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Zurich Term Insurance is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. It provides a wide range of property and casualty, life insurance products and services in more than 215 countries and territories. Zurich have had a presence in the UAE for over 30 years through Zurich International Life Limited, the first company to start publishing market specific life insurance and benefit claims payment information in the UAE.

Zurich International Term Assurance

International Term Assurance (ITA) is a level term life insurance policy. It is a protection policy designed to pay a cash sum if you die during the policy term, which is fixed at the outset. It provides compulsory life cover and the option to add any combination of the additional benefits of:

  • Critical Illness benefit
  • Waiver of Premium benefit
  • Permanent and Total Disability cover

Depending on the cover you choose, your premiums may be guaranteed for the policy term or reviewed periodically.

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Features & Benefits of International Term Assurance from Zurich

  • Life Coverage - The first and the foremost benefit offered by ITA is life coverage to safeguard your family members and loved ones financially in case of any unfortunate event that leads to the demise of the policyholder. With the Zurich term insurance coverage, your family members and loved ones can make ends meet during the phases of financial instability.
  • Critical Illness benefit - In case the policyholder is diagnosed with any one of the 34 critical illness conditions covered within the International term assurance plan then the insurer pays a lump sum that can be used for treatment, recuperation or in any other way that may be required to support the policyholder at this time. However, an important point to be kept into consideration while opting for the critical illness benefit is that the initial qualifying period to be eligible for the start of the policy is 90 days.
  • Low premiums - Term assurance plans are a cost-effective way of purchasing cover. Individual premiums will depend upon factors like age, smoker status, health, occupation and the benefits one opts for.
  • Plan Tenure - The term of the plan is to be decided at the beginning of the policy. The ITA gives the policyholder flexibility and freedom to choose the term of the policy based on their budget and needs. The term of the international term assurance plans varies from 5 years to Age 80.
  • Add-on riders - As mentioned earlier, the international term assurance plan comes with a plethora of additional riders to enhance the protection quotient of term insurance plans. The major add-on riders available with international term assurance are critical illness coverage, waiver of premium benefit, permanent and total disability benefit.
  • Other Key Features - Other detailed key features & benefits of the policy can be found here.

Why choose International Term Assurance from Zurich?

Zurich is one of the best names in the insurance industry when it comes to claim settlement ratio, financial strength and long standing presence in the market. Individuals looking to safeguard the future of their loved ones financially should opt for the international term assurance plan. Furthermore, people with outstanding debts such as a mortgage, student loans, etc. can opt for the Zurich term insurance plans to settle their outstanding financial obligations and ensure these do not fall to their dependents.

Claim Process of Zurich Term Insurance

The overall procedure of claiming is simple and user friendly, the claim is processed and disbursed in three steps that are mentioned below-

  • Informing the Provider - The first step in order to make a claim is to inform the provider about the events that took place with the policyholder. This can be done by the nominee or any other family member of the policyholder online through www.zurich.ae or by calling Zurich on 800 ZURICH
  • Documentation - After lodging the claim request the second step is to submit all the necessary documentation to the provider for further processing of the insurance claim. Documents could include a copy of the policy papers along with the claim forms and any other medical or official reports as advised by the Claims team. Proof of identity and address of the beneficiary will also be requested at this time.
  • Review and Disbursement - The final step in the claim procedure is the review followed by the disbursement of the claim. After submission of all the documents, the insurer revisits the case file and documentation for further investigation of the claim. Once the claim is investigated the insurer disburses the sum assured on the Zurich term insurance policy.

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Contact Details of Zurich Term Insurance

Policyholders can contact Zurich insurance via phone or email.

Phone number- +971 4 363 4567 or 800 ZURICH in the UAE

Email Address- helppoint.uae@zurich.com 

For policy terms and conditions, visit here.

FAQ’s on Zurich Term Assurance

Q1: Is terminal illness coverage free along with the basic international term assurance plan from Zurich?

Ans: Yes, the terminal illness coverage is free along with the basic international term assurance plan from Zurich.

Q2: What is the minimum waiting period for critical illness coverage?

Ans: The minimum waiting period in order to get covered under the critical illness coverage is 90 days.

Q3: Can the payable premium for international term assurance plan change during the term of the policy?

Ans: The premium for the international term insurance plans for all plans that don’t have Critical Illness cover remains the same throughout the course of the entire policy. Policies with Critical Illness are subject to a premium review after 5 years at which point premiums could change or cover levels could be amended to maintain the same premium.

Q4: Can the policyholder change his/her policy after it has been started?

Ans: One can increase the coverage of the policy with acceptance from Zurich, however, the sum assured and the total disability benefit cannot be reduced once the policy has started.

Q5: Can the international term assurance from Zurich be used to cover the mortgage and financial obligations?

Ans: Yes, the international term assurance from Zurich can be used to cover mortgage and other financial obligations and Zurich is an approved provider by a number of lenders in the UAE.

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