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Financial investments allow an individual to multiply their savings by investing in options like mutual funds, property, real estate, gold, etc. One of the most preferred forms of investment options worldwide is gold. Gold is the oldest form of currency used by mankind; our ancestors have been using it to trade and multiply their savings since time immemorial. Gold holds a very important position in a lot of cultures where it used as offerings to the lord, many people consider gold as the carrier of good luck and happiness. 

From the perspective of financial investment, is it a wise decision to invest your precious earnings in gold? If investing in gold, how much exactly should you invest in gold? And many more similar questions cross our minds when we think of investing in gold. To answer all your questions we will explain why investing in gold is good for financial growth?

To keep the article simple and brief we will start with the basic facts and make our way into more technical and specific information. 

Reasons to Invest In Gold

There are several reasons to invest your earnings in gold out of which the three most important reasons are –

  • Safety
  • Easy Liquidity
  • Returns

The most basic reason behind making any financial investment is that these investments act as a cushion and provides protection during phases of financial hardships in life. Think about it what if you needed money for a medical emergency within 24 hours? Gold can turn out to be a real savior in such emergencies; it is one of the easiest assets to liquidate. Gold can be the solution to your problems; all you need to do is sell it to the buyer to make your ends meet. Gold rates in UAE are dynamic so returns received on selling depend on the current gold rate in UAE. Moreover, when you sell your gold to a seller they purchase it only based on the current gold rate in UAE that does not include the making cost of the ornament or product. Therefore selling gold in physical form may not be that profitable. However, it has been proven with time, again and again, that gold provides a strong shield against inflation. 

Other forms of investment like real estate, mutual funds, etc. involve multiple formalities and documentation whereas investing in gold is much easier. It is very suitable for people who are looking forward to starting investing their savings. Investing in gold comes with a very low-risk factor that makes it an easy and ideal form of investment. 

How to Invest In Gold

Traditionally people invested in gold by buying and selling it in physical form such as gold coins, jewelry, artifacts, etc. It is still an option to consider, however, in the modern era we have more advanced options for investing like gold exchange-traded funds abbreviated as (ETF) and gold funds. 

Gold ETF is a good option of investing; it is very similar to buying an equivalent sum of physical gold without the worries of storing the gold securely. You’ll need a DEMAT account and brokerage fees if you want to invest in gold ETFs. 

Gold Funds are commonly known as gold saving funds is a kind of mutual fund that invests your savings in gold ETF. The advantage of gold saving funds is that you don’t need a DEMAT account which makes it simpler than gold ETFs. 


For new entrants to the world of investments, gold investments can mark the beginning leading to growth and multiplication of their savings. One should never invest in gold with expectations for continuous and periodic returns; always remember gold is a onetime investment. If your primary motive is not creating wealth or to leave behind some legacy for your coming generations then you can overlook the category of physical gold and invest in equity funds or gold saving funds that do not have a dependency on the current gold rate in UAE. Gold investments are safe methods that can help an individual to make some profit over time and learn about investments.

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