UAE Imposed Communicable Disease Law to Combat COVID-19

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We all are aware that the coronavirus outbreak spreading speedily in all corners of the world and the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared this disease as a pandemic.

It is basically a contagious disease that has affected more than lakhs of people across the world. In such a worst situation, it is very important to maintain social distancing because there is no vaccine has developed to prevent this disease, till now. As of now, social distancing is the only way to prevent yourself from this pandemic. But unfortunately, some of the people who have been affected by this disease are choosing not to report themselves at all and they are evading quarantine that may increase the number of coronavirus cases in the UAE.

But as you know UAE is very strict towards its laws. UAE imposes communicable disease law in order to combat the spread of coronavirus disease since global numbers of infections continue to rise. The UAE Attorney- General Dr. Hamad Saif AI Shamsi has said that all those people that violate restrictions and bans by relevant authorities in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 will be punishable under the law.

What does this Communicable Disease Law say?

As per this framework, anyone who is travelling to the United Arab Emirates from any other country should commit a “home quarantine” of fourteen days. And also, he/she has to follow the rules and regulations of concerned authorities. Breaching the procedure of home quarantine, stepping outside their houses, and exposing the lives of other people to danger will be punishable by the law.

The Ministry of Justice has disclosed the fines and penalties offered for in Federal Law No. 14 of the year 2014 on taking the control over communicable diseases that applies to the COVID-19 after this pandemic has included officially by the Ministry of Health & Community Protection in the communicable diseases list attached to the law. Well, the ministry explained that fines and penalties that have been stipulated in the communicable disease law for protecting the health of the public. Also, it helps the country’s effort towards its smart strategy to tackle COVID-19.

Any person deliberately spreading this contagious disease of coronavirus or failing to report a positive coronavirus case will face imprisonment as well as hefty fines.

Penalties & Fines at a Glance

  • The Ministry stated that doctors, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and all medical practitioners who fail to inform the relevant authorities within the duration of 24 hours that a person was suffering from a contagious disease such as Coronavirus or died because of COVID-19 would be responsible for imprisonment or a penalty of not more than AED 10,000 or both.
  • Well, the same rule also applies to an individual who can in contact with the infected individual but failed to inform the Ministry of Health & Prevention. This also includes an educational supervisor or professional superior of a person suspected of having a contagious disease. Just like that, a caption of airplane, ship, or a driver of a public transport vehicle would also be liable for transporting infected people. It will be considered as a crime if the same is not reported to the relevant authorities within the duration of 24 hours.
  • The same law punishes with imprisonment or/and a hefty fine of not less than the amount of AED 10,000 and not greater than AED 50,000 to those people who know that they are infected with this communicable disease and failed to inform the concerned department while visiting any place other than a hospital without the permission of the health agency or the ministry.
  • Moreover, this law applies to those people who fail to go to the health agency or ministry for taking proper treatment and consulting despite knowing they have a contagious disease or suspect the possibility of coronavirus symptoms. In the same manner, the same law applies to those individuals who fail to stick to the preventive measures advised or prescriptions & instructions that have been provided to them to combat the transmission of coronavirus infections to other people.
  • Please note that, this communicable disease law also includes the punishment of a maximum of 5 years in jail or a hefty penalty of not less than AED 50,000 and not greater than AED 100,000 for those individuals who already know that they have been suffering from contagious disease and still if they intentionally transmit this communicable disease. Also, keep in mind that repeated violations of such laws may result in long sentences.

Final Words

As you know that coronavirus is spreading far and wide so it has become quite important for all of us to stick to laws strictly. This will not only help in combating the COVID-19 but also help in maintaining public health. So, stay home, stay for each other to beat this coronavirus. Also, opt for apt life insurance in UAE during this pandemic by sitting at the comfort of your home only. This will give you enough confidence that you and your family’s financial future is secured.

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