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The Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan provides the benefit of protecting the dreams and wellbeing of the certificate holder’s (policyholder’s) family in case of the former’s unexpected death. This economical Noor takaful term insurance plan offers coverage for a duration selected by the certificate holder him/herself, on the condition that he/she pays all the contributions.

This Takaful (insurance) plan is suitable for various short-term objectives such as coverage of financial payments in the event of the certificate holder’s untimely death.

The table below shows the highlights of the Noor takaful term life insurance plan.

Conditions Limits
Plan Tenure Five, seven, ten, or fifteen years
Plan Currency UAE dhirams
Minimum Sum Covered AED 100,000
Maximum Sum Covered AED 750,000

Key Features and Benefits of Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan

The Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan provided by Noor Takaful comes with a wide range of benefits and features that make it popular amongst applicants.


The certificate holder can enjoy mental peace as he/she is covered globally with the Noor takaful term insurance policy.

No Medicals

The certificate holder can enjoy the benefits of this term plan without undergoing a medical check-up.

Contribution Options

Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan offers two options - Annual contribution and Single contribution.

Grace Period

The grace period on this Takaful certificate is 31 calendar days from the previous contribution due date.

Paid-up Plan

If the contribution is not paid within the determined grace period, the plan is converted to a paid-up plan without Takaful benefits payable. However, an early surrender amount will be paid, if eligible.

Maturity Benefits

The company offers a fixed amount of cashback at the time of maturity, based on the tenure of the Noor takaful term life insurance plan.

Eligibility for Noor Pure Protection Cashback Plan

The table below shows eligibility requirements for the Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan.

Eligibility Details
Minimum Entry Age 18 years
Maximum Entry Age 60 years
Maturity Age 75 years
Nationality Residents with any nationality having a valid UAE residence visa

Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan Inclusions

The following table shows the inclusions of the Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan.

Inclusions Details
Death Benefit Coverage for death due to any cause except suicide (suicide is excluded for the first 12 months)
Maturity Fixed cashback based on the Takaful certificate tenure
Terminal Illness 20% of the sum insured, up to AED 150,000
Repatriation Benefit AED 5,000

Why Choose Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan?

As a Shari’ah-compliant full-service Takaful company, Noor Takaful is committed to providing responsible Takaful services to its customers. These services are tailor-made to suit their particular personal and business requirements.

With its Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan, it gives the certificate holder an opportunity to secure the dreams of his/her family and provide them with financial security for when the certificate holder is not around. This economical plan can be used to cover financial payments of various kinds.

Claim Process for the Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan

The claim process for a Noor takaful term insurance plan is easy and convenient. It can be done in 3 simple steps.

  1. The first step includes contacting the company, which can be done using the contact details mentioned below. An executive from the company will assist the beneficiary of the Takaful certificate with the entire process.
  2. The next step is submitting the required documents and evidence along with a duly filled application form.
  3. The final step in the claim process involves reviewing and processing. The company will review the documents and the form. Upon successful verification, the claim will be processed.

The policyholder or applicant can contact the company through its customer care number 600 50 50 57, through WhatsApp on +971 50 803 7147, or through e-mail on

Faq's On Noor Takaful Pure Protection Cashback Plan

What documents do I need to submit to apply for this term plan?

You will have to submit a duly filled application form, a copy of your passport along with the visa page, and your Emirates ID along with originally sighted initials.

What happens if I fail to pay the contribution in the grace period?

If you fail to pay the contribution amount in the grace period, the Noor takaful term insurance policy will be converted into a paid-up plan without any Takaful benefits payable. But, the early surrender value would be paid, if eligible.

Do I need to go through a medical check-up in order to obtain this policy?

No, you do not have to undergo any medical check-up to obtain a Noor Takaful Pure Protection (Term Insurance) Plan. However, a health declaration - contained in the proposal form - has to be signed.

What is the terminal illness benefit offered in this takaful certificate?

The terminal illness benefit pays 20% of the sum cover (up to AED 150,000) if the certificate holder is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured entirely and will most likely result in the demise of the certificate holder within 12 months from the date of diagnosis.

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