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When you plan a trip to the city of gold, shopping is definitely among the top 5 on your to-do list. From footwear to clothes, dry fruits to spices, it is a heaven for those ready to splurge.  And definitely, when it comes to the city of gold – one of the biggest attractions is the shopping experience of gold jewelry.

People visit Dubai’s old and new souks just to shop for big occasions such as weddings. However, it is important to remember, that even though the gold price in UAE is one of the lowest prices across the world, buying gold is not a straight-forward procedure that can be undertaken blindly.

Ultimate Guide To Buy Gold in Dubai

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are visiting the city of gold to make sure you enjoy much more than just the gold rate in UAE.

Be Informed About the Gold Rate in UAE

The gold rate in UAE fluctuates every day. Just as for anything you decide to purchase, it is important to know the gold price in Dubai before you go and buy it.

Dubai has two rates for gold, just like the USA. 1 gram gold price in UAE is calculated and the prices are then displayed on huge billboards at the Gold Souks’ entrance.

Learn to Haggle

A tool or a skill that can really come in handy while shopping in Dubai is the art of bargaining. Although the gold rate in UAE is fixed as per the 1 gram gold price in UAE, you can bargain when it comes to charges such as making charges.

All that Glitters is Gold!

Dubai is well known as the land of precious metal, gold. The stores in Dubai set a high standard when it comes to selling. There are very slim chances that you will get cheated on while purchasing gold.

It is good to focus on things other than the quality of the item, such as craftsmanship and design. The design should suit your preference and should be worth the price you are paying.

Say Bye-Bye To Your Old Gold!

At the Gold Souks, there are some vendors who are willing to buy or exchange your old gold. when you are out in the market to sell your old gold, there are a series of questions involved regarding the authenticity, therefore, you should carry any certificates that you may be having. Exchanging old gold can help in cutting costs while upgrading your collection. 

Wear Your Explore Shoes

The souks in Dubai have a wide range of stores that are selling the precious metal, which adds on to the competition. Even though it is a hard task to explore every shop available, but it helps in ensuring that you grab the best deal available. The gold rate as per the 1 gram gold price in UAE is fixed and the only area for a discount is the making charges of the jewelry pieces, which vary as per the shops. Exploring all possible options also helps in choosing the best design as per your choice and liking.

Check for Warranty

Gold is expensive, and who doesn’t want their jewelry to last for an entire lifetime without any damage or losing the sheen?

Sometimes improper storage or normal wear and tear can cause damage to your gold. this is why it is important to be well aware of the warranty with the seller. Some sellers additionally offer free repair services for a limited period.

Make Sure It’s Pure!

Every piece of gold jewelry has markings on it that help in determining purity. While you are out to purchase gold anywhere in the world, it is essential to check for these markings. The purity of the gold in Dubai is ensured by the Bareeq Certificate that is issued by the Dubai Central Laboratories Department or DCLD.

Be Sure Of What You Can Carry Back

Last, but not the least – you should be well aware of how much gold you can take back to your residing country. Each country has different allowances and rules, it is better to check on the customs website of your country before purchasing gold so that you do not have to pay any hefty taxes.

Get Your Spree On!

In order to bang the great deals and offers, you should choose to travel during the festive seasons. Always remember to check the hallmark purity of the gold you are buying and explore around before locking in any option because – all that gold should be worth the glitter!

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