Travel Tips for Solo Female Travellers Travelling to the UAE

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Travelling solo to a foreign country can be very exciting. These days, many women are exploring various locations on a solo trip. If you are a woman and you can’t resist the temptation of solo travelling, you need to understand it can be a little risky. That being said, we don’t mean to discourage you. It’s good for you to be aware of the risks so that you can neutralize them and ensure your safety on your much-awaited solo trip.

When it comes to neutralizing the travel-related risks, make sure you buy a comprehensive travel insurance UAE plan. It will ensure the safety of your finances throughout your trip.

If you are not aware of the customs, rules and other aspects of the destination, you must read about the culture of the UAE. When you have a clear understanding of how things work in the UAE, you need not worry about anything. You can easily enjoy a comfortable vacation without any worries.

The UAE has many popular tourist destinations and many female travellers come to this place alone to enjoy their vacation. Unlike the popular belief, the region is very safe for female travellers and you can enjoy a comfortable vacation without any hassles. All you need to do is to go through the simple guidelines given in this article. It will help you to avoid any sort of troubles during your vacation.

When it comes to travelling to the UAE, there are many misconceptions about the culture and security issues among women travellers. The truth, however, is that women don’t have to worry about anything. They can enjoy their freedom as long as they stay within the limits and respect the local culture and tradition.

Here are the tips that will help to you plan that perfect solo trip to the UAE:

1. Wear Respectful Clothes

It goes without saying that you need to dress appropriately as per the culture in any region of the world when you are a tourist. It helps to avoid unwanted attention from the local people. Some women like to enjoy the sunshine when they come to the Middle East. They feel more comfortable in a short dress.

However, this part of the world is not used to this dressing. The local women are usually covered from head to toe as they wear a burka.

When you are in the UAE, you don’t need to wear a burka. You must wear respectful clothing. However, make sure to avoid short dresses and try to cover yourself till the knees. It is also a good idea to avoid sleeveless dresses as this can make you stand out among the crowd.

2. Prefer Reputed Hotels

Many people do not pay enough attention to this underrated aspect of travel planning. They assume that every hotel is the same and will offer almost the same facilities. Well, this is nothing but a myth.

When you travel alone, it is a must to book a reputed hotel to ensure your safety. Booking cheap hotels may not be suitable for female travellers.

For this reason, you should carefully check the online reviews first and then book the hotel after. There are many top-rated hotels in UAE and you can book them easily.

Make sure you opt for adequate travel insurance UAE soon after you book your flight and hotel tickets. This will help you in various situations. For instance, if your flight gets cancelled you have to extend your holidays; travel insurance will provide much-needed coverage in that case.

3. Always Carry your Mobile Phone

Safety is most important for solo female travellers. Having a mobile phone with good network reception is a must have when you move out of your hotel.

God forbid, if you face any difficulty, it will help you to reach out to your near ones or the local authorities.

You can easily get a local SIM from the regional service providers at very low cost. It is the first thing you must obtain when you land in the UAE.

If your phone is not compatible with the SIM, make sure you arrange a compatible handset.

Most tourist hubs of the UAE are equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots and you can easily access the internet on your mobile phone, free of cost.

In case you need any assistance, having a phone will help to get in touch with the travel insurance UAE provider and seek assistance.

4. No Public Display of Affection Please

While it is common to greet friends and family members with a hug in India, these things are considered inappropriate in the UAE. Especially, the public display of affection is looked down upon.

You need to respect their culture and refrain from indulging in PDA. Whenever you want to greet someone, you can just smile and nod.

In this way, you will not attract unwanted attention from the local people and it will keep you safe from unnecessary troubles.

5. Never Drink Alcohol in Public

After a long day, if you want to have a drink to unwind and relax, make sure you have it at your hotel instead of any public place.

Even though Dubai has cool nightclubs and pubs, solo women traveller should not drink there.

Remember that the local government has very strict rules regarding drinking in public.

You are likely to attract the attention of hundreds of men around you when you indulge in such an act. It is common for people to look down upon such women in this part of the world.

Solely, for this reason, you should drink in the comfort of your hotel room if you want.  This is the safest way to enjoy your drinks without attracting too much public attention.

6. Understand the Local Traffic Rules

The traffic rules in this region are very strict and you need to obey them to avoid hefty fines. Remember that you are not moving around in your home country and you should be extra careful while following the local traffic rules.

The best thing you can do is to avoid driving yourself as you don’t know the local traffic rules. There are different ways in which you can move around without any hassles such as using public transport and private taxis.

Note- Make sure to book taxis from authorized sources so that you can enjoy your trip without any inconvenience.

7. Have Emergency Contact Numbers Ready

As soon as you land in UAE, you need to save the emergency numbers of police and other services. This will keep you safe in the long run and you may need them during an emergency situation.

Also, save the number of your insurance service provider so that you can inform them about any mishap immediately and they will guide you in that troublesome situation.

In this way, you can get help from the customer support team of travel insurance UAE. This will enable you to seek the help of local authorities without depending on the internet.

Note- The numbers may change as you move around different emirates of the UAE.

8. Avoid Talking to the Strangers

It is essential to understand the cultural difference between the UAE and other regions of the world. Women in this part of the world usually do not mingle with strangers and they always move around with their family or friends.

For this reason, solo female travellers talking to strangers and especially men can seem inappropriate to many people in this region. Even though it is not a crime to indulge in a chat with other men, it is always a good idea to avoid them whenever possible.

If you need to seek any guidance from strangers, you can first ask women in the surrounding place. They are usually helpful and most of them can understand English without any difficulty.

You can seek the help of the travel insurance UAE customer support team to seek any guidance. They can always help you when you are stuck in a difficult situation.

Other than that, you can even seek the help of local police when you facing any troublesome situation.

9. Avoid Late Night Outings

It is always a good idea to avoid late night outings in the UAE especially when you are a solo female traveller. One thing you need to understand about this region is that the local women are usually very conservative. When solo female travellers indulge in late night outings, they attract more attention.

The local people will give you more attention that will become difficult for you to handle. You can easily avoid such incidents by avoiding late night outings. Plan sightseeing activities for the daytime so that you can reach your hotel early and relax comfortably without any problem.

10. Be confident

If you ever feel nervous, never let the nervousness show on your face. It can make you look vulnerable and some anti-social element might take an advantage of this. Always look confident when you are moving around in public places and there is no need to worry about anything as long as you are in a crowded place.

If someone troubles you, do not hesitate to seek the help of local police. The authorities will be very helpful in that situation.

You can avoid unnecessary conversations with strangers and instead seek help from reliable sources whenever you need any information.

The travel insurance UAE plans will also be a valuable addition and will help you to travel with confidence as you will be covered for situations.

Over to you

Travelling solo is fun if you plan your trip well and ensure your safety. The sure shot way of ensuring your safety is opting for a comprehensive travel insurance UAE plan. This will help you in multiple ways whenever you face any troublesome situation during your vacation. Right from covering loss of baggage to loss of valuables, you can avail various covers as per your insurance expectations.

All this comes at a nominal cost. Note that the hospitalization expenses can be very expensive when you don’t have a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Now that you have proper knowledge about the UAE travel tips, there is nothing to fear. You can enjoy your vacation and have a great time. Remember that thousands of solo female travellers come to this region for both business and pleasure.

Note - It is also a good idea to ask for tips from your friends who have already visited the UAE.

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