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The fascination with making an investment in best precious metals is pretty obvious. Your portfolio would not mind the addition of some metallic shine making it more alluring. The investment in precious metals also leads to diversification of portfolio and downside protection at the time of economic crisis. These are after all tangible assets.

Just like most of the worthwhile things, investing in top precious metals is not as simple and straightforward as a procedure like making an investment in mutual funds or the stock market. The latter is achievable easily by enlisting the assistance of robo advisors and discount brokers. In this article, we have discussed the top precious metals you can invest in, so keep reading ahead.

Why you must invest in the Best precious metals in the UAE?

There are various reasons to make investments in precious metals, some of them are listed below.

  1. A lot of precious metals can be a relatively safe and stable bet, especially during the time of financial instability because of their tangible nature, that is, they are hard assets having an intrinsic value.
  2. Some of the precious metals might help in diversifying your investment portfolio and help in reducing the volatility and risk you are dealing with. Although it is not the case always.
  3. Precious metals act as a solid hedge when it comes to inflation. It is a concern for a lot of investors via paper currency, bonds, equity, and property value. Real assets such as physical valuable metals are considered to be a safe hedge to prevent inflation where they tend to increase or maintain their value with time even when there is a decline in the currency’s purchasing power.
  4. The demand for precious metals is reliably high. You can be sure that the demand of people for precious metals such as platinum, silver, palladium, gold, and more is not going to reduce in the near future. Besides the traditional uses in jewelry and ornaments, coinage and arts, precious metals also have a huge collection of important industrial applications.

What are some of the precious metals you can invest in?

In case you are not familiar with precious metals’ investment, you may think that it is all about silver and gold. But there are many precious metals, which are traded on a regular basis, and some base metals, which are also essential to know about. Let us dissect some of these precious metals one by one.

Gold Investment

Gold is amongst one of the most famous precious metals for the investors. It has held monetary as well as emotional for many years. At the time of the Great Recession, this golden metal proved how it is capable of holding its worth even during a situation of a major economic downfall.

At the time of high inflation, gold investment done as a hedge could be a smart option for you. The only disadvantage of investing in gold is that it could be very expensive for new investors. However, hands down, gold is amongst the best investment. The investment in this precious metal is known as a safe haven by the investors. If gold is a part of your investment portfolio, you would want to continue with it. 

Silver Investment

Another famous precious metal is silver. The worth of silver is lesser than gold, hence making it a simpler alternative for investment for the new or amateur investors. Your portfolio can be grown with small investments.

This glittery metal is used more widely in the industrial sector. Medicine, technology, and solar energy sectors all make use of silver in the manufacturing of their products.

The disadvantage of silver investment is that you need to buy or invest more silver as opposed to platinum or gold. You will require more space for storing your silver.

For making an investment in 2020, the investors believe that silver is a good alternative. Silver might be slow to begin; however, when it begins to grow it’ll accelerate. Previously, prices of silver spike above gold and the investors believe that silver will show the same pattern in the coming time. 

Palladium Investment

Amongst the main precious metals, these days is palladium. The automotive sector makes use of palladium with some of the manufacturing sectors.

When it comes to value and investment, the value of palladium is close to what is of platinum. Around 2016, this varies when the value of palladium rises. In 2019, this precious metal became one of the most priced metals in the market.

Although there is a probability that the uptrend of palladium will continue, it is best to remain cautious about your investments as it reaches near or breaks the mark of $2,000. 

Platinum Investment

Platinum is famous for jewelry as well as catalytic converters that are found in vehicles. Other than that, platinum is not used much. This is the reason this precious metal becomes less of an investment as opposed to gold and silver.

Previously, platinum has always managed to outperform gold when it comes to value. These days, platinum holds one of the lowest precious metals’ value on the list. The previous 10 years show that the gold held its value better as compared to platinum.

One of the pros of platinum is that it experiences the sharp rise and lows in value rarely unlike silver and gold investment. It fairly stays stable at the time of economic downfalls and growth. 

Copper Investment

Copper is supposed to be living in a pretty diverse market. It is popular amongst the manufacturing and construction sectors. The demand for this precious metal is growing with time.

Like the rest of the precious metals in the list, the supply of copper is limited. More of the people are putting their money in copper in terms of coins and bars for diversifying their investment portfolios. 

Which of these precious metals is best for investment?

There is never a definitive answer when it comes to choosing the best investment option amongst these precious metals. However, checking the previous trends and studying the current market will help you in making a wise decision.

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