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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Founded in 1960, Adamjee Insurance is the largest general insurance Public Limited Company in Pakistan. Engraving their presence in the UAE insurance market steadily for the past many years, Adamjee Insurance has been successfully providing all kinds of general insurance plans to the customer fulfilling all their needs. From fire to marine, property car and health, there is nothing that one won’t find with Adamjee Insurance. With its headquarters located in Karachi, Pakistan, Adamjee Insurance handles business in the UAE through several established branches. All products offered by Adamjee Insurance are sharia compliant to the core. From the ease of buying health insurance to the exceptionally convenient claim process, Adamjee is appreciated for its flawless customer interaction. This piece will cover the entire process of filling and submitting an Adamjee insurance claim form for healthcare expenses.

Download Adamjee Insurance Claim Form PDF

How to Fill Adamjee Insurance Claim Form

  • Download the Adamjee claim form from its UAE website. The claim form will be available as a health insurance in-patient Adamjee insurance claim form on the official download center of the company website. Check the authenticity of the form and download it.
  • This claim is to be used for reimbursement claims of the concerned healthcare expenditure. Start filling the form accordingly.
  • Section 1 is divided into two parts – hospitalization expenses and pre-and post-hospitalization expenses. Check the box in front of these two sections as per the type of claim you are planning to submit.
  • Move ahead and fill out the basic details about the insurance plan and the plan holder. If the healthcare plan is a group health insurance plan, add the name of your company, employee, the name of the patient/claimant (if it is different than the name of the employee), policy number credit letter number, etc. These details can be easily found on the insurance card offered by the insurance company or with your HR representative.
  • Enter the claimed amount in exact digits with maximum accuracy in the Adamjee Insurance Claim Form.
  • Moving on to the next section, you will be required to enter the details of the illness. Start by date on which it was diagnosed and nature of the illness. Enter further required details about the reappearance of the illness as well.
  • Add hospitalization details in the next section. Add the name of the hospital, name of the physician, date of discharge and admission, and nature of the treatment.
  • Complete this section of the Adamjee claim form by signing and attesting the form with the date.
  • Move on to the next part of the Adamjee insurance claim form. This section is to be filled by your treating physician. It will include the name of the patient/claimant, the diagnosis of the doctor, procedure carried out for the illness, date of consultancy, and declaration about being the primary physician of the patient.
  • The doctor can finish this section by entering a few contact details and signing the form.

Documents Required for Adamjee Insurance Claim Form

  • Original hospital bills along with a complete breakup of all the charges incurred during the claimant’s hospitalization.
  • This should include, room charges, consultation charges, lab tests and radiology, anesthesia charges, surgeon fees, pharmaceutical charges, operation theatre charges, and other miscellaneous services charges as well.
  • Add all lab and radiology reports related to the illness.
  • All itemized bills and payment receipts for the expenses incurred.
  • Itemized bills for all pharmaceutical purchases as per the prescription of the doctor.
  • Hospital discharge summary.
  • Report of the treatment from the doctor.

How to Submit Adamjee Claim Insurance Form

You can easily submit the Adamjee claim insurance form using either offline or online channels. Send the duly filled Adamjee insurance claim form with all the required supporting documents to the Adamjee Insurance office in the UAE via courier or submit it personally by visiting the office. You can also send the form and the documents in the scanned form via email. If the insurance plan you are claiming is a group insurance policy, you can also submit your claim documents with your HR representative. They will take care of it after that.

Things to Keep in Mind When Submitting Adamjee Claim Insurance Form

  • Make sure that the form is filled in block letters and not small letters. All assigned boxes and columns must be filled with maximum clarity and authenticity.
  • Ensure that the claim has been submitted within 30 days of the concerned hospitalization or treatment. Any claims submitted after that will not be considered.
  • Leaving even a single administrative error in the form can lead to claim rejection. So, make sure that you have filled every section with maximum care and attentiveness. Recheck all the insurance-related details and personal details entered in the form. Match them with your health insurance card to be certain.
  • The same goes for the documents submitted with the Adamjee insurance claim form. Make sure that every expense you list in the form is supported by a document. Missing documents can also lead to claim rejection. You will have to submit the claim again and repeat the whole process.
  • Fill the form in either English or Arabic. You can easily find the dedicated versions for each language. Choose as per your suitability.
  • Also, make sure that all the documents that you are submitting are also either in English or Arabic. If any of the documents are in any other languages, get them translated from a public translator. Attach both the original and translated versions of these documents.
  • Note that a separate claim will be required for each claimant. So, if you are submitting a claim for more than 1 person, use a different form for each of them.


Adamjee claim form submission is a rather easy procedure. All you need is the correct information about your or the claimant’s hospitalization and treatment history, the guidance of the treating physician and the supporting documents. Once you have these three things, you can easily fill and submit the Adamjee insurance claim form with next to no difficulties. Just make sure that you follow all the steps carefully and fill the form correctly. Recheck before submission and save yourself the time to resubmit the form and document upon claim rejection. Just be a bit more attentive and you will successfully be able to submit your Adamjee claim form.

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