How to Find the Best Health Insurance for Women in the UAE?

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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Most insurance providers in the UAE provide common health insurance covers that work for both men and women. However, there are certain medical issues that affect women differently and are not usually covered regular health insurance plans. These medical issues may include a variety of concerns like menopause, pregnancy, cervical cancer, etc.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Women in 2021

Here are some Top Health Insurance Plans for Women in Dubai, UAE for 2021:

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Sehteq - Basic 1,50,000 Upto AED 1,500  
Orient Insurance - I-Med 1,50,000 Upto AED 1,500  
DNIRC - Essential 1,50,000 Upto AED 2,500  
Takaful Emarat - Silver 10,00,000 Upto AED 1,500  
Alliance - Basic 3,00,000 Upto AED 7,000  
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That is why it is important to have at least a few medical plans that are designed to cater to the demands of women. Let us go ahead and find out a few things that you must keep in mind when you are looking for the best health insurance for women.

Points to Consider When Buying Health Insurance for Women

1. Check the Present Health Condition

Before you take any health insurance plan for women in your family, make sure you get a clear picture of their present medical condition. As women are more prone to developing certain health issues, all those concerns must be kept in mind before proceeding.

You also need to keep a tab on your family’s medical history to have a better understanding of what could come up. For example, certain women who have a family history of critical illnesses, heart diseases, etc. can be more susceptible to developing similar medical conditions.

Here is the list of a few common issues that are likely to develop with time:

  • Reproductive Health Issues: Most women develop certain medical conditions while they are pregnant. The deficiency of essential nutrients is often known to cause reproductive issues. These conditions also affect childbirth and create more complications like cancer or cardiovascular problems. There are various other female reproductive health issues that you must keep in mind such as fibroids, PCOS, and endometriosis.
  • Cervical Cancer: Cervical cancer is one of the most common health issues that arise in women. The virus named Human Papilloma Virus is the major cause of this medical issue. Make sure the disease gets covered under the medical insurance that you buy. You can also get vaccinated for protection against the said virus to prevent cervical cancer.
  • Heart Issues: Although people associate this medical condition with men, if we go through various medical reports, this is the cause of death in women in various countries across the world. The UAE also stands on the list. Make sure if you have a family history of heart disease, you get the same covered in your health insurance.
  • Osteoporosis: This is a very common medical issue that affects a lot of women. This is mostly seen in women aged 50 and above. The disease affects bone density and makes them brittle. Make sure you get this covered in your health insurance plan.
  • Mental Health Issues: Women mostly get affected by chronic stress. The effects of chronic stress can result in depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, etc. Natural hormonal fluctuations can also cause these medical problems. Health insurance in Dubai provides covers for the prescribed medication for these health problems.

You must be aware of the ongoing health concerns to find the best health insurance for women. This helps you opt for a plan that can address specific treatment needs with the right benefit limits.

2. Check If the Chosen Plan Covers Health Check-ups

Women are required to go through regular screening to rule out the possibilities of hidden or developing diseases. The diagnostic tests can include-

  • Dental check-ups
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Pap smears
  • Ultrasound
  • ECG
  • Morphology, Blood Glucose, ESR, and Urinalysis

Make sure you choose the plan that covers these wellness check-ups. Most health insurance providers in Dubai provide cover for regular visits to the doctor, physical tests including gynecological exams for women. However, the cover may have some conditions that vary from insurer to insurer. You must go through all the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan and make sure that the one that you buy meets your requirements.

3. Try to Choose a Low Deductible Option

Usually, people opt for the higher deductible options to lower down the premium of their health insurance in Dubai. However, if you find the risk of developing any of the above health issues mentioned, you must go for a low deductible health insurance plan. This can help you reduce the payment that you might need to pay from your own pocket while undergoing any treatment. Choosing for the low deductibles can be a smart move if you see a possibility for needing frequent medical care in the future.

4. Check the Maternity Insurance Benefits

This is a very common cover that you must look out for if you are going to plan a family. Normal delivery in Dubai can cost you around AED 20,000 if you don’t have insurance in place. Also, if you need to go through a C-section, the cost increases up to around AED 30,000. The cost doesn’t include the regular check-ups and scans that you need during the entire pregnancy.

Although you get the maternity cover in most of the health insurance plans offered in Dubai, the annual claim limit is capped at AED 150,000. If you choose a plan that gives you basic maternity coverage, you need to pay a considerable amount out of your own pocket. Make sure you check the plan you choose provides you with the cover that could meet your maternity care requirements.

5. Find a Professional to Help

While you perform thorough research on finding the best health insurance in dubai, you can also log on to policybazaar to take a look at what all plans are available in the market. Using an online platform bypasses the need of visiting individual health insurance providers and saves you lost of time by listing all the plans in one place. 

With the help of our online portal, you can compare health insurance plans yourself and choose the one that best fits your medical needs.

The Bottom Line

These are few things that you can keep in mind when choosing health insurance for women. However, you may also consider various other factors like features and benefits of a plan, claim process, the financial condition of the insurance company, network hospitals, etc. Considering all these factors can lead you to a plan that’ll perfectly fit your requirement.

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