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I think we all will agree to the fact that it is extremely important to plan for the future, and saving money is one of the crucial aspects of this planning. In order to meet your future financial goals in a  Dubai investing money is the only good option. You can invest in real estate, stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. However, new investors are often unaware of the financial practices and end up getting fewer profits than they deserve.

If you are a naive investor trying to ensure financial planning in Dubai, mentioned below are some mistakes that you should definitely avoid:-

Spending more than you can afford

Warren Buffet rightly said, "If you buy things you do not need, you will soon sell things you need”. This holds absolutely true for today's generation that lives on the principles such as "You Live Only Once" or "Fear of Missing Out". You may be very happy living beyond your means, but you’ll regret it when you’ll see no savings in your account. So it is important that you start saving money and keep a strict eye on your expenditures. Spending even a small amount of AED 10 every day accounts for approximately AED 300 every month and AED 3600 per year.  Keeping a check on even a small expenditure as this can go a long way in helping you to do financial planning in Dubai.

Delaying investments till income is higher

People who have just started earning focus more on spending than saving. There are only a very few people who even think of saving in their initial years of career. The consequence of this delay is that the corpus that he/she will receive after investing in the later years will be smaller. If you will delay investments and keep on thinking that you'll start saving when you earn more, you'll end up never saving for yourself.

Ignoring Insurance

It is always good to stay positive, but being prepared for the worst is equally important.  You never know what is coming next and in case a mishap happens you may not have enough money saved to face the crisis.  Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you have insurance that covers you and your dear ones. It is wise to pay small premiums every month rather than paying a huge amount of money in an emergency. Also, insurance serves as one of the most profitable instruments for financial planning in Dubai.

Being Behind on your payments

May it be your insurance premiums or credit card bills, if you fail to pay them on time it will be reflected in your financial status. You will end up paying late fees and other charges with heavy interest rates. Therefore, it is important that you prioritize paying your bills and premiums so that you able to address your budgeting or income issues. Also, not paying on time negatively impacts your credit score and may make it difficult to qualify for a mortgage whenever you decide to take a loan.

Not willing to take risks

New investors are generally unaware of the market trends and therefore fear taking risks. They try to play safe and make the mistake of parking all their money in safe instruments. However, with a rise in inflation, it is difficult to build a good corpus with bank deposits alone. If you wish to accomplish your goal of financial planning in Dubai, you'll need to invest your money so that you can get good returns. You can invest in mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, etc.

Borrowing money to meet your expenses

Using a credit card to meet your daily expenses has now become somewhat normal. But it is advisable to use your credit card only in rare situations i.e. when you really have urgency. Otherwise, it is very likely that if you are paying through the credit card you will spend more than you earn. Therefore, it is advised that you must avoid spending too much on your credit card if you wish to save money.

So, do not fear, invest your money and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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