Top 10 Ways to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy in the UAE

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Hundreds of life insurance policies in the UAE go unclaimed every year. The reason behind this is people lose their insurance documents, and the family members have no information about the same. It is a tedious task to look for a lost life insurance policy, especially for the loved ones of a deceased policyholder. However, as the insured person has to fill a bunch of forms and insurance premiums to pay, he/she may have left some clues behind. 

Keep reading to know the top ten effective ways that can help you find the lost life insurance policy of the deceased family member.

Simple Ways to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy in the UAE

Here are a few simple ways of finding a lost life insurance policy in the UAE.

1-Search for the Insurance Documents

Some organized people have this habit of keeping all their documents together in a file. You can look through the policyholder’s documents and try to find the insurance documents. In addition, you can also check for the insurance companies’ address records if you find any.

2- Check with the Insurance Agent

You may know the insurance agent the policyholder might have bought the insurance policy from. Make sure you check with them in order to find the right life insurance policy.

3- Review Life Insurance Applications

If you find any insurance application, make sure you go through the whole document as some insurance companies in the UAE keep records of other insurance policies that their customers own.

4- Contact Attorney or Financial Advisors

People usually hire financial advisors to manage their finances and make the best out of them. Try to find that financial advisor’s contact details and check with them if they have come across any insurance company documents. In addition to this, you can also talk to the office accountant of the deceased person and try to find the insurance premium payment receipts.

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5- Check Bank Statements

You can also check the bank statements of the deceased person. They might have set up automated payments for the insurance premiums to avoid any delay in paying them. These bank statements can help you find the insurance provider’s details, and you can contact them to find the lost life insurance policy.

6- Contact the Previous Employers

Some employers in the UAE also keep records of the existing insurance policies of their employees. You can check with the previous employers of the policyholder and try to find their life insurance policy details.

7- Go Through the Emails

You can also consider checking the mailbox of your deceased family member. You may find an email with the insurance policy details or documents. And if not, you may find emails for the premium due or annual notice of policy dividend if the policy has been paid out.

8- Search in the Online Government Database

There is a possibility that the deceased person bought the insurance policy from a nationally recognized insurance firm. So you can try searching for the insurance policy online on government databases.

9- Wait for the Insurance Company to Contact You

The insurance companies also hold the provision of contacting the beneficiary after the policyholder’s death. So you need not feel disheartened even if you have found no details. You can simply wait for the insurance company to contact you and provide the sum assured based on the terms of the policy.

10- Take Help from Online Policy Finders

You can also contact us to help you find your insurance policy. As one of the leading insurance aggregators in the UAE, we might be able to help you find details of the lost life insurance policy.

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Information Required for Finding the Lost Life Insurance Policy in UAE

Here are the details and information you need to provide when trying to find the lost life insurance policy in the UAE.

  • Name, contact information and relationship with the policyholder
  • Full Name and Nickname (if any) of the policyholder
  • Last state of residence or last known address of the policyholder
  • Date of Birth and Date of Death of the policyholder
  • Emirates ID number of the policyholder

The Bottom Line

Life insurance policies have been designed to help the beneficiaries and family members after the policyholder’s demise. And trying to find one that you have no clue about is a challenging task. However, if you follow the above-mentioned ways, you may be able to trace it. Insurance policy documents can be misplaced if not kept organised. Even if you are not sure whether your loved one had an insurance policy or not, you can start looking from the places where they used to keep all their documents. You will most probably find something that will help you get the life insurance policy details.

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