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Gold is one of the popular tools for financial investment. Here we have tried to answer the question that is it a good idea to invest in Gold in 2022 or should you consider another form of investment? If gold is the answer for a good investment, how should one go about it?

Main Reasons To Invest in Gold

The key reasons to consider investing in gold in 2022 are:

Easy to Liquidate

The main criteria for making a financial investment are the ease of liquidity in case there is a need in the future.  If a need arises in the future where you require urgent funds, gold can be sold across a variety of sellers.

Hedging Tool against Inflation

It has been proved that gold provides a shield against inflation. The gold rates in UAE and around the world remain close to unaffected during inflation. Therefore, in most cases, you will not have to suffer major losses when inflation hits and the currency falls globally.

Creates Wealth

Gold is a precious metal and is passed down to generations in many cultures and therefore, holds great significance in terms of wealth.

Tangible Resource

Gold is an easy investment for someone who wants to kickstart an investment journey. It is safe because there is lesser risk involved while opting for gold as a financial investment.

Drawbacks of Gold Investment

To evaluate the idea of investing in gold in 2022 it is important to thoroughly weigh both the pros and cons of gold investment.

Poor Returns on Physical Gold

The returns received on gold jewelry are never profitable for your portfolio. This is because the rate of return offered to you does not cover the additional charges that you pay while buying gold such as the making charges.

Safety Issues for Storing

Storing gold holds security threats just as holding a large amount of cash does. It is vulnerable to theft just like anything else. This is why investors need to be careful before investing in gold. However, alternative forms of gold such as gold ETFs or funds are a safer way.

Not a Source for Steady Income

Some people like to invest so that they can arrange a source of income for their children or their post-retirement life. However, gold investment is not the option for such purposes since it can only be bought and sold once, it does not provide constant profits. Probably gold is one of the best forms of hard assets, but as an investment for income, it is not the ideal choice.

Ways to Invest in Gold

There are many ways in which an investment in gold can be made, some of them are:

Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs or Gold Exchange Traded Funds are funds that make an investment in physical gold. this can be done simply by your stockbroker. It is a profitable investment and helps in diversifying your investment portfolio.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry can be bought easily from any jeweler online or offline, and the return rate on this form of gold depends on the present gold rate in UAE or anywhere in the world.

Gold Bars and Coins

The gold bars and coins are similar to jewelry with the major difference being that they are made of pure gold i.e., 24K gold. If you are considering an investment in physical gold, the gold coins and bars have proved to be more profitable than gold jewelry.

To Further Conclude

From the pros and cons of gold to the forms of investing in gold, we have briefly laid out the important factors that one should consider before making a gold investment. Gold is a one-time investment and can only be liquidated once. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in gold, it is not a good idea to do so if you are expecting a constant source of income.

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