy for your vehicle. Not only it is mandatory in the UAE as per the RTA law but also it safeguards you and your vehicle in case of an accident. So, compare car insurance online to find the best one.

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