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Gold holds respect all across the globe because of its rich history and of course – its value. Throughout the years, people have been holding gold for many reasons. Societies and these days, even economies, have preserved the worth of gold by the value placed on it. In case the currencies don’t work, we fall back on this precious metal. This implies, that gold holds some value as insurance against difficult times.

Below are the potential reasons to buy gold today. 

Holds its Value

Unlike assets such as paper currency, coins, etc. gold has retained its value throughout the years. Gold is a way to preserve wealth and pass it on by the people from one generation to the next. The properties of gold that make it so valuable are- it does not corrode and can be melted over a common flame. It also has a unique color, unlike the other elements.

Depreciation of US Dollar

Even though the USD is one of the key reserve currencies in the world, when the dollar value falls against the other currencies as it did in the past years, the inverse relationship between the gold and USD leads to a rise in the gold rate in UAE and all over the world. 

Hedging Tool For Inflation

Historically, gold has proved to be a great hedge against inflation, because the gold price in UAE or anywhere else in the world tends to rise as the cost of living rises. Whenever the Fiat currency tends to lose the power it holds to inflation, gold tends to be priced in those units of currencies and which is why rises along with all other things. Also, gold is seen as an excellent store of value, which is why people might be encouraged to purchase gold when they think their local currency is starting to lose value.

Protects Against Deflation

Deflation is the period when the price decreases when the business activities slow down and there is a burden on the economy because of excessive debt. This has not been faced globally since the great depression occurred in 1930. However, during that time the purchasing power of gold flew while the prices for others dropped. The reason behind this was that people chose to store cash, and the safest place to do that was in gold.

Supply Constraints

It can take about five to ten years to get a new gold mine up and working. As a common rule, the reduction in the supply of gold causes an increase in the price of gold.

Value Retention

Gold tends to retain its value in both the times of financial uncertainty and geopolitical uncertainty. Ti is also referred to as a crisis commodity. This is because people turn back to this precious metal’s safety when tension increases. It often outperforms the other forms of investments in such times.

Increasing Demand

In the past few years, the increase in the wealth of emerging market economies has led to an increase in demand for gold. in many countries across the globe, gold has intertwined in their culture. Demand for gold is also rising among investors.

Diversifies the Portfolio

The key to diversification is to look for investments that are not correlated with each other. Historically, gold has had a negative correlation with stocks and other financial vehicles. Diversified investors prefer combining gold with bonds or stocks to reduce the volatility of their portfolio.

The Bottom Line

Even though the gold price in UAE and other countries has been volatile in the short run, it has maintained the value in the long run always. This precious metal should be a key part of a diversified portfolio because the price of gold rises in events that cause paper investments to decline.

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