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For some of you saving may be done in order to buy your new house, while for others it may be solely for recreational purposes. Whatever the reasons may be, savings are important for everyone and investment plans are one of the best ways to do it. Even though you know that investment plans are the best, you can’t just go on investing without having a clear goal in mind. You should know, where to invest, how much to invest and the time period for which you must invest. Strategic planning is required to invest your hard-earned money to set your investment goals.

If you are also one of those people who find it difficult to figure out your investment goals, here is a four-step approach that should help you list them down and also meet them in time. 

1.     Set up an investment goal workflow

Investment goals are important so that we can have a clear idea about money and money management. These goals allow us to feel accountable for cutting those extra expenses and saving the money for a brighter tomorrow. However, no goal can be accomplished if you do not have a plan. Establishing an investment plan forces you to think about sacrifices that are needed to be made and the budgets which must be balanced.

In order to set an investment goal workflow, you can follow the SMART approach, which accounts for:-

  • Specific - your goal should be very specific and clear
  • Measurable - Your goal should be so framed that you easily know when it has been achieved
  • Achievable - Your goal should be such that it is practically possible to accomplish it
  • Relevant- Your goals should be very realistic and related to your life
  • Time-based - You must assign a timeframe to each of the goal listed

*While you are still writing down your investment goals, make sure that you include as many details as possible.

2.     Manage your time

If you are poor at managing time, there is no way you will ever accomplish your goals. One way to be sure of meeting your investment goals is to break them into short, intermediate and long-term goals. This differentiation can be based upon your requirements at different life stages. Once you are clear about the timeline, you will be able to focus on goals clearly and more efficiently.

3.     Segregate your expenses

Many people lack the discipline to forgoing immediate pleasures for future prosperity. The biggest obstacle in meeting your investment goals is being unable to segregate unnecessary expenses from the important ones.   When I say this, I do not mean that you should refrain from purchasing your favorite watch or car, but what I really mean that it should be done with care. You should spend after ensuring that you have enough left to meet your investment goals.

4.     Monitor your progress

Once the goals have been set and you have begun to make the efforts, it becomes important that you monitor your progress as well as the budget. This will give you a fair idea of how much advancement you have made so far, and how much more money is needed to reach your goal in time. Also, this practice will help you keep a check on the unnecessary expenses and motivate you to save more for meeting your investment goals.  Once in every month, make sure to take a pen and analyze the progress you have made until then.

The Bottom Line

Planning and execution of investment goals require a lot of commitment and discipline. Once you have decided on how much to save, there may be several hurdles preventing you from reaching your goal, but your determination can help you succeed and meet your goals in a timely manner. Also, it is advisable to figure out your investment goals as early in life as possible so that you can avoid the complications and get the best returns in the future.

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