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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

The rising cost of medical facilities has made it almost impossible to bypass the need for medical insurance in UAE. An insurance plan, whether bought for self or a family member comes loaded with a lot of benefits that keep your saving plans from derailing in times of emergency.  

In this article, we will take you through different health insurance plan categories that are available in the market. Let’s help you navigate through this overwhelming world of choices:

Types of Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Let's take a look at different types of health insurance in UAE

Family Health Insurance: 

Family Health Insurance Plans in the UAE offer medical cover for all your family members. These plans gives you wider coverage where you can provide all your family members with quality treatment and take care of their medical bills by opting for just one plan. With a family health insurance plan, the sum assured gets shared by all the members included in the policy.

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Orient Insurance - Gold - Family Care Plan A 10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
Takaful Emarat - Rhodium 10,00,000 Upto AED 15,000
Watania - Gold - Family Care Plan A 10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
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Individual Health Insurance: 

Individual Health Insurance is one of the most popular health insurance types that you can buy for yourself. It provides medical cover only for the policyholder. It provides the policyholder with financial coverage against all their medical bills including hospital room rent, pre and post-hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, diagnostics and tests, and much more. In an individual health insurance plan, the sum assured is to be used by a single person only.

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Sehteq - Executive 1,50,000 Upto AED 10,000
Takaful Emarat - Rhodium 10,00,000 Upto AED 15,000
DNIRC - Gold - Plan A 10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
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Group Health Insurance: 

Group health insurance plans are also known as employee health insurance plans. These plans are mostly provided by employers to their employees. These plans are flexible with the number of policyholders as they allow employers to include and exclude the employees as they join or leave the company. The premium for these plans is usually low as they have low risks involved.

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Sehteq - Care Plus 150000 Upto AED 5,000
DNIRC - Platinum 1000000 Upto Medical Cover
Alliance - Universal Plan 500000 Upto AED 7,500
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Critical Illness Insurance: 

Critical illness insurance plans are to deal with critical and long-term illnesses, where the cost of treatment can land on the higher end. These plans are to overrun tradition insurance policies where the sum assured might fall short. These diseases include heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, paralysis, bypass surgeries, etc. These types of health insurance plans come with lifetime renewability and let you take care of all your medical expenses without having an impact on your savings. This plan is best suited for people who have had a family history such ailments. However, anyone can opt for a critical illness insurance plan considering a rapid shift in the way diseases behave and the unpredictable requirements of medical support in a modern world.

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Orient Insurance - I-Med 1,50,000 Up to AED 1,500
Sehteq - Executive 1,50,000 Up to AED 10,000
DNIRC - Silver 1,50,000 Up to Medical Cover
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Senior Citizens Health Insurance: 

Senior Citizens Health Insurance plans are dedicatedly designed for senior citizens aged 60 and above. These plans come at a higher cost. However, not all the insurers in the UAE offer such plans, and the insurers that do, ask the prospective policyholders to go through a few medical tests. These plans have comparatively higher premiums to cover for higher risks involved. 

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Noor Takaful - Dependent Enhanced 1 1,50,000 Upto AED 1,500
Takaful Emarat - Platinium 10,00,000 Upto AED 10,000
Orient Insurance - Silver Classic - Family Care Plan A 10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
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Why is it Important to Have Health Insurance?

Here is a list of reasons to tell you exactly why you must buy a health insurance plan for yourself.

  1. Cashless Hospitalization: The health insurance cover provides you with cashless hospitalization benefits. If you have a health insurance plan, you can focus on your health in tough times without having to worry about the medical expenses.
  2. Additional Medical Expenses Cover: There are various pre and post-hospitalization expenses that you need to take care of. If you have medical insurance, you need not worry about these expenses at all. Your medical insurance cover includes ambulance charges, diagnostics, and tests charges, room rent, and much more.
  3. Medical Check-ups Coverage: Your health insurance plan provides you coverage for regular medical check-ups. They cover doctor’s consultation charges and let you have a regular track of your health to prevent falling sick.
  4. Quality Treatment: If you have medical insurance, you can go for better health facilities and get quality treatment as your medical bills will be taken care of by your insurer.
  5. Saving Time and Money: Your health insurance plan provides you a medical cover against all your medical expenses and lets you save your own money. The best part is that claim prepossessing is simpler than ever and you can get your documents submitted without actually going anywhere. You can simply visit the insurance provider’s website and claim your bills in just few clicks.

Not just that! You get plenty of tax benefits also if you subscribe to a health insurance plan. However, in order to make the best of these benefits, it is important to choose the right health insurance plan by carefully considering all your medical needs.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan?

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing a plan that’s just right for you:

  1. Find Out Your Medical Requirements: Make sure you know what you need before you start looking for a medical insurance plan for yourself. Once you have your requirements listed down, it would be easy for you to find an insurance plan that fulfils all your requirements. You can also log on to policybazaar.ae and get a list of all the insurance plans listed all in one place.
  2. Check the List of Network Hospitals: Before you choose a health insurance plan for yourself, make sure it covers your preferred hospital. If the hospital of your choice falls in the insurer’s network, you get cashless facilities, otherwise you are required to pay for the bills initially that get reimbursed later.
  3. Explore the Claim/Renewal Process: Make sure that the claim and renewal process of your chosen insurance provider are smooth and simple.
  4. Go through the Insurer’s Financial Records: Checking the claim settlement rate of the insurer is also important before you buy a plan from them. It is a direct reflection of how they deal with their clients.
  5. Find the Best Fit: Once you are done with checking all these details, find the best-fit insurer and purchase an insurance plan for yourself.

Now that you have gone through different medical insurance categories, you can opt for one based on your needs, we would suggest you buy one for yourself today. We at policybazaar.ae help you find an insurance plan that best fits your requirements and helps you experience the best-ever service.

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